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10 Causes-Why do small dogs shake and Tremble?

If you are an owner of a small dog breed, you may often wondered and tense about your dog’s shaking behavior, and you must want to know why do small dogs shake?

First of all, you don’t need to be panic because, in many puppies, this behavior is natural; however, in many circumstances, it indicates health issues that need to be concerned.

In the article, we will let you know about all the possible causes and how to prevent your dogs from developing trembling behavior.

Why do small dogs shake?

Ideally, the small dog shouldn’t tremble except on certain occasions. Small pups aren’t properly socialized, and owners don’t think about proper training. Lake of early training leads the dog to stress anxiety and other behavioral problems.

Besides naturally-occurring of behavior, we are listing below the possible causes of why do small dogs shake?

10 Causes of small dogs shacking and Trembling:

1. Natural occurrence:

You may have noticed your pup’s body starts trembling automatically for some time. Such body shaking occurring due to some internal body response and consider as natural. The duration of such trembling will be less for some seconds to a minute.

2. Heat loss & Cold:

As compared to large breeds, Small dogs experience more heat loss because of their relative size and mass to surface ratio. In small breeds, the ratio of internal mass is less than the pup’s coat and hairs, which leads to extreme heat loss.

As small pups cannot create body heat faster, the loss of heat from the body makes the puppy feel cold and leads the puppy body to uncontrollable responses such as shaking and trembling.

3. Anxiety, Nervousness, or Emotions:

Some time in anxious situations dogs body starts trembling, it is a sign of nervousness. Your dog usually develops the behavior when a stranger or mailman comes to your home or due to the sounds of fireworks or thunder etc.

In such a situation, along with body shaking, your dog ears pinned backed and tried to hide behind you. you can calm your puppy by using dogs calming spray in this situation.

4. Worried or Scared:

cute puppies in garden

Like small babies and even adults, humans shake when they are worried or scared. Little pups are considered in a behavioral condition known as small dog syndrome, in which they are often worried and scarred.

Small dogs often tremble in the same situation when they feel a risk from any stranger, dog, or other animals.

To protect your pet from this condition, you need to train your pup and prepare them for socialization. Don’t reward your pup for fear. Many owners are feeling like they are showing love and protecting their pup, but they are usually training them to be fearful.

5. Generalized Tremor Syndrome:

Small dogs such as Chihuahuas or Miniature Pinschers etc., tremble a lot as compared to other dogs.

In some cases, this behavior is considered normal. However, excessive body shaking with other symbols will indicate that your pup is suffering from Generalized Tremor Syndrome. Your vet will diagnose and treat the health condition.

6. They want to go out:

Small pups shake, tremble, and look miserable when they want to go out. Shaking and trembling in puppies is also an indication sign of the puppy to their owners that they want to go out for a walk or to play.

In this situation, the shaking will be accompanied by scratching the door and whimpering.

Small dogs are usually hard to house train, so you need to select the easiest dogs to train. The behavior mainly occurs when they feel an intense need to pee or potty. How to potty train your dog?

7. Decrease in blood sugar level:

According to pet experts and vets, small pups are prone to low blood sugar, known as hypoglycemia. According to vets, hypoglycemia leads small puppies to Body shaking, weakness and lethargy, and possible seizures in rare cases.

If you are an owner of small breeds, you must keep some safe sweets like honey for dogs. If you notice your canine blood sugar level is decreasing, gently put a small amount of sweet in your pup’s mouth.

Please make sure you do not feed any toxic sweeteners to your canine, such as chocolate, xylitol and sucralose etc.

8. Indication of Health issue:

Many pets’ behaviors often indicate underlying issues your pet is suffering from. Shaking and trembling with other symptoms such as unusual eye movement, tilting, disorientation and dizziness, etc could also be a sign of health issues such as Neurological disorders such as seizures in dogs and White Dog Shaker Syndrome.

If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, contact your vet for the diagnosis and timely treatment.

9. Your pup is  Hungry:

Little pups eat little and want food regularly as compared to large breeds. Don’t consider the same food schedule for your pup and your dog.

Puppies feel hunger after some time of the meal, and if they don’t get the food, there is a risk of low blood sugar which will lead your furry friend to body trembling.

10. Other diseases:

Dogs shaking behavior may also be due to certain illnesses such as pain, Addison’s disease, allergic reaction and skin infections, presences of mites in dogs and scabies in dogs, etc.

How do you stop a small dog from shaking?

cute white pup

To stop a small dog from shaking, you first need to know about the cause of the behavior. what should I do if my dog is shaking? You can follow the below methods to prevent your pup from shaking and trembling.

  • Keep your dog warm
  • Keep your pup relaxed and stress-free.
  • Properly groom and prevent from skin Allergies.
  • Make a proper exercise schedule.
  • Give some time to go out for a walk.
  • Housetrain your pup.
  • Make a routine health `checkup schedule.
  • If trembling worse with other symptoms, contact your vet.

Should I be worried if my dog is shaking?

Yes and No. Some dogs shaking are normal, and you don’t need to worry about it, and you can easily calm your canine. However some times, the behaviors indicate any internal issues which need proper medical attention. For the complete guide, please read our article.

Why do dogs shiver when not cold?

Dogs usually shiver due to cold, but some even dogs shiver in hot summer or in the warm room. Besides cold, there are many other reasons which make dogs tremble, such as excitement, fear, pain, nervousness, anxiety, Addison’s disease, etc.