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12 Reasons Why do dogs rub their face on the ground?

You may have notice Dogs are often rubbing their face on the ground, floor, grass carpet, or with any other things.

Many pet lovers confuse with the behavior and often want to know why dogs rub their face?

Some dog owners think that this is a common dog behavior.

Yes, they are correct, but the behavior is not considered normal only.

Some time canine behavior could be a sign of some health issues that need to be adequately addressed.

In the article, we will let you know about What does it mean when a dog rubs his face? and Why do dogs rub their faces with their paws?

Why do dogs rub their face?

If you notice that your pup occasionally Rubs face on the ground, carpet, wall, or grass, there is no need to be concerned.

However, excessive rubbing needs proper attention.

Below we are listing possible reasons of dogs rub their faces.

1. Normal Behavior:

Sometimes your pup feels a little itchy without any severe reason, and they want to relieve themselves, and they start rubbing themselves along with some things.

This is considered normal, and your pup may want to just relieve a minor itching or get rid of flies or insects.

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2. Cleaning up Messy Face:

Dogs love to play and eat with their owners.

While playing, your pup likes to roll in the grass and pick up few messy hitchhikers with their fur.

Why does my dog rub his face on the carpet after he eats?

Some food, such as bone broth, etc., sticks with the face. 

Most dogs feel irritating with these sticky hitchhikers and try to off it from their face and start rubbing their face with floor carpet or any other thing. 

3. Allergies:

Skin Allergies are irritating for humans and pets.

Allergies often lead to severe irritation, skin inflammation and lead a dog to excessive rubbing.

A dog may suffer from allergies due to food, pollen, or dust mites

Usually, a pup itchy due to allergies, develop excessively scratching and rubbing their face and body.

4. External parasites:

External parasites such as mites in dogs, scabies in dogs, ticks, fleas, and Demodex leads to face rub. If your canine is suffering from parasites, he’ll be itchy all over, not just on his face.

These parasites bite your pup and lead to irritating, inflamed skin and severe itching. Dogs having these parasites develop excessive rubbing behavior. 

You need to use the best vet-recommended external parasite shampoo and other medication to deal with these parasites. 

5. Ear Infection: 

Ear Infection in dogs

Constant face rubbing of dogs is one of the common symptoms of ear infection in dogs.

If your canine has ear infection issues, your will notice stinky dog’s ears and excessive rubbing of the head. The rubbing behavior indicates that your pooch is in discomfort.

Contact your vet and read here about treating a dog’s skin infection and stinky ears.

Other skin infection symptoms in puppies are fluid discharge, swelling, ear and eyes twitching, and a lack of appetite.

6. Itchy Eyes:

We, humans, rub our itchy Eyes for relief, but pets are unable to do.

Sometimes your pup may suffer from itchy eyes due to shampoo, presence of the foreign body, injury, or other eye illnesses.

In such a situation, your canine will scratch a stubborn itch in his eyes, which led your pooch to rub its face. 

Always use itchy-free shampoo for your pet, and if you notice any eye issues contact your vet and avoid self-treatment. 

7. Dental Issues:

Dental issues such as tooth decay, tooth breakage, or gum infection are the most painful illness.

A dog may develop rubbing face in dental issues to ease the pain.

Other Dental issues symptoms are bad breath, licking of lips, restlessness, inflamed gums, and blood in the saliva.

Always use the best vet-recommended toothpaste for your pup and adequately treat any dental issue. 

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8. Smell of the object:

Dogs have a strong and acute sense of smell and are attracted easily to the smell of objects.

Dogs often rub their face on the object and on the ground if they feel the smell of the objects includes perfume, grass, furniture, feces, and even dead animals. 

9. Wrinkles Face Breeds:

Wrinkles Face Breeds

Certain dog breeds such as bulldogs and pug with facial fold structure usually rub their faces on the floor excessively.

The reason behind this is wrinkled face breeds are more exposed to get food particles, grass, and other hitchhikers, and they rub their face to clean or relieve itching.

10. Discomfort with Collar:

Pet owners don’t think so much about choosing a collar for their furry friend.

Usually, New, hard and collars that are too tight cause discomfort in dogs.

If your canine is using a collar and rub its face with the wall, ground, or with any object, it will indicate that your canine is feeling discomfort with the collar. 

We recommend buying a soft and easily manageable collar for your pet.

If you have to buy new color recently, first checked to make sure it isn’t too tight. Make sure to check the collar as your pup is growing and adjust it with the neck size.

11. Obsessive Behavior:

Keeping your pet on a leash, create or at home for a long time may lead to obsessive behavior and will start howling, barking, growling, and rubbing face.

Make a proper schedule of exercise playing and a walk for your pet.

12. Head injuries or Brain Tumor:

Head injuries and brain tumors are not among the common cause of a dog’s face rubbing; however, it is still a possibility. Head injuries and brain tumors lead to severe pain, and a dog may start rubbing or hitting his head with a wall or with the ground to ease the pain.

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