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Why do my dogs ears stink? Treatment and Prevention

The foul smell of dogs’ ears becomes irritating for owners, and they often want to know why do my dogs ears stink? There are many reasons which make the dog’s ear stink.

In the article we will let you know all the possible causes, treatment and prevention of dogs’ ears stink. Use the table of contents for smooth navigation.

Why do my dogs ears stink?

Bad and Foul smelling ears in dogs can result from several issues, some of which are just minor, and some need proper treatment. 

Causes of dogs Stink ears:

  • One of the most common reasons for  smelly ears in dogs is an ear infection. The infection is caused due to the attack on abrasions and wounds of the dog’s ear by various bacterial organisms.
  • Ear diseases sometimes damage the ear nerves and blood vessels in the inner part of the ear, which sometimes causes the problem.
  • Inflammation of any parts of the inner ear can irritate and lead to foul smell in doggies. 
  • Stucking of foreign bodies in the ear leads to an ear infection.
  • According to vets, Smelly dog ears and dogs ears smell like vinegar are caused by bacteria and yeast that has fermented inside the ear canal.
  • A fungal attack such as yeast can cause stinky eras in puppies.
  • Do dog ear mites smell? Yes Ear mites can lead your dogs ears to foul smelling.
  • Moisture and other dirt that retains for a long time in dogs ears.
  • Allergies are among the common causes of foul ear smell and odors in dogs.
  • Other internal injuries, abnormalities, and tumors.

Symptoms of stinky ears in dogs:

Symptoms of stinky ears in dogs
  • Continuous scratching.
  • Open scratches and wounds.
  • Pain while touching the ears.
  • Swelling in the ears.
  • Paying more attention than usual to his ears.
  • Foul smell.
  • Rubbing ears to the ground.
  • Presence of earwax.
  • Appears to be off-balance.

Diagnosis of stinky ears in dogs:

Ear infection not limits their self with the outer ears and affects the middle and inner parts of the ears. This infection sometimes leads your furry friend to very irritating behavior and health issues.

So if you notice any of the above symptoms, contacts your veterinarian to diagnose the actual cause.

Also, note the signs and symptoms of your pet and tell all to your vet. It will help in the proper diagnosis of your dogs’ ears conditions.

Treatment of stinky ears in dogs:

  • Treatment for foul smelling ears in dogs will depend on the cause of the issue. 
  • If the problem is due to the dirty ears and wax, your vet will clean your puppy ears and give you an ear cleaning solution. 
  • If your vet notices an infection in your dog’s ears. He/She will your vet will administer oral or injected antibiotics. 
  • In the case of fungal infection specific fungicides will be prescribed.
  • Suppose the problem is due to the presence of a foreign body. A procedure or surgery will be done for the removal. Also, antibiotics will be prescribed by the vet.
  • The parasites in the ears will be removed through a proper procedure. 

How do I get rid of the smell in my dog’s ears?

  1. Properly clean your dogs’ ears.
  2. Clean by wrapping a cotton ball around your finger to make sure that you don’t penetrate too inside and deeply.
  3. Do not try to push cleaning objects such as a cotton stick or cotton balls inside the ear canal.
  4. Avoid getting additional moisture in your dog’s ears
  5. Use the best and prescribe ear cleaning solution.
  6. Put Cottons ball in the ear while swimming.
  7. Check your dogs’ ears by a vet when you visit your veterinarian in a routine.  

Note That: Do not try self-medication and avoid home remedies for your dog’s ear cleaning. Especially that contain hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or alcohol, etc.

Why do my dog’s ears stink so bad?

If you want to know why my dogs’ ears stink so bad, then you must try to find out the cause of the staffy smelling. Follow the below steps to found the actual cause.

  • First of all, Examine the external area around each ear, and also observe the crown of his head in between his ears. 
  • After observing the external ear, now examine his ear canal with a torch to able you to see deeply in the ear. 
  • Look for any foreign body, dried blood, white fluid, or wax. If you found any of these things, not so deeply, remove them gently; however, the best way is to contact your veterinarian for safe removal and treatment.
  • If your dogs’ ears are suffering from fungal or yeast, then these smelly dog ears could be associated with wax, brown or white discharge, or yellowish-green pus.
  • Contact your vet to start a medication to cure the condition.

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