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Why Does My Dog Bark When I Kiss? 9 Crazy Reasons + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Bark When I Kiss

You notice that your fur baby doesn’t like it when you and your partner kiss.

Sometimes, you may even get frustrated. 

It’s because their barking ruins the moment.

Continue to read and discover:

  • Do dogs get jealous when you kiss?
  • 9 reasons why your dog barks when you kiss.
  • 5 tips on what to do if your dog barks when you kiss.
  • How you can accidentally reinforce this behavior (avoid this at all times).
  • How the “happiness hormone” can cause your dog to bark during intimate moments.
  • And much more…

Why does my dog bark when I kiss?

Your dog barks when you kiss because they’re being protective, jealous, confused, or bored. It could also show that your dog wants attention or a kiss themself. Other times your dog may be unfamiliar with the behavior or resource guarding. 

My dog barks when I kiss – 9 reasons

#1: They’re rescuing you

“Hooman…what is hamppening???” 

“I will rescue you, Hooman…”

Says your dog that thinks you’re hurt as you and your partner kiss. 

Your pup is alarmed by what you’re doing. So, they decided to bark away. 

They see this action as a threat to your well-being.

For Fido, you’re not kissing. For them, you’re biting each other’s face off. And that you and your partner are in a conflict. 

Based on your dog’s understanding, they have to rescue you.

Fido thinks he needs to impede you and your partner’s hug. They believe that your partner’s restraining you. 

Cut your dog some slack as they don’t completely understand this behavior. 

They don’t know that this is an action done by humans to show one thing or another. 

For them, all that matters is to avoid you from getting hurt.

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#2: Oops…someone’s jealous

Oh, that’s right. The little rascal is capable of being jealous.

Research tells us that dogs get jealous of other social beings. 

This jealous mode is activated once they see you giving someone else attention. 

And when you kiss your partner, they get greedy. 

They might not properly know what a kiss is for, but they still don’t want you to do it.

Your dog also gets jealous to protect your social bond. 

For your pooch, your relationship with them is more worthwhile.

That’s why barking may not be the only thing your dog does.

There are other jealousy-driven behaviors, namely:

  • Growling or hissing at your partner.
  • Getting in between you and your partner. 
  • Once they’re done barking, they tend to walk out of the room.

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#3:  What is kissing? (They’re confused)

Cats aren’t the only curious ones. Dogs are puzzled creatures sometimes, too.

For your dog, seeing you kiss your partner is out of the ordinary. 

It’s because they don’t know what type of communication you and your partner are doing. 

For dogs, licking is a form of greeting or grooming

But a kiss? 

It baffles them.

So when your dog sees you kissing your partner, they get confused.

With that, they relentlessly bark towards you and your partner. 

Here’s a translation of what your dog might be saying:

“Hooman are you okay?”

“Why you do that with your lips, hoomans?”

“Do you have food in there?”


#4: They’re protecting you

Your Dog Barks When You Kiss To Protect You

Right now, your dog doesn’t care who’s the parent between you. 

In their watch, your partner can’t kiss you. 

“It’s a no-no!” says your pooch in this situation.

Your dog does this because they’re territorial. 

VCA Hospital says territorial behaviors in dogs are only natural.

When an unusual person or animal is around, dogs tend to show a territorial behavior. 

Your dog aims to protect their property, anything or anyone around their household.

So as your partner is in your place, your dog will watch them closely.

Your fur baby is only being cautious and doing this to look after you. 

If your partner makes a move and leans to you for a kiss…


Here comes Bow-wow with the warning bark.

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#5: They want one too

Your dog can detect that love is in the air.

Well..not literally 

But they do identify the ‘love hormones’ that you release whenever you kiss your partner.

Since Fido’s sense of smell is very keen, they can tell if your hormone levels are changing.

And when you kiss your partner, you both release oxytocin

That’s where your dog detects the change. 

They know something’s up, and it started when you two kissed.

So they bark to tell you they want a kiss, too. It looks like you’re enjoying it, and they want to have fun as well.

Based on a study, a positive interaction with your dog surges you both with oxytocin.

Therefore, your dog will be happy if you kiss them, too. Or, if they’re not touchy, any positive interaction will do.

#6: Attention-seeking

Think about how you reacted when your dog barks at you and your partner when you kiss…

Do you cut your kiss in the middle to tell your dog off?

Do you make them stop, and as a result, you two stop as well?

Whichever it is, your dog has learned that that behavior grants attention.

Even if you scold them, it doesn’t matter. 

First, it made you stop. And second, you shifted your attention to them.

So next time your dog sees you kissing your partner, get ready. 

Bow-wow is going to do everything to gain your attention. 

When they bark, your canine might be saying:

“Play with me instead, hooman!”

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#7: Resource guarding

It’s advised not to bother your dog while they eat. Or even while they play with their favorite toy.

It’s because your dog’s response to these disruptions is not predictable. They can react playfully, or they might get mad at you.

Dog parents are advised of this because of a dog’s ‘resource guarding’ behavior. 

This behavior is where your canine protects what’s theirs. 

According to a certified behaviorist, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., it’s not just toys or meals.

If your dog barks when you kiss your partner, they could be resource guarding. 

And it’s you that your fur baby is keeping an eye on.

Since you’re the primary caretaker of your dog, you feed them, walk them, and play with them.

When they see you kiss your partner, they get protective. And even scared.

For your dog, your partner can be a threat to their main source of living. Your pup doesn’t want to share their resources with your partner. 

“My hooman belongs to me!” 

See how possessive they can be?

#8: Boredom

Say you have your partner over. 

You two decided that instead of going out, you’re just going to stay in.

However, your poor doggo expects a walk or playtime with you. But you’re occupied with your partner.

Once your dog sees you kiss your significant other, they bark away.

It can also be accompanied by jumping between the two of you.

Frustrated that Bow-wow ruined the moment, you ask them:

“What do you want?”

What your pooch wants is to play with you. 

They don’t understand the concept of a lazy day. 

For your dog, your lazy day gets them bored. 

And with that, the lack of stimulation causes your dog to misbehave.

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#9: It’s a sudden change

For a long time, it’s just been you and your dog. 

You two are used to each other. And you do everything together.

That changed when one day your better half came into the picture.

When you have your S.O. over, you notice that your dog watches you two closely.

And when your partner kisses you, your fur baby starts to bark at them.

It can be because of the sudden change. 

First, your partner is a new addition to your dog’s life. 

It will take some time for them to get used to each other. 

How long?

Well, there’s no definite time range to give as it differs from dog to dog. 

Secondly, your dog might not be used to seeing you kiss a person. 

For your pooch, it’s a new behavior that you exhibit. 

My dog barks when I kiss – 5 tips

#1: Keep them distracted

Provide your dog a distraction if you think there will be kissing involved in your partner’s visit.

If they’re distracted enough, your pooch won’t be closely watching you two. 

Give them their favorite toy.

Or to keep them very busy, give them an interactive toy.

One that they could indulge for a long time. This also promotes stimulation for your dog, which is healthy for them.

Need recommendations? I got you. 

If you provide them with a distraction, you’re covered. Your four-legged friend will mind their own business while you mind yours.

#2: Ignore them

In reason #6, it’s made clear that attention-seeking can be the cause of such behavior.

I also asked you how you reacted once your dog barks when you kiss your partner.

If you immediately called them out, then that encouraged the behavior.

Don’t worry…It’s understandable. 

You’re in the moment but your pooch got in the way. That’s what made you react.

But, like said, your pooch will love it if you shift your attention to them.

So no matter how distracting, it’s best to ignore your pooch.

Keep your concentration on your partner’s kisses. Your dog will eventually get tired of barking. 

Note: If you choose to do this, keep your will strong. You have to do this until your dog gets exhausted and stops barking.


If you stop them after a long time of barking, that could send the wrong message.

It’ll make your dog think that barking longer will do the trick.

The only time you should give them attention is after they finish barking. 

Doing that will condition your dog to think that stopping grants more reward.

#3: Have them spend time with your partner

To get your dog used to your partner, have them spend time together.

The process of familiarization is different from one dog to another. 

Despite that, it’s best to try to make the process fast.

As I mentioned in reason #5, positive interactions create a bond with your dog. That is due to the surge of oxytocin that both the humans and dogs experience.

So when your partner spends time with your dog, they can get used to each other. 

The two can also form a bond that’s different from yours.

Regardless, they’d be close and the barking could stop. 

Your dog may no longer perceive them as a threat. Or as a shareholder of your attention.

To further help you, here are activities or behaviors your partner can do:

  • Eye contact releases oxytocin, too. This impacts your dog positively and enhances their bond with the person.
  • Familiarize your partner with your dog’s preferences. The best way to bond with a dog is to know what works on them or not.
  • Stay consistent. For dogs, consistency is key. It’s essential to provide a dog with a routine. By doing so, you increase their obedience and excitement over you.
  • Let your partner teach them a trick. This is an excellent way to spend time with your dog. It’s because teaching a new trick to your dog requires effort and time. And these efforts are well spent once Fido learns the knack.

#4: Call them out before they bark

You have observed this behavior numerous times already. 

And you know what’s next once your dog stares at you and your partner. 

You can tell as they’re sitting upright and ready to go into their barking routine.

What you can do is to take advantage of this knowledge. 

Stop your dog before they even display the behavior.

Let out a firm ‘No’. Or an authoritative ‘Don’t’.

#5: Don’t scold them when they bark

Scolding at your dog when they bark will only make it worse. 

Like said, for dogs, attention is attention. No matter how they get it.

You might be frustrated with them…

But your dog might not care. 

All that counts is you paid attention to them.

Bow-wow continues barking as they mistake it for worthy behavior.

Secondly, doing so will only increase disobedience.

Your dog will not only bark when you kiss your partner. Your fur baby may learn that barking gets them what they want.

And so, they’ll try it out for different scenarios.

Next thing you know, your dog doesn’t behave accordingly anymore.