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Why do dogs nibble on blankets? [7 reasons and how to stop]

Puppy nibbling is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing act for pet owners. Why do dogs nibble on blankets? When they are small, they cant able to tear the blanket, furniture or bed sheets.

But when they grow, their teeth become sharper and able to tear your expensive stuff. In the article, we will briefly discuss facts about dogs nibbling on the blanket.

Why do dogs nibble on blankets?

Why do dogs nibble on blankets?
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Nibble on blankets is not common in every dog breeds; some dogs don’t like nibbling. But in some dog breeds, this behavior is most often.

The following might be the causes “Why do dogs nibble on blankets?”

1. Natural Behavior:

There are many Natural behaviors in dogs about which you can sometimes confuse. Nibbling also called a nibble, mouthing, biting or chewing is among the Natural behavior in dogs.

Your furry friends have sharp teeth, and this is the logical reason animal having sharp teeth like the nibbling.

But Nibble behavior of dogs can ruin your expensive stuff like a blanket, Sofa and bed-sheets.

Therefore as an owner, you need to train and teach your dogs the right nibbling.

2. Teething of puppies:

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If you have a puppy up to six months (Not older), then teething can be one of the reasons for nibbling on blankets.

Because when your puppy’s teeth grow in, discomfort and itch in the gums begin, and this is only relieved by chewing or nibbling on things such as blankets, bed sheets or cloths.

To stop your puppy from nibbling at the teething stage, provide doggie toys that are appropriate and safe for little puppies.

3. Love and Affection

Some dog breeds nibble, gentle chewing and mouthing your blanket, paint, bed-sheet or anything else in your hands to play with you and show there love and affection.

Because puppies lack verbal communication, hence they develop some behavior like licking, nibbling, and lying at your feet to convey how and what they feel.

The gentle Nibbling can be cute and harmless at the puppy stage; however, when they become full-grown dogs, it can be destructive.

4. Sign of stress and anxiety

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According to vets and pet experts, nibbling and biting are the main signs of anxiety and stress.

When your pup is suffering from anxiety, they will nibble on your blanket, bed-sheet and sofa etc.

when you leave him alone at home and then back to home after work if you found your blanket or other stuff ruins due to nibbling so this is a sign that your puppy is suffering from Separation anxiety contact your vet for the treatment. 

5. Hunger

If you don’t feed your dog for a long time or they couldn’t find any food by itself, they will start nibbling the nearby things. So feed your puppy properly.

6. Develop the behavior

Some dogs owner feel comfortable with there dog, and they want to share there blanket and bed with them.

But for a longer time, the dogs feel not easy to stay inside the blanket like humans due to boredom So they will start nibble blanket.

Some owners like the nibbling of the dogs for joy, and they self develop the behavior in their furry friends.

7. Allergies or pain

Allergies, pain, hormonal imbalances, presence of parasites can develop the nibbling behavior in dogs. Contact your vet to rule out the causes of the problem.

How to stop dogs from nibble blanket?

  • Early training to tech that nibbling is a bad thing.
  • Monitor the behaviors.
  • Give time to your puppy, to avoid separation anxiety.
  • Take them for a walk and exercise for mental strength.
  • Start proper treatment if your pup is suffering from anxiety.
  • Feed them a balanced diet at time and don’t let him hungry.
  • Don’t develop the behavior for your comfort or joy.

Why do mother dogs nibble on puppies?

Why do mother dogs nibble on puppies?
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Female dogs typically begin nibble on their puppy for some reason. Mother dogs wean their puppies when they’re around 4 weeks old because they discourage their little ones from nursing, or nursing frequently.

If a puppy attempts to nurse during this period, his mother biting him, or by at least making a gesture of nibble him.

Also, at the growing age, the mother dog nibble there puppies to teach them how to survive independently. Also, this is a sign of love and affection for their puppies.

Another reason for mother nibble on their dog is for general discipline. If a naughty puppy becomes aggressive with other siblings, his mother might nibble him to stop from hurting them.


Why do dogs nibble on blankets? Nibble on blankets is not common in every dog breeds; some dogs don’t like nibbling. But in some dog breeds, this behavior is most often.

The main causes of this behavior includes Natural behavior, Separation anxiety, puppy teething, Pain or allergy, hunger and developed behavior.


why does my dog nibble on my clothes?

There are Several possible reasons dog is nibbling on cloths. It is a sign of love and affection, or they need your attention. Nibbling behavior is also a way of communication for dogs. Other reasons of dogs nibble on cloths are Natural behavior, separation anxiety, Hunger, Allergies or pain, Teething of puppies etc.

Why do dogs nibble on you?

If your dog nibble on you in a playful way, it means that he wants to show their love and affection or want to play with you. Young puppies tend to explore the things with their mouths they often nibble on people, other dogs, and toys to know what these things are.

Gentle and playful biting are harmless and not dangerous; however, if your dogs started unwanted behavior, then you need to discourage this behavior from a young age.

Why do dogs nibble themselves?

If you notice your dog nibble themselves, there might be some allergy your puppy is facing like skin allergies. Your dog may be biting himself in an attempt to relieve the itchiness of dry skin or allergic reaction.

Also, observe your puppy fur if there is any uncomfortable thing stuck in their fur, which lead your dog to nibble themselves.