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9 Things To Expect From A Male Dog After Mating (2023)

What To Expect From A Male Dog After Mating

Your male pup has successfully mated with a fellow canine…

Which got you thinking:

“Now what?”

Well, there are a few things to anticipate from your male pooch.

And let me tell you all about them.

Keep reading to find out:

  • 9 essential things to expect from a male dog after mating.
  • Why studs roll on the ground after engaging in intercourse.
  • How many times a male pooch can mate per day (and its consequences).
  • And much, much, more…

What to expect from a male dog after mating? 9 things

#1: He’ll be stuck to his partner

Your male pup will get tied or stuck to the female pooch after mating.

At first, he’ll move around until their position is rear-to-rear.

You can watch this video to know what the tie looks like:

Now, according to research:

Forming a genital lock is common in female (bitch) and male (stud) dogs who mated.

Because the stud’s penis will be too swollen within the vagina.

With that, he can’t pull it off until it decreases in size.

Warning: Don’t separate the canines during the tie. Doing so can injure one or both of them. It could also stress them out. Instead, AKC assures the dogs will part naturally after 10 to 30 minutes.

#2: Phantom lock

Most dog parents get weirded out when they see this.

Because after the tie and the dogs are separated from each other…

Your male pooch will exhibit a phantom lock.

Which is when he’ll stand motionless for about 5 to 15 minutes.

During this, your stud has the same posture he had when locked with his partner. 

He’ll arch his back, and his tail will be fully erect.

He might also continue to thrust a bit. 

And it makes him look like he’s humping the air.

But he does that because rhythmic ejaculation still occurs internally.

#3: Period of disinterest

This is a normal post-mating attitude in studs.

You’ll notice while he’s in the tie and under phantom lock…

Your male pup will be disinterested in everything.

He won’t react to his partner’s misbehaviors.

Since female canines are more hyperactive and reactive after mating.

But a male pooch will show little to no response to any stimulus.

#4: Getting calmer

Not only will your male pup be non-reactive…

He’ll also be calmer after mating.

Compare that to his pre-mating behavior where he’s sexually excited.

And he’s agitated, hyperactive, and an annoyance to his partner. 

So what’s with the sudden shift in attitude, you ask?

It can have something to do with satisfaction.

Since the intercourse met his urgent need.

Moreover, male dogs do all the work during mating.

So his state of calmness can be his rest after the encounter.

#5: His penis returns to its normal size

The event that finishes the whole mating encounter is the tie.

At that point, still expect your pup’s penis to be aroused and erect.

It’ll stay that way for a few minutes…

But it’ll gradually decrease in size as the blood drains from his bulbous glandis.

And according to PetMD:

It should take at least 1 hour before your canine’s penis returns to its normal size.

When that happens, it’ll also get inside his prepuce or sheath.

Which is the skin that protects his non-erect penis.

#6: Cleaning himself and his partner

Your male pup might be disinterested in everything around him post-encounter…

But he’s not a total savage.

As he won’t forget to partake in their version of aftercare.

With that, you’ll see your male pup licking his genitals. As well as his partner’s.

Moreover, this behavior is reciprocated between the pups.

So the female canine will also lick her genitals and her stud’s.

And they do this to clean each other after mating.

#7: Rolling on the ground

Rolling On The Ground

Dogs will roll around to show happiness.

But if it’s your male pup that just finished mating…

He’ll roll on the ground because he’s in a state of ecstasy.

If he doesn’t engage in intercourse, he could feel sexually frustrated.

But since the encounter fed his innate sexual need…

It leaves him feeling satisfied and content.

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#8: Capability to mate again

What I didn’t mention before was:

There’s a psychological component when a stud isn’t interested in his surroundings.

Because it’s hard for his latest partner to regain his attraction.

But a new gal in heat can catch his attention again.

And since canines can mate multiple times a day…

He might pursue his new partner.

However, just because he can mate at least 5 times daily…

That doesn’t mean he should.

With that, he must only mate a maximum of twice per day.

#9: Decreased sperm count

Research reveals:

Dogs ejaculate about 0.03 oz (1 mL) to 1 oz (30 mL) of semen per release.

Moreover, that contains about 300 million to 2 billion sperms.

And as I mentioned, a male pup can mate up to 5 times a day.

However, even if his libido remains the same throughout the day…

Each ejaculation or mating encounter will decrease his sperm output.

So if you’re using your stud for breeding…

The more you have him mate within the day…

The lesser chance he can impregnate his partner.