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11 Odd Reasons Why Your Dog Only Cuddles With You + 3 Tips

Why Does My Dog Cuddle With Me And Not My Husband

There’s no doubt about it:

Your dog is more affectionate towards you.

While you get cuddles, your husband gets the cold shoulder.


Continue reading to discover:

  • Why you are the chosen one.
  • 11 reasons why your dog only cuddles with you.
  • How consistency helps with a human-dog relationship.
  • 3 tips to encourage your dog to cuddle with your husband.
  • And many more…

Why does my dog cuddle with me and not my husband?

Your dog cuddles with you and not your husband because you are their primary caretaker, or you’re the one who is less strict with them. Other possible reasons your dog chooses to cuddle with you over your husband include similar personalities, overattachment, and feeling your love for them.

11 reasons why your dog only cuddles with you

#1: You’re the chosen one!


You’re the one (in your dog’s eyes)!

They’re bonded to you like no other.

Some dogs are mainly loyal to one person. And for your dog, it’s you whom they’re most loyal to.

One-person dog breeds:

  • Akita.
  • Boxer.
  • Beagle.
  • Brittany.
  • Chihuahua.
  • Dachshund.
  • Dobermann.
  • German Shepherd.

Your dog may be among those one-person dog breeds so your husband scoffs it off…

“Apparently, they’re just bound to do that? Meh…”

Oh you’re still winning…

Because as stated by a 2016 study, the bond between a human and a dog is sacred. 

As mentioned in the same study, cuddling is a bonding experience that further fortifies this sacred relationship.

So, how does it feel to be the chosen one?

You earned one epic bragging right against your husband on this one!

#2: You’re the fun parent

Your husband may show affection to them, too…

But there are instances that he’s more strict…

So your dog child goes to you to get what they want.

They just show you their cute puppy face…and you give in.

Oh, how they know which buttons to push.

They are like children. They can sense who is more in favor of them and who’s more strict. 

Usually, because of this, your dog identifies you as “the mom of the family”.

And there is this occurrence called the mother-infant attachment bond.

This type of bond sums up why your dog chooses to cuddle you the most.

It also states that oxytocin has a role in your cuddling. A phenomenon that’s highly regarded in numerous other studies revolving around human-dog interactions and relationships.

Your dog’s not the only one who receives the surge of oxytocin… It’s the both of you who are filled with the love hormone after cuddling!

Did you know? When a puppy is born, their mother cuddles with them right away. 

Check out this Youtube video of cute pups snuggling their mommy:

In line with everything so far, your dog also recognizes that you’re the “safer bet”.

Thus, you become your dog’s go-to person.

“Hooman…I’m bored…”

Your pup, probably, as they go to you and cuddle instead.

They expect you to know what they’re feeling.

As you’re the go-to fun parent, they trust that you’d know what to do, and you’ll do it for them.

Your dog knows that if they cuddle with you, they’d get a reaction they might want…apart from the “What?” that your husband gave them…

#3: It’s a match!

It can be that you love cuddling with them more than your husband.

And so, they’re more cuddly to you in return.

This phenomenon is naturally occurring.

Let’s tweak the saying a little:

“Companions of the same feather, cuddle together.”

A study focused on matching personalities between dog parents and their dogs.

According to it, we choose our partner by assessing similarities in physical and psychological characteristics. 

Results also show that your dogs are capable of resembling you.

So maybe, dad isn’t that cuddly…

You, on the other hand, let them cuddle with you on the couch while you watch your favorite TV show.

#4: You’re their primary caretaker

Do you feed your dog more than your husband does?

If so, here’s the explanation.

You should know that dogs are mainly motivated through food and treats. 

That said, they are wired to try to please whoever feeds them. And walks them. As they know they can rely on you.

But it’s not all about food and walks. Canines are also motivated by affection.

With that, you become their primary caretaker. 

And they want to please you, so they do it through cuddling!

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#5: You saved them

It was you who rescued them and rehabilitated them.

In this instance, it can be that you rescued your dog a few years before your husband came into the equation.

It could be that it has always been you!

However, there are no definitive studies (yet!) that directly pinpoint a dog’s tendency to be grateful…

Some suggest that it’s all in our interpretation. 

While others believe that after being domesticated for thousands of years, dogs have learned to be grateful…And that they show this gratitude in many ways.

Once, I saw my friend’s dog lick their hand after she fed them. Apparently, they do that almost every time.

That little action might be a “thank you” from them.

You might also be familiar with many stories that revolve around grateful rescues. Not just of dogs, but other animals as well.

A study on Impalas suggested that animals, in general, can have the concept of reciprocity and appreciation. 

This made optimists believe more firmly that animals feel gratitude indeed…

However, specifically speaking, we are still stuck on whether dogs are showing simple pleasure and affection or overwhelming gratitude.

Let’s talk about a study that revolves around the psychophysiology of appreciation…

It suggests that we must look at the real meaning of gratitude first. 

But after that, the authors of the study suggest that a greater-than-average appreciation reaction from dogs has something to do with gratitude. 

Or their over-excitement could simply be traced back from being deprived. They’re not so used to having a home, being fed, and being loved, that they get overly excited for the simplest things.

You can read rescue stories on the Internet like this one and have your own verdict.

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#6: You are more consistent

Your Dog Only Cuddles With You Because You're More Consistent

They say consistency is key…

“But, what do you mean by consistency, exactly?”

Between you and your husband, you’re more dependable. This applies to training and giving them validation. 

You’re also more patient with them…

Things you can be consistent on with your dog:

  • Walking them.
  • Providing them enough playtime. 
  • Feeding them according to a schedule.
  • Taking them to the veterinarian regularly.

“How does this justify anything?”

As a dog parent, your behavior can be regarded for your dog’s as well…

One study‘s results show the relationship between consistency and obedience in small dogs. 

Dog parents with consistent behavior and persistent engagement during training and play cause their dogs to be more obedient.

Whilst punishment can result in aggression and misbehavior. 

Therefore, if you are the most consistent person with them, your dog becomes more obedient and affectionate towards you than any other person in the house…

#7: You are more sensitive to their needs

According to your dog, you are the fun parent, right?

How so? 

Not only because your husband’s probably more strict than you are…

You are also more sensitive to their needs. Or you know your dog’s language better.

What does this tell us?

They cuddle you more because they trust that you immediately know what they need. You let your dog feel that they can count on you. 

That they only show you that cute little doggy face and for you, it’s just…snap!

“Oh you want to go out for a walk?”


“Oh you don’t feel so well?”

And with that, you deliver their needs to them rightfully. 

As per your husband, he might still be confused on what exactly your dog’s asking for from time to time.

#8: You reward their cuddly behavior

Between you and your husband, your dog knows that you will reward their cuddly behavior.

From you, they will likely get a positive reaction.

I mentioned in reason #4 (You’re their primary caretaker) that dogs are motivated by food.

However, dogs are also motivated by affection and attention…

So if you reciprocate their cuddle with petting, baby talk, or even a simple pat in the head, they are more likely to cuddle again and again from you.

To them this behavior is validated, given the praise and that you enjoyed it.

#9: They are hyper-attached to you

It may be that your dog is more attached to you than they are to your husband.

However, in your case, they are hyper-attached to you.

What is Hyper-attachment disorder?

Hyper-attachment disorder occurs when your dog is overly attached to someone in particular. And that is you.

Say you left the house. And your dog is stuck there at home with your husband…

Despite being with someone else or another canine companion…They go looking for you.

They exhibit misbehaviors as they wait for you to come home, and your husband’s left to clean up after your poor anxious baby.

Hyper-attached dogs specifically want you to be physically there with them.

It’s different from separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a mental state in which your dogs get stressed when you’re not around. For this, your dog can calm down if they’re with someone. 

It can be your husband or a friend dog-sitting for you. It can also be another dog.

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#10: Your scent makes them happy

A study suggests that dopamine hormones are released once your dog smells your scent.

Yes! This was identified through fMRI scanning. Their responses are measured through neural scanning.

During cuddling, you are very near to them, and they can obviously smell your scent…

With that, their brain’s “reward center” gets activated.

That is one of the languages of the love between the two of you!

And they can feel it.

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Of course, this occurrence can also happen between them and your husband…

However, since you are the chosen one… 

#11: They love you more!

Dr. Berns, the author of “How Dogs Love Us”, stated that some dogs prefer their fur parent more than food. 

“How come? Dogs love food…”

Yes, they do!

However, Dr. Berns and his team put this to the test. They trained to have dogs lie still while awake in an MRI scanner.


And results indicate that the dogs involved in the study were more stimulated by a social reward (praise from fur parents) rather than food…

So don’t worry about thinking that your dog only loves you because you feed them.

It’s more than that!

They love you more because of the bond between the two of you.

Even the thought of you gets them excited.

Sure, they love your husband, too…but come on!

There are obviously favorites at play here.

3 tips to encourage your dog to cuddle with your husband

#1: Let your husband initiate cuddles and reward your dog when they cuddle together

Tell your husband to don’t be afraid to initiate cuddles!

As I mentioned before, dogs are capable of resembling you and your habits.

Therefore, encourage your hubby to become more cuddly…

In return, the doggo will cuddle them back. They’d know…

“Oh dad…we’re cuddly now?”

Now they know that you are fond of cuddles, it’s only a matter of time before they initiate it. 

Also, don’t underestimate the power of positive associations. Your husband can form such in your dog’s brain. All he has to do is give petting, ear scratches, or dog cookies once your dog cuddles with him. 

With that, your dog will get the message in no time. 

#2: Establish consistent house rules regarding the dog

I previously mentioned in reason #6 that a consistent dog owner makes an obedient dog.

Keeping that in mind, you have to establish firm house rules with your husband regarding the dog.

One of you can take them out for a walk in the morning, while the other takes them out at night.

You can take turns in feeding them using the same way, too.

Another way is to agree on what to say yes or no to…

Find a common ground. A rule that you both agree on…

Like allowing your dog on the couch. 

It is best that you are on the same page on this. So that your dog would not have any favorites when they decide they want to chill on your sofa.

Consistency can also eliminate your dog’s confusion. 

As you two have decided, establish these rules through positive reinforcement.

Share a role together in the training as well. 


So that your dog will know that they must obey the rules from the both of you. Not just from mom or just from dad.

#3: Make your husband a part of your dog’s routine

Now that your husband is equally sensitive to you with your dog…

It’s time to settle the consistency.

Come on…don’t be mean and start sharing the secrets with your spouse.

Advise him of your dog’s routine. Let him take notes of the cues and behaviors your dog exhibits when they want or feel something.

Maybe split the tasks between the both of you…

One can walk them every morning, while one walks them every night.

By this practice of consistency, your dog will be familiarized with the routine.

By then, they’d know who to cuddle with at a certain time.

Lastly, tell your husband that despite all of these explanations…don’t take it personally. 

Different dogs connect to different people in different ways.

However, that doesn’t strip you off of your epic bragging rights.

Remember? You’re the chosen one.

Don’t worry…maybe when the next dog comes to your family, he’ll be their favorite.