How to put a Nylon Harness on a dog?

What could be easier and more enjoyable than taking your beloved pet for a walk? But how to put a harness on a dog? If you are an experienced dog owner, you understand how difficult it can be sometimes to fix the harness on a furball. Sometimes you can struggle with a buckle and the doggy becomes nervous. How to put a Harness on a dog?

Preparing for a walk takes a lot of time and effort. It will be easier for you if you know some essential rules. Waudog provides the best nylon dog harness price, you are free to choose the most suitable and attractive harness for your little ones.

How to put a Harness on a dog

How to put a Harness on a dog?

A nylon dog harness is exactly what you looking for:

At our Waudog store we have a large choice of attractive patterns: Avocado, WOW, Red Plaid, Summer, NASA, and NASA 2.0 improved version. The Nylon collection is characterized by a variety of different, bright, trendy, thematic prints to styling the pet according to the owner’s preferences.

The harnesses are made of wear-resistant fabric that does not fade in the sun and is resistant to moisture. Nylon harness is not easily soiled, easy to clean, and dries quickly. Moreover, all harnesses made by Waudog are equipped with QR tags.

By scanning the QR code, you are transferred to the mobile application. A multifunctional organizer that allows you to keep all documents digitized and structured, helps to effectively plan events in the pet’s life, as well as saves money on purchases.

There are three types of harnesses in the Nylon collection: step-in, overhead, and soft harness.

The nylon step-in harness removes the load from the animal’s cervical vertebrae, distributing it to the shoulder and thoracic. Even if your doggy pulls on the leash, the best nylon dog harness for walk won’t create any damage and discomfort as the load gets distributed over the shoulders.

Nylon step-in dog harness comes with an extremely reliable plastic buckle. The blocker security prevents unbuttoning. It’s easy to use, you can do it with one hand!

The nylon overhead harness has the same buckle as the step-in harness. It’s extremely durable and never opens by itself.

This harness is a must-have for everyday walking, because you can use the upper strap as a back handle to keep your dog near you off-leash and get better control, especially walking on overcrowded streets.

And the last one, nylon NASA 2.0 soft harnesses is our novelty. Amazing galactic print catches everyone’s attention and it’s impossible to pass by. It’s extremely soft and your pet quickly gets used to that.

Our benefit is an innovative Japanese robot that sews these harnesses with amazing precision. Nylon dog harness for sale is equipped with improved Velcro which is easy to close and open, and fur doesn’t get stuck in it. It takes a few seconds to fix a nylon dog harness on your doggy.

Speaking about advantages of Waudog store:

  • We provide a lifetime warranty to all our hardware
  • Free delivery from $50
  • Quick delivery from NV, USA
  • Money-back guarantee

We hope that this information is useful for you and you can choose the most comfortable harness for every day walking with your furbaby. We provide the best quality and service and we are always ready to help.

Now you can be confident during the outing on the noisy streets and a QR tag will help you in case of loss. is your dog’s best friend!

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