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Why do Dogs smell your Crotch? 8 Reason-How to Stop?

Certain dogs make their owners embarrassed by certain irritating behaviors. Some dogs often smell the owner, guest or other peoples crotch without considering the time, place and situation. Smelling the crotch might be offensive to some people. Why do dogs smell your crotch?

Dogs don’t have moral ethics to follow human’s boundaries. They follow their nature, especially when it comes to the power of smell. The dominant sense for dogs is their sense of smell.

The canines often welcome and greet new dogs by smelling their rare part. This develops the behavior to greet the humans in the same way. For humans and especially stranger or guest at your house, the behaviors can be embarrassing. 

In the article, we will let you know about all the possible aspects of smelling human crotch.

Why do dogs smell your crotch?

Dogs are scent-driven creatures. Dogs are gifted with a powerful nose. According to Experts, dogs usually have up to 300 million smell sensors in their noses. They explore their world through their sense of smell.

Akc Reference: According to Michael T. Nappier, DVM, DABVP, of the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, canines can detect about ½ tablespoons of sugar in the swimming pool. But why do dogs smell your crotch?

Reasons for dogs smelling Human Crotch:

Dogs are having a particular sensory receptor known as the vomeronasal organ, or the Jacobson’s organ. Humans body contain Apocrine glands that secrete pheromones.

The Apocrine glands are highly concentrated in the groin areas in humans. These pheromones are easily detectable by dogs. And dogs often smell or lick humans rare parts.

Your dogs will smell your crotch when:

  • When you have recently had sexual intercourse.
  • When you are menstruating.
  • When you have your periods.
  • When you are pregnant.
  • When you have recently given birth.
  • When you have ovarian cancer.
  • When your clothes have other dogs or humans Apocrine glands hormones.
  • Dogs also can sense cancer, especially ovarian cancer.

Dogs body also contain Apocrine glands, but the rare parts of the canine usually have the highest concentration of these glands. That’s why dogs often sniff each other’s rare parts. 

How do I stop my dog from smelling my Crotch?

  • Early training is the key way to stop a dog from any irritating behavior. If you want to stop your dogs from sniffing the crotches, then you need to train your canine.
  • Train your dog from the beginning with commands like “No” or “Stop” these commands will help your dog to stop irritating behaviors such as smelling and sniffing crotches. If your puppy follows your command, make sure you praise his or her obedience and offer a treat.
  • If you’re expecting to meet a new person or guest, diverse your canine attention by treats or dogs toys.  
  • Train you canine on focusing and licking other parts of the body such as hand, elbow or even feet. All you need to do is Simply present your hand to your dog, and when he smells or lick, reward him with a treat.  
  • This will help to redirect the dog’s mind to sniff the hands, elbows or feet instead of the crotch when any guest arrived at your home.
  • We always suggest buying are adopting the easiest dogs to train. Learn How to Train Your Dog to Stop Sniffing.
  • Offer new and dogs attracting scents and toys to appease the curious dog nose. Hide some food and toys in your home or garden and exercise your canine to find them. 
  • Continuously train you canine for a specific behavior, and don’t let until your dog stops the behavior and act on your orders.
  • If your commands and training are not working properly, When you’re expecting guests at your home, the best idea is to put your pet on this leash or inform your guest about the sniffing behavior of your canine. It is good to tell him first, then after embarrassment.

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Why does my dog dig at my crotch?

Dogs dig at your crotch for many reasons. According to pet experts and behaviorist, dogs have 300 million smell sensors in their noses. 

Your dogs will dig at your crotch if:

  • You have recently had sexual intercourse.
  • You are menstruating.
  • You have your periods.
  • You have pregnancy.
  • You have recently given birth.
  • You have ovarian cancer.
  • Your clothes have other dogs or humans Apocrine glands hormones.

Can dogs smell a woman’s period?

Yes, dogs can smell a woman’s period. Canine have about300 a million smell sensors in their noses, making them sense specific hormonal changes in humans, such as a woman’s period, pregnancy,  menstruation, sexual intercourse, and even cancer. 

Can dogs smell a woman's period?

What does it mean when a dog sniffs you?

When a dog sniffs you, it means that you have some hormonal changes in your body that your puppy can detect. Dogs can detect many hormonal changes in the human’s body, such as sexual intercourse, pregnancy, periods, menstruation etc.

Why is my dog sniffing me more than usual?

If you notice that your dog is sniffing you more than usual, this indicates that your body has to go through some hormonal changes. Dogs nose has so powerful and to detect the scent and hormonal changes. Dogs usually sniffing more than usual when you are going throw the below hormonal changes period.

  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Women’s period’s sexual intercourse
  • Cancer (ovarian cancer)
Why is my dog sniffing me more than usual?