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Ask A Vet: Why Do Dogs Get Stuck Together When They Mate?

Why Do Dogs Get Stuck Together When They Mate

You saw 2 dogs hitting it off…

Eventually, they started mating. 

And when you thought it was over, you noticed…

The canine couple got stuck together. 

This makes you wonder: 

“Why does that happen to dogs?” 

Keep reading to find out:

  • How long it takes to separate the dogs.
  • If canines can mate without getting stuck.
  • Whether this ensures Fido’s pregnancy or not.
  • Surprising truth about why dogs get stuck together after mating.
  • And much, much more…

Why do dogs get stuck together when they mate?

Dogs get stuck together when they mate for a higher chance of pregnancy. This happens since a part of the male dog’s penis swells up. Specifically, his bulbis glandis. After that, it acts as a lock to keep the semen inside the female. And this helps push his sperm into the eggs. 

Now, you might be wondering: 

“Why do dogs want to ensure they get pregnant?” 

Well, it’s not a conscious decision Fidos can make. 

If anything, they get stuck together without their control. 

But this happens since canines only go into heat 2 times a year, vets say.

Given the rare opportunity to mate…

Fido’s body tries to make the most out of it.

That’s why a part of the male dog’s penis swells up. 

By doing so, he can keep his semen inside the female. And this would push his sperm all the way to her eggs. 

With that, he improves the chance of impregnating his partner. 

“What about neutered dogs?” 

According to vets, those Fidos may still get aroused. 

Moreso if he was just recently castrated. 

In that case, his testosterone levels haven’t gone down yet.

Meaning male Fidos can still have a sexual drive. 

Thus, he might try mating with a female pooch in heat.

After that, the 2 dogs could get stuck together. But she won’t end up pregnant.

Though, there’s a popular belief related to this. 

Based on some theories:

Castrated male dogs may store semen in their penis. And it could survive for a few days up to 1 month.

That’s why recently neutered Fidos might still impregnate a female. 

But so far, there are no studies to prove these claims.

Anyway, you can also watch this video for more info: 

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How long does it take to get dogs unstuck?

It takes 5 to 45 minutes to get dogs unstuck after mating. 

This is based on Dr. Marty Greer’s observations.

But don’t worry. 

5 minutes or less is the most common timeframe. 

After that, the pair would separate safely on their own.

“What should I do while they’re stuck?” 

You can support Fido by doing the following:

  • Give them access to water.
  • Shield them from the heat or cold.
  • Keep other dogs or animals away.

These simple tips are vital for the 2 doggos. 

‘Cause if there are interruptions while they’re stuck…

They could get stressed out. And this may lead to aggression.

Or even fighting with their fellow Fidos.

“But it’s taking too long. Can I just separate them?” 

Never force 2 dogs apart when they’re tied together. 

Doing so may lead to injuries. Especially around their private areas. 

As I mentioned earlier: 

A part of Fido’s penis swells up during mating. And that causes the lock. 

That’s why no one should separate the pair by force.

Also, doing such a thing might trigger defensive aggression in Fido. 

You see, some dogs get anxious while they’re stuck after mating. Moreso if it’s their 1st time doing it.

And while your fur baby can’t move with their partner…

They may feel cornered if you approach them. 

That leaves you at risk of getting bitten. 

To prevent this, vets say you must pay attention to… 

Signs of anxiety in dogs:
  • Shaking.
  • Whining.
  • Yawning.
  • Drooling.
  • Nonstop licking.
  • Panting too much.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Changes in ears, eyes, and posture.

If you spot these in your dog, it’s best to leave them alone while they’re stuck. 

Basically, just watch the couple from a safe distance. 

This would let you respond in time in case Fido needs your aid. 

So in conclusion, when 2 doggos are stuck after mating…

The best thing fur parents can do is wait patiently.

When dogs get stuck together is she pregnant?

When dogs get stuck together, it doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. 

But the longer these Fidos are tied with each other…

He increases the chance for his sperm to reach her eggs.

And that gives a higher possibility of pregnancy.

Though, it’s not guaranteed to work all the time. 

Just like with people, a dog’s fertility still depends on their health. 

That said, you can find out if your female pooch got pregnant. 

But only around 3 weeks after the mating happened.

First, vets say you’ll notice early signs of pregnancy. Such as:

  • Lethargy.
  • Swollen belly.
  • Sudden weight gain.
  • Changes in her eating habits.
  • Vomiting (mostly in the morning.)

Though, not all dogs go through the same changes. 

So if you want to be certain, you can take Fido to the animal clinic.

From there, the vet may do a blood test. 

And they’ll check your pup’s hormonal balance. 

If she’s pregnant, your dog may have a higher level of relaxin

Those are chemicals the ovaries create. And it stretches out the body’s muscles. 

Clearly, that happens to make ‘space’ for the pregnancy.

Aside from a test, vets can also do an ultrasound check. 

Don’t worry, as this process is harmless. 

“What if my dog’s pregnancy was an accident?”

In case of an unplanned mating between dogs… 

Fur parents can opt for an abortion. 

According to vets, this process is legal in most states.

That said, there are different ways to do this method. 

But before jumping to a decision… 

Research reveals about 60% of unwanted breeding doesn’t lead to pregnancy. 

Thus, you should confirm your dog’s status with the vet first.

That aside, you should never do this process on your own. 

You see, many guides online may ‘teach’ you about canine abortion.

Though most of them involve giving Fido dosages of certain drugs. And that can be risky for your furry friend’s health. 

So before you take action, bring your dog to the vet. 

Then, you’ll know the best steps to take for Fido’s pregnancy.

Note: It’s best to do this as early as possible. Just like in people, waiting longer can be more dangerous for your dog’s health.

Can dogs successfully mate without getting stuck?

Dogs can successfully mate without getting stuck, but it’s rare.

After all, the ‘lock’ only happens to keep Fido’s semen inside the female. 

But even if that doesn’t occur…

His sperm may still reach her eggs. Especially if he released a fair amount of semen inside her.

That said, you might wonder:

“How to stop dogs from getting stuck during mating?” 

Well, some people may answer:

“Once the male ejaculates, drag him away before the lock happens.” 

Sadly, that’s not advisable. 

After all, it’s hard to tell if the dog’s bulbus glandis is already swollen. 

So instead of risking an injury by pulling the couple away… 

The only thing you can do is supervise the mating. 

If the male finishes quickly enough, they might avoid getting stuck. 

Or in case the female pulls away on time, she can also prevent the lock.

Either way, these scenarios are beyond the fur parent’s control.

But if you really want to avoid this type of situation…

You have 2 options:

  • Ask the vet for artificial insemination. 
  • Contact a trusted breeder to help you.

“What’s artificial insemination?”

It’s a method to get female dogs pregnant without mating. 

And it was developed by Dr. Marion Wilson in 2001.

So according to a journal, here’s how the process works. 

First, the vet collects semen from the male pooch. And the sperm could be:

  • Frozen.
  • Freshly ejaculated. 
  • Chilled and stored for 3-10 days.

After that, they’ll keep track of the female pup’s condition. 

Simply put, vets wait until she’s ready to be inseminated. 

The right timing varies based on what type of sperm is being used. 

That’s why this process also takes time. 

And now that you know how it works…

You can contact your dog’s vet if you plan to try this out. 

If not, your last option is to contact a professional breeder.