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My (Rescue) Dog Hates My Husband: 7 Reasons + 3 Tips

My Dog Hates My Husband

There is a new addition to the family.

You and your husband are excited to spend time with the new dog.

The pooch warms up to you easily.

But they bark at the sight of your husband. You get confused.

You kept thinking.

“Why does my dog hate my husband?”

“Did he do something wrong?”

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 tips you can do to improve their relationship.
  • 7 possible reasons why your dog hates your husband.
  • How to recognize if your dog is fearful around your spouse. 
  • And much much more…

Why does my dog hate my husband?

Your dog hates your husband because he is guarding you. Experience of abuse is a big factor, and your dog may associate your husband with it. It can be that your dog dislikes his scent and is fearful and uncomfortable. Jealousy and poor socialization skills can also be probable reasons.

7 possible reasons why your (rescue) dog hates your husband

#1: Your dog is guarding you

Your dog thinks you’re a valuable source of all their needs.

You give them food, water, shelter, and love.

Dogs are protective, especially to someone they deem as family.

If you are asking, “Why can’t my dog see my husband as a family too?”

It might be because you are their primary caregiver. 

You are the one who feeds and plays with them most of the time.

Back at your dog’s previous home, their needs may not be met timely.

Regular mealtime and comfortable space may not be the usual setup for them.

Now that your rescue dog is receiving all these essentials, they want to protect the source.

Once your husband gets more involved in taking care of your dog, they’ll warm up to him.

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#2: Your dog has a history of abuse

You adopted a dog from the shelter.

You brought them home with the hopes of making them a part of the family.

The husband greeted your dog happily, but your new pup cowered in his presence.

Days passed, and there was no improvement in their relationship.

You think your dog hates your husband. You ask yourself, “What did my husband do?”

It isn’t about your partner’s behavior, but a previous male might have abused your pooch.

The abuser may have looked like your husband. Most dogs from the shelter have a history of abuse.

Some dogs have clear signs of being abused, such as limping, losing fur, and skinny appearance.

If your adopted dog looks normal, check for other telltale signs that show a history of abuse.

Flinching, crying,  whimpering, and hiding are hints of an abused past.

It takes effort, time, and loads of patience to help your new pup adjust and recover.

Do not give up because it’ll be worth it in the end. A recovered dog will be a source of joy for the whole family.

Once your husband gets more involved in taking care of your dog, they will warm up to him.

#3: Your dog needs to socialize

Does your dog get along with women in the house but not with men, especially your husband?

Your furry friend needs to socialize more with the male species.

If the women in the home are more doting to the puppies, it’s natural for the dog to be more comfortable with their presence.

Your husband may be at the office the whole day while you spend more time at home with your furry friend.

The previous home for your dog may involve all females. Now that there is a male present, it’s something new for them.

You don’t need to worry. Your dog’s socialization skills can improve over time. 

#4: Your dog is fearful

Your Fearful Dog Hates Your Husband

Is your husband tall with a deep voice? 

Is he bigger than you and looks more commanding?

These can be the traits that attracted you to him, but it’s the opposite with your dog’s case.

Your husband’s tall and prominent figure may make you feel more secure, but it can be a source of your dog’s fear.

Dogs tend to feel threatened with something big and significant.

Aside from that, they fear loud and big voices.

Other rescue dogs have a specific ear, such as men with caps or beards.

They may have bad experiences with these kinds of people.

You can’t change your husband’s physical traits, but you can train your dog.

What are the signs of a fearful dog? Check the list below:

#5: Your dog is jealous

They say jealousy is a disease, and your dog can suffer from it.

It’s easy to get lost in the eyes of your lover. You may be newly married, and everything is just rainbows and unicorns.

You can’t seem to get enough of each other. You take walks and hikes together, which is something you and your dog usually do.

At times, we can be so engrossed with our emotions and forget other things.

Your dog noticed that you spend less time with them now that you have a new man in your life.

You take a walk while you leave your dog at home.

You giggle and laugh with your partner, but your dog is left out.

Who would not be jealous? You have found a new man to do the things you usually enjoy doing with your pooch…

It’s not wrong to spend time with the man you love but don’t neglect your relationship with your dog.

They will notice the decline in your affection. It’ll make your lovely pup jealous. 

Your doggo will be cured of jealousy once you shower them with the attention they deserve.

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#6: Your dog dislikes the scent

Do you know how powerful your dog’s sense of smell is?

Research states that a dog’s sense of smell is a hundred thousand more potent than the average human being.

Imagine that? Some people are pretty sensitive to odors. You may be one of them.

You get disturbed by foul smells, and you easily remember fragrances. Multiply that ability to a hundred thousand or even just by ten thousand.

If you get harassed every day with a smell that you don’t like, it must be a difficult world to live in.

One of the probable reasons why your dog hates your husband is because they dislike his scent.

The scent of a woman can be identical to a dog’s mother. 

But the powerful smell of a man’s hormone may be threatening for them.

It’s called a pheromone. Our body makes chemicals that give off our scents. 

Our scents can trigger certain behavior in the one who is smelling us.

Have you noticed your dog sniffing you or with people they just met? Your dog is judging people based on how they smell.

It’s their most powerful tool. They are naturally led by instinct.

They have a standard of how a human being should smell like. Your husband’s scent might be confusing for your dog if he wears strong perfume.

There are some scents that dogs dislike. Your husband’s expensive perfume might be one of them.

#7: Your dog is uncomfortable

You grew up in a family that always loved canines. Dogs are a part of your life.

Your childhood memories include running and playing around with your family dog.

On the other hand, your husband never had a dog. He doesn’t have an idea how to be around them.

But because he loves you, he wants to learn how to take care of a dog.

You bring home a rescue dog together. Both of you are excited to start creating memories with your new pup.

Your dog is crazy about you, but they seem to dislike your husband.

What could be the problem?

Your dog might be uncomfortable with how your husband treats them.

Since your partner is still at the learning stage, there might be some ways that your puppy doesn’t approve.

The family dog can also see the difference between your behavior versus your husband’s.

Give them time to adjust to each other. 

Once your husband learns how to treat your dog correctly, they’ll begin to establish a bond.

It’ll be fantastic for the whole family.

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What do you do when your dog doesn’t like your husband? 3 tips

#1: Prepare for the big day

A rescue dog probably had a lot of bad experiences in the past. Abuse can definitely affect an animal’s behavior.

Before bringing home your rescue dog, prepare yourself and your home.

A safe and comfortable space is a must. It would help if you had a designated area for your puppy to rest.

Prepare yourself by being calm and happy when you meet your dog for the first time. 

Dogs can easily catch the mood of a person. If you and your husband fetch your dog in a bad mood, they will not warm up to you.

A calm and soothing voice can always warm up your dog’s heart. If your husband has a naturally loud voice, teach him to talk calmly and lovingly.

Avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes that might be a turn-off for your new pooch. 

On the big day, avoid activities that may create a lingering smell on you.

There are scents that dogs hate. The strong odors may mask your natural smell.

It can confuse your new furry friend. Chemicals are off-smelling not just to dogs but even to us humans. 

If you want them to warm up to you immediately during the first meeting, do not wear these scents on you:

  • Herbs.
  • Spices.
  • Vinegar.
  • Alcohol.
  • Mothballs.
  • Chili Pepper.
  • Citrus scents.
  • Strong perfume.
  • Cleaning agents.
  • Strong smelling beauty products.

#2: Train them to trust

Trust is vital for your furry friend. It would be difficult for your dog to start trusting your husband if they were abused in the past.

It’s even more challenging if the abuser was a male and they associate him with the build and scent of your husband.

We cannot change some things, such as physical appearance, but you can always train your dog.

You and your hubby can cooperate together to gain the trust of your puppy.

Study states that fear, hyperactivity, and clinginess can be signs of an abused dog.

First, identify behavioral signs that may indicate that your dog has been abused in the past. 

Look out for these subtle signs:

  • Crying.
  • Limping.
  • Whining.
  • Flinching. 
  • Scratching.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Avoiding physical contact.

Next is to help your pup warm up to your husband. Introduce your partner to them in a calm and comforting manner.

Once your canine responds positively, praise them with kind words such as “Good boy” or “Well done.”

Give them treats as well so they can associate it with a positive experience.

Do the introduction regularly until your pooch is more familiar with your husband.

Extend the time for bonding once you see positive responses such as tail wagging and leaning in.

Lastly, patience is key. Your effort as a couple will pay off in no time.

Do you want to know more ways on how to show your dog that you love them?

Take a look at this video that tackles things that dogs love the most.

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#3. Train the husband

Your new pup may not be the only one who needs training.

Is your husband unfamiliar with dogs? Is it his first time taking care of a puppy?

Then, he needs your helping hand. Teach your husband proper ways to take care of your doggie.

Your partner’s approach is a significant factor. Remind them to approach your new pooch calmly.

A loud commanding voice can scare your furry pal more.

Tell him to avoid forcing the dog to come to him. A better scenario is when the dog is the one who finally comes to him.

Squatting down to the dog’s level will be encouraging for them.

If they finally lean in for petting, touch them slowly and gently.

When your husband pets the dog, make sure it starts sideways.

Avoid being too eager to pet the new puppy. The base of the neck, chest, and shoulders are perfect spots to pet the dog.

Since the dog is more comfortable with you, spend some alone time with them.

Include your husband in your activities day by day.

Take note of these tips, along with not wearing scents that your dog doesn’t like.