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Can Dogs Get Strep Throat From Humans? Prevention and Treatment

Strep throat hurts like swallowing razor blades. Streptococcus (Strep) bacteria can suffer humans mostly, but can dogs get strep throat from humans? The Answer is Yes. Strep is among the zoonotic disease, so humans can pass the Streptococcus bacteria to dogs.

However, dogs aren’t likely to get the same kind of illness or infection because the strain of strep that affects humans is different from the strep strain that affects canines.

Which means dogs can rarely get strep throat from humans and vise versa.

What Is Strep Throat?

Strep, or streptococcus, is a group of bacteria commonly found on a human and animal skin.

The streptococcus has various strains that can cause different health problems and symptoms when entering the human or pet body.

Can Dogs Get Strep Throat From Humans?

Can Dogs Get Strep Throat From Humans

Strep (Streptococcus) is among the zoonotic illness. Zoonotic means diseases that can be passed from humans to animals and pets. So can dogs have humans strep? Yes, dogs can rarely get the illness from humans. 

Streptococcus is a bacterial disease. The strep hides in the respiratory tract of the pet and causes transient infection. 

Transient infection means that even after bacteria’s presence, doesn’t necessarily to be an active infection with symptoms, because the dogs are hardly affected by the illness.

But the condition of the illness will be different in humans and pets because the strain of strep is different among humans and pets.

If someone in the family is suffering from strep throat, it can be transmitted to the dog.

Causes of strep in dogs:

In dogs, strep spread itself in the respiratory tract and causes a transient infection, which means that bacteria are present in your pet body, but your pup doesn’t affect the same as humans.

The strep can mainly spread through open wounds and injuries. The bacteria can transfer through wound contact with the contaminated skin of humans or pets.

Symptoms of Strep Throat in Dogs:

Below are signs and symptoms of strep in dogs:

  • Rise in temperature
  • Avoid eating
  • Coughing
  • Shaking
  • Trembling
  • Body weakness

How to Prevent Strep in Dogs:

how to prevent strep throat in dogs
  1. Wash your hands before grooming your dog.
  2. Wash your hand and sanitize the equipment before treating the wounds and injuries.
  3. Avoid the contact of your dog with other infected dogs.

Can Humans get Strep Throat from dogs?

Yes, strep throat in dogs is known as Transient infections. The transient infection means that it can be passed onto humans and become an active infection.

Doctors often suggest that when a puppy or pet is diagnosed with strep throat, humans must be care full.

Proper treatment is necessary for the infected dog. The vet will prescribe certain antibiotics to cure the illness in your furry friend.

Symptoms of strep throat in Humans:

  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Mastitis
  • Pneumonia,
  • Infections in the joints and skin


Can Dogs Get Strep Throat From Humans? Yes, both dogs and humans get strep from one another when infected. Proper care can protect your pet from illness.

The strep bacteria can spread when the dogs’ wounds and injuries come in contact with the contaminated skin of humans or other pets.


Can pets catch strep throat from humans?

Yes, pets can catch strep throat from humans, but the strep strain that affects humans’ body is different from the strain of strep that affects canines.

Pets can develop a transient infection to the bacteria, which means that the strep bacteria are present in their body but not active and often do not develop the sign and symptoms.

Can dogs give humans strep throat?

Yes, dogs give humans strep throat. Humans and pets can pass the Streptococcus back and forth. Generally, the strain of the bacteria is different in humans and pets.

Humans usually infect from the Lancefield’s Group A B-hemolytic Streptococci (Streptococcus pyogenes). 

How do I know if my dog has a strep throat?

If your dog is suffering from strep throat, you will notice it by developing signs and symptoms. Rise in temperature; avoid eating, coughing, shaking, trembling, and body weakness.

If you notice any of the above sings and symptoms, Then you puppy might suffer from strep throat. Contact your vet for immediate treatment.

Can dogs die from strep throat?

Yes, in rare and severe cases, dogs can die from strep throat. Strep, or streptococcus, is a group of bacteria that can affect your dogs. Mainly the strep causes transient infection in pets. However, in some conditions, it can put your pup in health trouble. With the use of antibiotics, a dog may recover quickly. In rare cases, if the dog has weak immunity and other health issues can die due to the illness.