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Can Pomeranians Stay Home Alone? 5 Dangers + 5 Tips

Can Pomeranians Stay Home Alone

Does it make you think hard and indecisively…

“Can I leave this small and loving Pomeranian alone in the house?”

They are so needy and they seem so fragile…right?

So, it makes you question whether they can survive being alone…

Even for just a few hours….

Read on to find out:

  • 5 dangers of leaving your Pomeranian alone.
  • How being alone can affect your Pomeranian’s well-being.
  • 5 tips to ensure your Pomeranian is safe despite being alone.
  • What to leave for your Pomeranian when they are left alone at home.
  • And much more…

Can Pomeranians stay home alone?

Pomeranians can stay home alone, provided that their basic needs are met and that you have prepared them for being alone. Such basic needs and preparation include dog-proofing the house, leaving them enough food and water, and leaving them with interactive toys.

How long can Pomeranians stay home alone?

How long Pomeranians can stay at home alone depends on their age. Pomeranians’ age defines their ability to recognize and become self-aware. Pomeranians below 12 months can only be left home alone for 2-4 hours. While Pomeranians older than 12 months can be left home alone for 6-8 hours.

5 dangers when your Pomeranian is home alone

Despite it being okay for your Pomeranian to be left home alone, there are still dangers.

So, if you’re planning to get a Pomeranian but you have a full-time job…

Or you need to run errands for the whole day and leave your small baby home alone…

Better take notes of these dangers that are surprisingly easy to prevent…

#1: Make a mess of their pee or hold it

Pomeranians are so small…right?

Well, so is their bladder!

With that, they will tend to pee more.

Especially for Pomeranians that are not older than a year.

These are signs your Pomeranian has to pee:

  • Whining.
  • Circling.
  • Belly scratching.

But they’re home alone! You will not be able to observe these signs…

You also can’t take them out to do their business…

They’re only left to pee around the house…

Without proper preparation, you risk your Pom having to hold their pee…

Or go home to a pee painting on your floor.

#2: Risk of dehydration and heatstroke

After reading the first danger you might have thought…

“Hmm, I’ll just leave my Pom with little water then…”


Your Pomeranian might feel dehydrated.

Exhaustion and overheating are especially risky for them. 

Dogs such as Poms, who has a thick coat, are uncomfortable amidst heat.

Especially adult Pomeranians who have a two-layer coat.

So, think about it. 

Their body temperature may rise and cause them discomfort. Worst scenario will be dehydration and heatstroke.

Symptoms of dehydration that may lead to heatstroke include:

  • Vomiting.
  • Bright red tongue.
  • Excessive panting.
  • Excessive drooling.
  • Evident discomfort.
  • Dry and pale gums.
  • Tachycardia, or increased heart rate.

#3: Misbehaving

Pomeranians Can Misbehave When Left Home Alone

Pomeranians are very playful.

But, with them home alone, who are they going to play with?

With the lack of mental and physical stimulation, your little dog might behave unlikely around you.

Your Pomeranian will be confused. They don’t know what to divert their energy to, or how to do so.

And so, here’s your little Pom…

Looking for something to play with…

They see this peculiar box with something inside that you left on your coffee table…

“Unusual…I’ve never seen this before…Is this mum’s?”

With that, your Pom will try to reach it. Push it around. 

So, it fell on them. 


The injury they will acquire in this scenario can cause misbehaving. 

So, whenever you go home to your Pom…after a day of them being alone, check them for injuries. Or something that is knocked down.

It may not have caused them injuries, but it did shock them.

They might be misbehaving because they’re trying to tell you…

“Mum…dad…I got a boo-boo while you were away…”

In this scenario, they were trying to divert their energy into something they find odd. 

Other causes include confusion. 

An unexpected change of scenario…

One moment you’re there, then you’re gone for the day…

This sudden transition befuddles your little pooch.

Then, a few hours later, you’re home!

This causes them to be overly stimulated due to another transition.

#4: Development of separation anxiety

Pomeranians are known as a very clingy and needy breed. 

That’s why it will be very hard for them to be left alone at home.

Pomeranians are also prone to experience separation anxiety. Which they may develop if left alone without some preparation from your side.

According to research, dogs with separation anxiety tend to show unwanted behavior when left alone. 

Signs of separation-caused behaviors:

Separation anxiety can also cause behavioral problems and disorders.

Behavioral disorder signs: 

  • Excessively salivating.
  • Shaking uncontrollably. 
  • Barking and/or growling too much.
  • Shows intent to bite another dog or a person. 

What to do if your dog has a behavioral disorder:

It is best to remain patient with your playful little fella if this becomes the case. If you cannot handle their misbehavior anymore, consult a professional. 

Your Pom’s veterinarian may prescribe medications if it is a behavioral disorder.

If it is only a behavioral problem, then it can be resolved through positive reinforcement. Look for a professional behaviorist that deals with the misbehavior in a positive way.

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#5: Feelings of stress

As per your observation, your Pomeranian may not have separation anxiety…

But, they can still experience stress.

Stressor: sudden change

Pomeranians are sensitive to sudden changes.

It causes them confusion when they face an abrupt transition.

Without proper transition, you’ll leave your little pooch wondering and perplexed.

Thus, causing them stress.

Stressor: loud noise

Loud noise shocks your Pomeranian so much!

Observe them during a thunderstorm.

They may be whining. Or hiding in a compressed corner. That when you touch them, you can feel them shaking from the stress…

And so…you cuddle with them to let them know that you’re there.

But how about when you’re not around?

If they get stunned by a noise while they’re alone, it will highly stress them. 

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5 tips to make sure that your Pomeranian stays safe while you leave them alone

#1: Prepare their needs accordingly

Prepare Your Poms Needs Accordingly

Leave them with plenty of water

A Pomeranian needs about 4.39 oz (130 mL) to 7.77 oz (230 mL) per day. 

To be precise, they need 2.19 (65 mL) per kg. (2.20 lb.).  It depends on their weight

Leave a little more than needed…it is better to make sure to avoid inadequacy.

And since your baby Pom has a lot of energy, their playfulness may have them spinning around…

And, oh! They knocked over their water bowl and spilled their drink…

What will be left for your Pom to drink for the rest of the day?

In that, you might want to change from a bowl to a dispenser.

It is heavy, thus spillage-proof!

Leave them with enough food

A Pomeranian only needs to eat not more than one cup of dog food every day.

It is best to regulate their food intake to avoid overfeeding. 

Use a food dispenser for them as well! So that you wouldn’t have to go home in a dog food mess…

Or have your poor baby eat off the floor…

Here’s a dispenser set we found for your little Pom!

Leave them with numerous puppy pads around

Give your Pom choices…

Leave numerous puppy pads around the house.

This way, they get to choose where they go from time to time.

Also, leaving enough puppy pads is highly suitable for your Pom’s small bladder.

#2: Leave them with interactive toys

Pomeranians are less likely to experience anxiety when they’re stimulated.

Playing with a toy will direct their excess energy. 

It will also keep them distracted for a while. 

So, leave them with enough different toys to play with. Especially their favorites…

It is also best to leave them with toys that are interactive. Those that will not get them bored the first hour.

You can opt for those puzzle toys that have a treat inside!

Your pup would surely keep themselves occupied trying to get those treats!

Here are some examples we think your little pup will enjoy:

Remember the formula, dear fur parent:

stimulation = distraction

#3: Leave soothing music playing

Put on soothing music before you leave your Pom for the day. 

Here’s one example of something you can play. This is a piece of 15-hour relaxing music, specifically targeting deep separation anxiety (according to its title):

There are more options to choose from on Youtube. Simply search ‘dog music’ and you’d be greeted with so many choices!

Another common type of music to leave your dogs is classical.

One study’s general observation points out how classical music has a calming influence on dogs. Even in a stressful environment. 

You can also leave on nature sounds. 

Like birds chirping…or don’t, if they hate birds. It might make them even more frantic! 

So go check how your Pom reacts with classical music.

If they get calm, then next time you leave them, you leave them bonding with Beethoven. Or Mozart. 

Whoever your little rugrat prefers…

#4: Accustom them to transitions

Take them for a walk first before leaving

Before you go, treat your pom to a walk.

“But, they don’t have to pee or poo…so, what for?”

It doesn’t matter if they don’t need to do business yet…

You must walk them before you leave. By doing that, you lessen your pom’s energy for the day.

The less energy they have, the less distraction they need. The less anxiety or stress they have to go through.

If they do need to pee or poop…

Even better!

It becomes a great reminder for them that they do not always have to go on pee pads.

This will prevent them from being used to the pee pads and making a mess inside the house.

Plus! Walking is a great bonding and exercise experience before the two of you part for the day…

Before leaving your Pomeranian home alone:

The key is keeping them occupied before you leave.

By doing so, your Pomeranian is distracted and they remain calm.

Also, make sure that you give the treat to them in a different room.

One where they cannot see you leave the front door. 

Lastly, hand them the interactive toy that will keep them busy all the while.

Your little muncher will be so occupied that they will not see you leave!  

Train your Pomeranian by establishing a routine.

It is best to train your Pomeranian when to expect attention.

Line the time that you don’t give them much attention with the time you leave them home alone.

Moreover, start ’em young!

Train them at the earliest possible. Preferably before you start leaving them home alone.

If anxiety persists, it is best to consult a veterinarian. 

Your vet will advise you on what to do to lessen your pom’s anxiety. Or whether your Pomeranian will need prescriptions.

#5: Know the weather forecast

Before leaving your Pomeranian alone, check the predicted weather for the day.

“Is this really necessary?”

Yes! Highly necessary even.

You have to find out what the weather will be like. Then you must prepare for it.

You have read that your pom has a quick tendency to feel overwhelmed by the heat.

So it is only necessary to plan ahead depending on the day’s weather.

Sunny weather for today!

Keep track of the exact temperatures that come with the summer. 

Find out whether it is too hot or just breezy….

Regardless, it is most convenient to leave the air conditioner on for your pom. 

Better fresh and cool than exhausted and full of drool!

Another goal is to make sure that there is enough air circulation around in this weather.

Leave a window open. Preferably one with a screen. 

Make certain that it is a high window, too. One that your pom will not reach.

Expect a thunderstorm

Oh no!

“They’re alone? … During a thunderstorm?”

“Didn’t you say that leaving them alone in a thunderstorm can stress them?”

Yes, but don’t worry…There will be no trouble. You can do something to lessen your Pom’s stress.

It’ll be bearable for them, as long as you:

Prepare your dog’s thunder corner 

Identify the corner that your pom always goes to when there’s a thunderstorm. 

Is it under your office table? Under your bed? Or just a random corner in one of the rooms?

Put a comfortable dog bed there. Place it on a spot that receives enough breeze.

They’ll be comfortable, and maybe sleep the storm off.

Snug them with a shirt wrap

Maybe you have heard of this during Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, or during new years.

Wrapping a shirt around your dog can relax them during a stressful situation. 

This works like swaddling a baby…

Well, you are indeed swaddling a baby. 

The gentle pressure from the shirt wrap feels like a snuggle to them…as if someone’s there hugging them and comforting them.

That’s why shirt wrap is common during the said holidays. Fireworks are booming here and there! Scaring the poor little dogs.

It works the same during thunderstorms.

So, before you leave them for a day with an expected thunderstorm…try this snuggly trick!