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What does it mean when dogs yawn? 7 Reasons

Human yawn indicates several signs. But dogs yawning is a controversial hypothesis, on the cutting edge of our understanding. Pets owner often want to know what does it mean when dogs yawn? According to pets experts, there are many hidden reasons for dogs yawn.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the possible reasons for dogs yawning.

What does it mean when dogs yawn?

what does it mean when dogs yawn

Dogs are unable to communicate directly. Dog yawning is a vital part of canine communication.

In the language of dogs, they yawn when they want to convey their message. The following are the possible reasons for the behavior in dogs.

Reasons for dogs yawning:

1. Sign of Stress

According to the Most pet trainers and behaviorists, The very first and possible reason for a yawn in dogs is a sign of stress are feeling anxious.

Your pup may develop the behavior repeatedly when he’s going through some stress. 

2. Sign of tiredness or sleepiness

Like humans, dogs often yawn right before when they feel sleepy and just after they wake up.

Dogs often yawn when they feel tired or sleepy.

3. Sign of Indifference

This sign is common almost in many animals like dominant dogs and wolves.

When a dog is faced with an aggressive dog or other aggressive animals, he will often pose a yawn in response to the aggressor.

Here the yawn means that I am not interested in any conflict. 

4. Sign of catching a yawn

Did you notice when someone yawn in front of you, You also yawn in response.

This is called the catching of yawn. The same Dogs will yawn in response to another dog yawning, and also the same they will yawn in response to humans yawning. 

Some time dogs repeat their owner yawning behavior to entertain their master.

5. Sign of Excitement

Most dogs tend to yawn when they’re excited about what they’re doing or what they’re about to do, like hunting or preparing themselves for a competition to training.

6. Sign of nervousness

What you do when you are nervous? Probably you will do nail-biting, foot-tapping and yawning, etc. According to pet experts, when puppies fell nervous, they usually yawn.

7. Sign of Confusion

You probably notice your pup yawn during training sessions. The yawning behavior in the training session or in the decision-making situation is a sign of confusion.

Some times pet owner gives a command, but the puppy isn’t sure what they want and what to do now.

8. Sign of Communication With Other Dogs

Dogs communication methods are not understandable by the human; they can only judge their pooch behavior.

Many doggies communicate with each other in several ways. Yawning is also a way of communication between dogs.

Like other signals averting their gaze, licking their lips, shaking there head, howling or barking, and walking slowly, dog behaviorists have also found dogs yawning, and licking lips is also a communication behavior in pets.


What does it mean when dogs yawn? Dog’s behaviorist and pet experts conclude several reasons for dogs yawning. These reasons include stress, tiredness, excitement, catch of yawn, and a sign of communication.


Do dogs yawn when they are happy?

Yes, according to the dog behaviorists and pet experts, one of the reasons among dogs yawning is excitement and happiness.

Your dog will develop yawning behavior when they are excited to do some job or if they fell happy.

The yawning action in excitement is also much common in humans.

Why do dogs yawn when you stroke them?

Stroking of your furry friend develops a very negative impact and behavior in your pet.

You probably notice that when your stroke your dog. He will start yawning. In this situation, the yawn of your pup shows that he is feeling nervous and also unhappy.

He fell confused and try to find out why my master is stroking me.

Is a dog yawning a sign of stress?

Signs of stress in dogs are much more. They include drooling, licking, barking and howling, etc.

Also, yawning is a sign of anxiety in dogs. Pups usually yawn when they are tired, stress, bored, sleepy, or exited.

A full stress yawn is more prolong then the usually yawns.

Do dogs yawn when they are tired?

Humans yawn when they get tired. The behavior is the same in the pets also.

Dogs also yawn when they get tired and want to get some rest.

Usually, the dog’s yawn means that they had a long day, and they need to take some rest or go to sleep.

Why do dogs yawn when you cuddle them?

There are many discussions about why dogs yawn when you cuddle? The dog’s behaviorist and pet experts opening about this are there might be two possible reasons.

First, When you cuddle your dogs, and they start yawning, they are feeling uncomfortable with it.

The second reason is that they are tired, and they want to sleep or take some rest.

Why do dogs yawn when you yawn?

If you ever notice when someone yawns in front of you in response, you also yawn. This is called the catch of yawn.

The same Dogs will yawn in response to another dog yawning, and also the same the dog will yawn in response when you yawn.