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When do dogs have their first heat?- How old are they?

The age of first heat in dogs usually depends on the dog breeds. The first heat cycle varies greatly between breeds . When do dogs have their first heat? Generally, the dogs have their first heat at an average of 6-10 months.

Small dogs will tend to go into heat frequently, often three or four times a year. Some females large breeds of dogs may not have their first estrus until 12-24 months of age.

When do dogs have their first heat?

When do dogs have their first heat?
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Generally, Heat lasts about 3 weeks. Standing heat is usually the second week (this is when she will stand for the male to mount her and get pregnant).

Remember that this is not for dogs to get pregnant during her first heat. You need to keep male Away from her at this time. Wait till her second heat. 

The complete heat cycle takes about 6 months, 2 estrous periods each year. Individual variation may occur depending on breed or health condition, but a given female’s pattern tends to be repeated regularly.

What are the signs that your dog is going into heat?

What are the signs that your dog is going into heat?

There are distinct signs and symptoms of estrus in dogs. They are physical and behavioral. Do dogs change after first heat? yes , a change in the behavior can occur Below we are listing the most common signs which show that your dog is going into heat.

  • Bloody or colored vaginal discharge 
  • Swollen vulva
  • Excessive licking of the genital area
  • Pay more attention to male dogs
  • Raise her leg differently when she sees a male dog
  • Flagging (deflecting her tail to one side)
  • Urinating more often and frequently
  • Hiding from male dogs
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Become lazier or aroused

How long does a dogs first heat last?

How long does a dogs first heat last?

The total time of dogs stay in heat may vary from breeds to breeds. Generally, The time during which male dogs are attracted to a female dog is variable.

Studied shows that the average time is approximately 18 days. However, females are receptive to males for only about half of this time.

How Often Will My Dog Go into Heat? 

Usually, Dogs have an average of two heat cycles per year, roughly six months apart. Some females dogs may experience irregular heat cycles, especially at a young age and old.

Small breeds may cycle three times per year, while giant breeds may only cycle once a year.

The length and period of the heat cycle in dogs depend on age. Your dog will continue to go into heat throughout her life.

Note that the length of time between estrus will increase as she gets older. 

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Going Into Heat?

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Going Into Heat?

Pet owners often think about how I can prevent my dogs from going into heat. According to pets and vet experts, it is highly recommended that you get your female dog spayed to prevent form estrus and accidental pregnancy.

It also protects your furry friend against breast cancer and other reproductive diseases.

At What Age Should I Spay My Dog? 

Pet experts and vets recommend spaying dogs at a young age. The best age for spying a puppy is when she is four months old.

If she never experienced a heat cycle, it will help to prevent mammary cancer. Modern study and research are leaning toward the spaying in the late age, allowing the large breed to grow before removing the hormones.

The best idea is to discuss any health issue with your veterinarian to find the appropriate spying age.

What Should I Do If My Dog Is in Heat?

The first heat cycle of your furry friend can be a tense situation for both of you. Below, we are listing tips to ensure your pooch heat goes as smoothly as possible without any trouble:

1. Consult your veterinarian:

The very first recommendation is to take your furry friend to a vet if your notice any sign of illness or in heat. 

A female dog can experience some health problems after a heat cycle. This often happens when the uterine produces more fluid, becomes thickened, and increases bacteria growth.

Which sometimes leads lead to a life-threatening pyometra or uterine infection.

The symptoms of pyometra and uterine infection are may drinks water excessively, have a fever, decreased appetite, vaginal discharge, or appear lazy.

2. Spaying your dog:  

If you have no plans to breed your dog, spaying your dog is the best idea. You can spay your pup at an early age, or her heat cycle is over.

Contact Your vet so they can advise you on the appropriate age to spay your pet.

3. Protect your dog from a male dog:

Keep a close eye on your dogs during the heat cycle. Please don’t leave him alone outside in the house or side in the presence of a male dog.

Make sure Never let your dog off her leash.

Use a Tractive GPS tracker to keep an eye on your dog during the heat cycle. 

This is for if your dog escapes from your yard so you can easily find him again.

How old are dogs when they go in heat?

The first heat cycle of dogs varies greatly from breed to breed. An unspayed female dog goes into heat between 6 and 24 months old.

Some species go into heat more often, while some take time. So how old are dogs when they go in heat?

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