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7 Reasons Why Pomeranians Like To Cuddle (Affection Guide)

Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle

Warm and fuzzy balls of good vibes.

That’s how I would describe Pomeranians.

And if you do, too, I wouldn’t be surprised!

They truly are cute and cuddly dogs.

Poms love being around us…

And we love having them around, too!

It’s easy to hug them because of their size and their temperament.

But have you ever wondered why they’re like this?

What makes them want to cuddle all the time?

Read more to learn:

  • What’s the best way to cuddle them.
  • 7 reasons why Pomeranians like to cuddle.
  • 7 reasons why your Pomeranian doesn’t like to cuddle.
  • And so much more…

Do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Pomeranians do like getting cuddles. They are affectionate by nature and love getting warm beside their humans. They’ve been known to always go with their pack and have transferred this trait to domestication. As long as they are comfortable in the position, Pomeranians like to snuggle up.

7 reasons why Pomeranians like to cuddle

#1: It makes them feel good

I mean, it’s cuddles.

Who doesn’t like them, right?

We humans like to snuggle up with the people we trust and love.

Being physically around individuals who are dear to us makes us happy.

It makes us feel safe, loved, and cared for.

The same is true for dogs.

They feel good whenever they are near us and are cuddling with us.

This is the reason why they are also excited to spend time with you.

Much like humans, dogs’ brains release happy hormones when they cuddle with us.

The name for this is oxytocin.

It’s also commonly known as the love hormone.

It is released by their brains whenever they feel loved.

And it stimulates positive feelings like happiness and excitement.

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#2: It’s a form of bonding

Yes, your pooch loves building relationships, too!

Creating a bond is time-consuming.

But, your fur baby doesn’t mind investing that time in you!

They want to learn more about you.

They’d love nothing more than to spend every moment with you.

It’s also a sign that they are open to having you in their pack.

Or maybe they already did accept you in their group.

Positive interactions like cuddling can also lead to stronger relationships.

It gives your Pomeranians a chance to measure whether you’re trustworthy or not.

“Wait, dogs know who’s trustworthy and who isn’t?”


Your dogs are very keen when it comes to judging someone’s character.

They would know if a person is dangerous or not.

According to research dogs have the ability to check if someone is reliable or not.

If they find someone not worthy of trust, they usually steer clear of that person.

Cuddling with you just means you are someone who can be trusted and worth building bonds with.

#3: It relieves their stress

No matter how cute and bubbly Pomeranians are, they do feel stressed.

“Aww, poor baby!”

I know. 

I understand the sadness fur parents feel when they learn of this fact.

But it’s the truth!

The stress may come from their surroundings.

It could be caused by unnecessary loud noise.

Being around aggressive pets and humans can trigger their stress, too!

Another source of their stress could be you.

Dogs have the ability to match the stress level of their owners.

They do this through reading our cortisol levels.

Cortisol is known to be the stress hormone.

It’s released by our bodies to help us in our fight or flight responses.

According to a study, dogs can copy the cortisol levels of our bodies.

That’s why you may see them feel down when you come home from a stressful workday.

Once you calm down and your cortisol levels go down with it, it would be good to give them cuddles to help lower theirs too.

#4: They’re feeling a little bit cold.

Your Dog Likes To Cuddle When They Feel Cold

Dogs may have fur but they get cold, too!

During colder weather, your dog might look to you for body heat.

Humans have developed a way to stay warm during the winter.

We have invented clothes, discovered fire, and sometimes drink hot beverages to help us stay warm.

Our body fat also keeps us warm during cold days.

Dogs, however, especially those that are not from colder regions may find it hard to adapt to lower temperatures.

Pomeranians aren’t like Huskies.

They are sensitive to cold and may develop health issues if exposed to it for too long.

Pomeranians are small and therefore have low amounts of body fat.

They might have fur but it’s not enough to keep them warm.

Here are a few physical issues your dog might get if you keep them exposed to the cold for extended periods of time:

  • Disorientation.
  • Possible frostbite.
  • Colds and cough.
  • High chances of skin irritation.
  • Joint stiffness and immobility issues.
  • Difficulty in regulating body temperature.

During the winter, you can provide our pooch with thicker beddings.

You can also buy doggie shirts and sweaters for them.

Not only will it give them warmth whenever they need it, they’d be doing it in style!

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#5: It’s in their genes

There’s a reason why Pomeranians are small and cuddly.

It’s part of who they are!

Poms are well-known to be lap dogs.

They are inclined to get close to their hoomans and stay indoors for some snuggles.

Unlike working dog breeds, Poms aren’t much for hiking and jogging.

While they do still need exercise for their overall health, they’d rather be all up in you getting warm and snuggly.

Aren’t they just loveable?

So don’t be shocked if they want to be cuddling with you all the time – that’s just how they are!

However, there are also dogs who want to be around you – not just cuddling.

They’re called velcro dogs.

These types of dogs want to be beside their hoomans and it’s part of their DNA to be clingy.

Pomeranians are dog breeds who have high chances to be velcro dogs.

#6: They’re trying to get your attention

Aside from being all cuddly and snuggly, your Poms could be trying to tell you something.

Dogs have their own unique way of communicating with their hoomans.

It’d be best if they could talk, right?

“Hey, Patricia, me hungry. Treats pls? :(”

They wouldn’t have to do all sorts of things just to try and communicate with you.

It would also be very awesome to be able to have conversations with your dog.

Who wouldn’t want that?

However, dogs can only tell us what they need mostly through their actions.

Sometimes they tell us something by cuddling with us and get our attention.

A few of the reasons why they do is are these:

Feeding time

Dogs are creatures of habit.

They remember schedules and adhere to them.

Dogs would know when it is time for them to be fed.

Especially if you have been feeding them at the same hour of the day for a long time.


Getting their playtime is essential for dogs.

They need it for their physical and mental health.

According to the AKC, Pomeranians only need around 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Unlike their working breed counterparts who need around 2 hours, they are a bit on the laid-back side.

Make sure that you include socializing in their playtime so they get used to having other people and pets around.

It is also important to let them explore around a little bit during walks.

Let them smell around and learn about their surroundings.

Something scared them

Another reason why your Pomeranian is cuddling and trying to get your attention is because they got scared.

Insects flying around, loud sounds, even shadows of leaves – all these could startle your pooch.

When you notice that they’re feeling scared, try to assess the situation.

Check their surroundings for anything that might pose a danger to them.

It could be that they saw threatening things and are trying to warn you.

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#7: You have encouraged them to do so

While cuddling does come naturally to Pomeranians, they might have developed a higher liking to it.

It could be because you have trained them to cuddle with you more.

“I did? I can’t remember when!”

Cuddling is just like most doggie behavior – it can be trained or altered.

If there is unwanted behavior, you can train them to stop doing it.

Dogs can also be motivated to do certain acts.

So when have you “trained” your pooch?

Whenever you reward them with positive interactions when they do something, you’re training them!

You might have pet them or have given them treats when they cuddled with you.

You might even have spoken to them in a loving voice.

Because of this, you have encouraged cuddling.

Your pooch might be thinking, “My hooman gives me kisses when I cuddle them. I must do it more!”

But I don’t think there fur parents who have issues with these.

We love getting cuddles and kisses from our baby Poms!

7 reasons why some Pomeranians don’t like to cuddle


It happens.

Poms could not want to cuddle, too.

Maybe not all the time – but it’s possible.

Curious to know why?

Here are a few possible reasons:

#1: They could be feeling anxious

While getting hugs, your Pom might be feeling frightened and anxious.

I understand that you just want to give them all the love in the world.


They might not want it at the moment.

Pomeranians could feel confined when you cuddle them.

Especially if you do this and cover all of their body.

It could induce hardness of breathing and feelings of uneasiness.

You know that feeling other people get when they’re inside a crowded elevator?

That could be how your Pom is feeling sometimes.

Before picking them up to cuddle, make sure that they are in the mood.

Pomeranians love being free and forcing them to do something they don’t want could lead them to anxiety.

Make sure that you give enough space and time for your Poms.

It will be vital for their mental health to have alone time and rest time.

Don’t force your Poms to do something.

After all, when they do want to cuddle, they give you their all

#2: It could just be how they are

Your Pomeranian Is Just Clingy

Dogs have different personalities from each other.

They could be clingy or be the total opposite of it.

Don’t worry!

If your pooch doesn’t like cuddles that much, you can still be intimate with them.

A few pets and pats on the head every now and then could be enough.

You can also try scratching their tummy if they allow you to.

Your pooch might also want to sit on your lap but don’t want you to touch them.

No matter the situation, just make sure you’re not forcing them.

There are a lot more easy ways to show your dogs you love them.

You can start by telling them positive words.

Treats are also a good way to let them feel your love.

#3: Your cuddling technique is way too rough

What’s the first thing you notice in a Pomeranian?

A lot of fur parents would agree with me that it’s their size.

Poms are small in stature.

That’s why they are the perfect lap dogs.

Unlike their big dog counterparts that make you feel like you’re an olympian for weightlifting, Poms are quite light.

This is why fur parents need to be extra careful with Poms.

They have fragile bone structures and are easy to physically hurt.

It’s quick to injure these gentle little pups that’s why you can’t play rough with them.

Try to not be over-excited when playing or cuddling with your Poms.

A few fur parents have the tendency to pinch their babies because of their cuteness.

You might have to avoid doing this to keep them safe 

Just let your Pom do whatever makes them comfortable and happy.

#4: Your pooch is showing territorial behavior

Dogs in general are territorial.

They protect and want to be in the presence of the people they deem as part of their pack.

Especially those who always provide them with their basic needs.

Like food, playtime, and attention in general.

This means they might value their primary caretaker more than anyone else in their pack.

Due to this, Poms may have a special and stronger bond with them.

They usually grow very fond of their caretakers and become extra protective of them.

If in the dynamics of your relationship with your Pom you are not the main caretaker, be careful when approaching them.

Well, nothing major to worry about, really.

But they can get aggressive and show unwanted behavior if you take their attention away from the main caretaker.

Like for example…

Let’s say your partner is the primary caretaker. 

And you pick your Pom up while they’re together…

They could lightly growl or try to escape you and go nearer to their main caretaker.

#5: You haven’t built a strong relationship with them


You read that right.

And this might be the case in some Poms.

Their owners haven’t invested enough time and effort for their pooch to be comfortable with them.

If you have a Pom, you need to give them time and attention.

It’s a must that you provide them with their needs and let them know that you are always there for them.

It can be time-consuming, yes, but it’ll be very much worth it in the end!

Dogs can sometimes be very skeptical creatures and don’t easily warm up to people.

If you see the following behavior in your pooch, you might need to start spending more time with them:

  • Can’t keep eye contact with you.
  • Rarely listening to your commands.
  • Running away from you when you initiate playtime.
  • Doesn’t stay in place when you pick them up for cuddles.
  • Doesn’t react to any positive interactions e.g. treats and pets.

#6: They don’t want to be disturbed at the moment


Your pooch doesn’t want to cuddle with you?

Check their schedule!

Are you imagining a digital scheduler that your dog can input their activity for the day in?

Not that they have a calendar which they can write on.

But that’d be a great conversation opener, right?

Anyway, dogs form habits and love sticking to them.

They might not be in the mood to get snuggly with you because their mind is preoccupied.

They might be on their way to have their meals.

Or they might have a scheduled time for playing with you or some of their dog friends.

If this is the case, just let them be for a while.

It wouldn’t hurt to give your Pom some space and let them do their thing first.

You can also make sure that they’re not feeling bloated or are craving for some potty time.

If this is the case, help them out by taking them on a quick walk.

This way, their tummy will be stimulated and potty time can ensue.

After doing their thing, they could feel happier and lighter and might be already in the mood for some snuggles with you.

#7: They are feeling a bit sick

I mean, you wouldn’t want people touching you if you’re sick, right?

Your pooch feels this way, too!

They could be suffering from sickness.

If this behavior is paired with the loss of their appetite, then it might be time to get them checked.

They could also be feeling fatigue.

Tiredness can be caused by a number of reasons.

One would be lack of sleep.

Monitor your pooch’s sleeping patterns.

They might be experiencing disturbances at night that’s keeping them awake.

It could be loud noises, or other animals running around.

Fatigue could also be caused by too much physical exercise.

Going out for extra long walks could be detrimental to your pooch’s health.

Make sure that you consult your vet first when it comes to the level and length of activity they should be getting.

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People also ask:

Are Pomeranians affectionate?

Pomeranians are very affectionate. This dog breed is very loving and loyal and would stick with you.

As long as you treat them well, too!

They are snuggly little creatures and love to be around their hooman.

Their affection also extends to other beings. As long as Pomeranians are well socialized, they can get along with almost anyone.

This is also the reason why they make friends easily in the dog park.

Or practically anywhere that you bring them!

Because of their temperament, they make good watchdogs.

They will protect anyone that they deem to be part of their pack and are important to them.

Some Pomeranians also crave the attention of their owners.

It’s nothing to be shocked about, really.

After all, they are lap dogs and have high tendencies to be velcro dogs.

Got a Pom that sticks beside you all the time? 

You better get used to it!

Do Pomeranians like to be held?

Pomeranians do love to be held. Much like other lap dogs, they are highly attached to their owners.

Especially if they’re being treated right.

If you have built a good relationship with them, it is more likely that they’ll let you hold them.

As long as they are in the mood for it, they’d generally like for people to hold them.

They are very patient and love being indoors with their humans.

Do Pomeranians like to be picked up?

Yes, Pomeranians like to be picked up. But it depends on the situation.

If your dog trusts you and likes you being around, then they most certainly are going to let you pick them up.

Poms are normally open to having people on their premises.

They might even let a stranger touch them.

As long as they won’t sense that you are a danger to them or might have the tendency to hurt them, it’s fine.

Just make sure that they’re not in the middle of an activity or are taking their much-needed rest.