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Can Dogs eat a persimmon? [Benefits-Side effects]

Around the globe, people like eating persimmon. Persimmon fruit is sweet and is rich in nutrition, such as carotene, riboflavin, vitamins, etc. But can dogs eat a persimmon? To better understand the answer to the question, we must need about the fruit’s benefits, side effects.

So keep reading the vitamins and sugar contents in persimmon are much higher than many other fruits.

Can dogs eat a persimmon?

Yes, dogs can eat less amount of mature persimmon in moderation. It’s true that the fruit contains essential nutrients but also contains a rich amount of sugar content than other fruit, which is toxic to dogs.

Also, immature persimmon is not considered safe for puppies.

Benefits of Persimmon for dogs:

  • Persimmon contains essential nutrients like Protein, Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Potassium: Copper, Manganese. Many of these nutrients are essentials for a dog’s health.
  • Persimmons are rich in antioxidants, promoting strong overall health and helping to reduce inflammation.
  • Prevent the spread of infection and even prevent hemorrhaging and cancer. They can help prevent cancer in your pup, as well.

Side effects of persimmon for dogs:

  • Persimmon, mostly immature, can cause stomach upset in your pet.
  • persimmon peels or skins contain tannic acid, so Eating the peel is like to cause stomach stones 
  • The seeds of the fruit can cause intestinal blockage and lead to vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal inflammation
  • Overfeeding of persimmons can have a laxative effect in dogs and could lead your puppy to diarrhea or loose and frequent stool
  • Due to the rich amount of sugar, causing weight gain and even leading to diabetes over time.

Serving ideas:

  • If you want to feed your dog persimmons, be sure to remove the pit or seed.
  • Serve only less amount as an occasional treat and mush it up to feed it to him in small bites.
  • If you’re looking for an alternative to persimmons with similar health benefits, you could try watermelon, carrots, or another healthy fruit or vegetable option for your pup.


Can dogs eat a persimmon? According to pet and vet experts, the fruit’s side effects are more than the benefits, so they nor recommend persimmon as dog food.

However, you can serve boneless, mature, and without peel in less amount as an occasional treat.