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Why do Dogs paw at you? 10 Reasons-How to Stop?

Why do dogs paw at you? And Why it is essential to learn about dogs pawing behavior? Many canine behaviors can be joyful and pleasing for some dogs owners, but the same behaviors can be irritating and disruptive for others.

Pawing of a small pup can be amazing and joyful, but the same behavior of the large or giant dogs breeds can cause discomfort and can even injure you and your kids with scratches while pawing.

Why do dogs paw at you?

dog paw you

You may have noticed your dog paw at you on certain occasions. According to pet experts and behaviorists, dogs paw at you for many reasons on many occasions. In the canine world, pawing means a lot and can indicate a variety of things. Our faithful companions are unable to speak. They will try to communicate and convey their messages to us and other pets via behaviors, signs and indications.

Many pups behaviors are considered a way of communication such as pawing, tilting head, licking, sitting in the feet, howling, whining, jumping, biting or shaking head etc.

In this article, we have briefly discussed 10 reasons that lead your canine to paw at you.

Reasons of Dogs Paw at You:

1. Act of Communication:

Every creature has separate ways of communication with which they can communicate. Dogs are unable to talk. They can only communicate with their gestures and behaviors.

According to pet experts and behaviorists, Dogs developing certain behaviors such as Pawing or tilting their heads to get their owners attention.

2. Training and Entertainment:

what does dog pawing mean

Many owners around the world train their dogs to adopt certain behaviors. Training or encouraging a dog is one of the most leading causes of behaviors adoption.

Many owners train their puppies to paw at humans to entertain themselves, their family members, guests or other strangers. Many times owners do not train their pups, but still, this happens.

According to pet experts and behaviorists, we often encourage our pups unintentionally for many of their behaviors and our canine adopt the behavior.

For Example: If your pup attack your guest, and you consider it a playful act and show affection and love to your puppy, this will encourage your pup to develop the behavior. Don’t encourage your dogs on destructive behaviors.

3. To get Attention:

When we need the Attention of someone, we tape them on the shoulder. In the dog’s world, many behaviours include pawing is a gesture of getting the owners Attention.

Many times your dogs need your attention, and they can not shout that hey, I need your attention. Among the leading causes of Dogs pawing behavior is to get owner attention.

4. They Need Something:

why does my dog want me to hold his paw

Do you notice? when we humans need something in a meeting where we cant talk. We ask for things with some of the gestures. Same way, dogs are unable to talk. They can only ask you with some of the behaviors and gestures.

When you notice your dog paw at you, this may mean that your pooch needs some things.

For example: If you are eating on a table and your furry friend is sitting in front of you, starring or pawing, this means that your pooch also wants to enjoy the food with you.

So whenever your dogs paw at you, try to find what they need. Maybe they need water, food,  a bathroom break, or any toy. This will help you when your furry friend develops the behaviour in the future.

5. Love and Affection:

Why do dogs give you their paw without asking? Dogs are the most faithful companions among pets. Their love for the good owners is uncountable. Canine adopt many behaviors to show their love and affection for their owners, such as licking you or paw at you.

When you come home after a long period, or you offer some treat to your canine, or you  playing with him, and he paw at you, then this will be considered the sign of love and affection.

6. Wants your love and Affection:

When Your pet loves you so much, they demand the same from you as well. When you play with your pooch or petting your pup or giving him a belly rub, and he paw you.

Why my dog paw at me when I stop petting her? This means that your dog wants some more love and time from you, and he is enjoying these lovable movements and wants you to continue petting her and all the actions that they like.

7. Stress and Anxiety:

Humans also develop very strange behaviors when they suffer from Anxiety or Depression. Dogs are very sensitive creatures, and they can be suffered from stress and Anxiety for certain reasons.

When your canine feels any fear, stress or anxiety, they will develop many unusual behaviors such as whining, quiver, restlessness, hiding their tails between legs, wide eyes and sometimes pawing at you.

These behaviours mean that your puppy is in an uncomfortable situation and he needs some help.

Anxiety can lead your canine to too many health issues. If you observe that your pooch is suffering from anxiety or depression, contact your vet for timely treatment. 

8. Apology Gesture:

Do you have notice when kids do something wrong, and they adopt some cute and loving behaviors as an Apology? When your puppy does something bad or wrong, and they notice redness of anger on your face, they will develop certain behaviors for the Apology to demand mercy.

They can develop behaviours such as paw at you, guilty face, or sitting in your feet.

9. The Gesture of Empathy:

Dogs can judge our emotions and can understand and differentiate between many of our feelings. They care for us and want us to be happy.

When our furry friends notice any of our uncomfortable situations such as sadness, illness or stress, they will try to give us some joy and relief and will develop certain acts to show their Empathy with us.

Dogs are often pawing at us to show their empathy. If you or any of your family members became pregnant, your dogs will sense the pregnancy and will be more protective.

10. The gesture of Respect:

Why does my dog put his paw on top of my hand? Dogs always shows love, respect and affection for the loving owners. When you take your pet for a walk or a park, and he notices dogs or people, he will try to help you.

He will also try to show that you are the boss and show respect by developing cretins behaviors such as sitting on your feet, pawing at you, or licking you.

Should You Allow your dog to paw at you?

Allowing or disallowing any canine behaviours depends on the owner’s mood and choice. Only you can decide whether to allow or disallow any canine behaviour.

Many canine behaviours, including paws, can be joyful and loveable occasionally. However, adopting any behaviour regularly can be irritating and can make you uncomfortable.

Servedogs team suggest not to train or encourage your pup on such activities that can irritate you in future.

How to stop a dog pawing at you?

Early training at the pup stage is critical to adopt or stop a dog from any particular behaviour. If you want to stop your dog pawing at you, then follow below techniques.

Refrence of the Teqniques:

  • Give time and attention randomly throughout the day to your furry friend so that he could not feel lonely and don’t paw at you.
  • Make a proper schedule for playing and exercise so that your pup is not bored.
  • Do not treat your canine on pawing. Discourage the behavior and ignore your pet.
  • Do not show any love and affection at this time.
  • Do not punish your dog for the behavior because furnishing is also a form of attention.
  • When your dog stops the pawing, give some break and then reward him with a treat on not pawing.

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Conclusion: Why do dogs Paw at you?

Many dogs’ behaviours can be natural, joyful, and ok for some dog owners, but the same behaviours can irritate, uncomfortable, and disruptive for some owners.

Pawing behaviours of a small pup will be amazing and joyful, but the same behaviour from the large or gaint dogs breeds can cause discomfort and can  even injured you and your kids with scratches during paws.

IF you want to stop certain canine behaviors, the best way is to stop the behavior at the pup stage. You can choose a dog from the easiest dogs to train.