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Why do dogs lay at your feet? 10 Reasons

Why do dogs lay at your feet? Around the globe, dogs owner experience their furry friend behavior of lying at their feet. Every behavior of dogs around you does have meaning behind it. Laying off your dog in your feet’ behavior isn’t bad, but it can be annoying for some owners.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s good to understand why do dogs sit at your feet. In this article, we will deeply discuss why dogs lay at their owner’s feet?

Why do dogs lay at your feet?

Below we are mentioning 10 common reasons dogs sit at your feet.

10 Reasons Why do dogs lay at your feet?

1. Love and Affection

Many dogs form a strong bond with their owners and want to show their love for the owner. The lying behavior in the owner’s feet may be a way of showing affection.

Also, Some puppies may want to be lying at their owner’s feet to be prepared to follow them at the slightest movement. So this is is an indication of the strong relationship between dogs and their owners.

2. To feel secure:

Sometimes you have noticed that when there are noises or other animals howling sounds, your dogs want to hide in your feet because they want to secure themselves.

Many dog breeds feel annoying with strangers. Your dog will seek your protection and try to get as physically close to you as possible.

Because Insecure puppies will never leave your side, but even dogs that are not insecure will still do this.

3. Comfort

For every dog, their owners are the best and safest human. And they feel comfortable with them.

If you have a busy working day and leave your dogs alone, when you come home, your presence will give joy and comfort to your furry friend, and they will lie at your feet for comfort and relaxation.

Also, if your furry friend notices that their owner is sick or ill, the dog will stick with them to provide their version of support.

4. Waiting for food or exercise:

Sometimes, your doggie feel hungry or exhausted, so they might lie on your feet because it is waiting to get something from you.

They want you to feed them or take them outside for a walk.  

5. Anxiety

Some dogs might suffer from anxiety, especially separation anxiety develop the behavior.

If your dog notices your schedule of leaving or arriving home they will like to sleep at your feet to show the signs of being anxious without you.

If your dog suddenly exhibits lying behavior at your feet, and you notice some signs like fear and stress, such as excessive panting or drooling, tail hanging down or tucked underneath them, etc.

These are the sign of anxiety contact your vet.

6. Territorial

Dogs are very faithful and intelligent among pets. They consider their owner as there territory.

If your dog notices strangers or pets inside or outside, they come close to their owners and lie at their feet.

It could be a warning sign to other dogs (or even people!) to back off their owners.

You can easily confirm this behavior when your dog shows aggression when someone else (dog or humans) want to came near you. 

Why do dogs lay at your feet?

 7. Owner protection

Some dog breeds which are considered more secure can show this behavior to protect their owner.

Maybe you don’t notice any threatening or danger, but your dog does notice and wants to protect you from harm.

They will sit or lying at your feet for guarding you. 


In cold summer, dogs especially puppies, want to sleep together with their mothers or owner to keep them self worm.

If you adopt a puppy that likes to lie on your feet all the time, they might feel lonely and might be missing there mom.

Dogs will often stick by you if they feel the need to be warm.

9. Encouraging the behavior

Some pet owners like to sleep with their furry friends and often rub their belly, giving them extra attention or treats when they sleep or lying at there feet.

This is an encouraging thing for dogs to develop the behavior of lying in the feet. Some time puppies become addicts of the action and always want the same treats form the owners.

10. training

Training is the key role of every behavior in dogs. Some owners train their dogs to lie down in their feet when they call them.

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Why does my dog lay his head on my feet?

Dogs are intensely loyal and social animals and build a strong relationship with their owners. The reasons behind why do dog laying his head on your feet are many.

The main reason for the behavior is that your dog shows their love and affection for you.

Other reasons might include fell comfort, demanding food or exercise, anxiety, training effects, etc.

Why do dogs lay next to you?

Dogs build a strong bond with there owners. They love their owners’ company and always want to lay next to them to show their love, affection, closeness, and connection.

Other possible reasons for dogs lying next to you are training effects, encouraging the behavior, comfort or protection, to get the worm, etc.

Why do dogs sit at your feet in the bathroom?

Your furry companion always likes and enjoys your company and always wants to be with you. They also follow you while going to the bathroom and sit at your feet.

Dogs don’t sense the human’s needs and follow you even in the bathroom. This is normal behavior for dogs.

If your dog follows you into the bathroom, it’s likely due to their animal instinct and pack mentality. However, proper and early training can stop them from tracking you in the bathroom.

Why do dogs sleep at your feet in bed?

Some pet owners like to sleep with their furry friends and often rub their belly, giving them extra attention or treats when they sleep or lying at their feet.

This is an encouraging thing for dogs to develop the behavior of sleep in your fetes. Some puppies feel comfortable to sleep in your bed with you.