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Why do dogs drag their bottoms on the ground – 10 Reasons

Around the globe, dog owners want to know about the unusual behavior of their furry friends. Why do dogs drag their bottoms on the ground? Generally, this behavior is a sign that something is irritating your dog. 

In this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons that lead your puppy to scoot its bottoms on the ground.

Why do dogs drag their bottoms on the ground?

Bottoms dragging or Scooting means when a dog drags its anus along the ground. According to vets and pet experts, there are many reasons which lead your dogs to Scoot their Butts on the floor.

Below we are discussing all the possible reasons, which will be enough to find the answer to your question. Why do dogs drag their bottoms on the ground?

10 Reasons of dogs Scooting:

1. Anal gland issues

Dogs communicate with their rear ends. They communicate with a foul-smelling fluid from the anal sacs located internally on either side of their anus.

The most common reason found by the vets about foul-smelling fluid is Anal sac issues. The anal sacs, commonly called ‘anal glands,’ are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four o’clock and eight o’clock 4 and 8 o’clock around the anus.

Dog Anal sac
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The walls of the anal glands produce a foul-smelling fluid. These glands secrete a dog’s unique identifying aroma – which is why dogs sniff each other’s when greeting.

Pet feels uncomfortable if they’re too full. Sometimes the anal sac becomes abscessed, blocked, or inflamed, which lead dogs to scoot their butt on the ground. Other reasons might be Infected Anal Sacs, Cancer of the Anal Glands.

Symptoms of Anal sac issues in dogs:

  • Scooting and Rushing.
  • Chewing or licking around the Anal Area.
  • Swelling around the Anus.
  • Trouble Defecating.

2. Allergies:

Skin and itchy allergies can probably cause of bottom dragging. If your dog’s anal glands are fine, but they still scoot their butt on the floor, they might be suffering from allergies.

The allergies might be seasonal or others. Contact your vet for the proper medication. You can use omega 3 supplement to for skin allergies in your canine.

3. Stuck poop in the fur:

Dingleberries are common in dogs having long fur. Sometimes, the poop is stuck in the fur and dry, which often rubs on the skin and becomes sore and itchy.

Due to this, your pup rubs their bottom on the floor.

4. Presence of Parasites:

Some time your dogs might suffer from many health issues due to parasite. One of them is butt dragging, which is caused by tapeworm infection and Giardia parasite.

The tapeworm causes intense itching around the anus while the giardia microscopic organism cause anal region discomfort. How often to Deworm dogs? Deworming schedule for dogs

5.Pain in the lower organs:

Some time pain in the lower back and hips or intestine can also cause butt-dragging in some dogs. Some experts even say that it’s a behavior of the pets to relax after a hunt. 

6. Perianal Fistula:

Perianal Fistula is mostly common in German shepherds; however, other breeds may also suffer.

The perianal fistula also causes scooting in dogs. Contact your vet immediately after noticing the behavior.

Perianal Fistula IN DOGS
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7. Irritation around the genitals:

General irritation around the genitals is among the causes of dog to scoot. Female dogs may develop a yeast infection in the perivulvar area.

Therefore, for female doggies, check their private parts if there are knots around the vulva in the fur, skin infections, or a viginal discharge.

If you found something obvious contact your vet for a gentle cure

8. Common Infections:

Bacterial and fungal (yeast) skin infections can cause itching and burning in dogs’ rear parts. Bladder or urinary tract infections (UTIs) can also cause the dragging of the bottom in dogs.

9. Diarrhea:

When your puppy is suffering from diarrhea, it scorches the delicate mucus membrane and skin of the anus, making it sore and itchy.

And you’re your furry friend will develop the scooting behavior this is why dogs scoot their butts on the floor

10. Behavioral or neurological issues:

Some dogs will develop behavioral or neurological issues of tail chasing, excessive grooming, licking rare parts, or scooting. 

Sometimes, dogs want to get your attention for doing this; however, If your dog scoots more than a couple of times, then take your pup to a vet if she is suffering from some health issue. 

Dog scooting treatment:

According to vets following are the possible treatment of scooting in dogs. Self-medication can harm your dogs, so contact your vet for a gentle cure.

  • Feed fiber-rich food or fiber supplements to your furry friend.
  • Treat your puppy diarrhea.
  • Expressing the anal sacs, by you or by a vet
  • Treatment of infection
  • Allergies treatment
  • Applying warm compresses
  • Lancing or flushing the sacs under general anesthetic
  • Anal sac removal in severe cases
  • Avoid allergic foods
  • Use anti-allergic medicines recommended by your vet.
  • Trim the rear area long hair of your dog around the anus.
  • Make sure to clean your dog’s rear area regularly.
  • Deworm your dogs according to the deworming schedule.
  • Treat neurological issues of your dog