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Why Does My Dog Sleep Or Lay In The Corner? 13 Odd Reasons

Dog Sleeps Or Lays In The Corner

“I just bought you a new bed, 

why aren’t you sleeping in it?”

Your dog will probably just look at you and go back to sleep.

In the corner.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • If your dog’s behavior is a cause of worry.
  • 13 weird reasons your dog prefers to stay in the corner.
  • Whether laying in the corner has anything to do with your dog aging.
  • And many more…

Why does my dog sleep or lay in the corner?

Your dog sleeps or lays in the corner because they find it cozy and comfy there. It could also be because they like the temperature, or the smell reminds them of something, or because it’s where all their toys are. Although it could also be due to safety, anxiety, or their age.

13 reasons why your dog sleeps or lay in the corner

#1: Your dog doesn’t like their bed

Did you ask your dog what kind of bed they prefer?

Well, of course, they can’t answer you. 

But the reason why your dog prefers to sleep in the corner is that they don’t like their old bed.

If you indeed bought a new one, it might not be the right fit.

Things to consider when buying your pooch a new bed:


Take into consideration your dog’s body. It’s important that even if they stretch, they don’t fall off. 

Their legs shouldn’t be hanging while they sleep as well.  

A good way to know is to measure your dog while they’re sleeping. 

Add 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) to get the right length or diameter of the bed. It’s always best to round up in case you’re still uncertain.


Comfort is important in choosing your fur baby’s bed.

You can determine that by considering the bed’s material.

When choosing the right one, take note of your dog’s age and size. 

For a small pooch, you’ll want fluffier beds with a nice amount of cushion. 

For older dogs though, consider buying beds with memory foam, because that will give them a good night’s sleep.

If you give your dog the right kind of bed, they might stay off that little corner. 

And you can finally put that bed to good use.

#2: Your dog finds the corner comfy

Do you constantly have new people visit your place? Or do you live in a noisy neighborhood? Or maybe you have kids in the house?

If your answer is yes to any of these, then you’ll most likely find your pooch sleeping in the corner. 

Just like us, dogs don’t want to be disturbed when they sleep. 

So they’ll look for a place in your house that they consider a cozy place. 

If you can’t find your pooch all of a sudden, look for them in those tiny corners of your bedroom because it’s probably the place with less foot traffic during the day.

You can also find them in small, cramped spaces like under the bed, the table, or the couch.

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#3: Your dog likes the smell

Your Dog Sleeps Or Lays In The Corner Because They Like The Smell

“Mom, I can smell you here.

It’s amazing!”

Another way to know why your dog sleeps or lays in certain corners is to look for a common factor. 

Inspect those corners where you always see your dog.

What do you see? 

Well, it’s either in that corner you have your slippers. On another corner, you have your hamper. And on the other one, you have your coat. 

So yes, your smell can be the reason why your dog stays in that particular corner.

Especially when you’re not around to snuggle with them, they’ll find a way to cuddle your things instead.

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#4: Your dog is anxious

A scientific report shows that many factors can cause your beloved canine to be anxious.  

The most common ones are:

  • Fireworks.
  • Strangers.
  • New dogs or pets.
  • New surroundings.
  • Loud and sudden noises.

If your pooch is exposed to new things, they will need time to adjust. They’ll feel anxious during this adjustment period, and you might need to help them get through it.

If your pup is new and you have kids at home, expect that it will take them weeks to adjust. 

But your kids will love them, of course.

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#5: Your dog likes the temperature there

Canines’ bodies are sensitive when it comes to changes in temperature.

For example, what used to be a comfy and cozy bed for them will be hot during summer days.

So you’ll likely see them on the floor, looking for a sweet corner spot since it would be cooler there. 

On the other hand, they’ll ditch the floor during winter because the cold will be unbearable. 

So be sure to give them the right bed material suitable for different kinds of weather.

Note: Get them an elevated mesh dog bed for summer and additional doggy blankets for winter.

#6: Your dog finds the corner a safe place

If your dog is a rescue, their past may have something to do with their behavior.

They may have always been sleeping in the corner before.

If from where they came from they have been abused, the corner is a safe place. 

That could have been the only area where they can hide.

The only spot where they won’t be seen.

The one and only place where their abusers cannot hurt them.

Patience is key when you have a new dog and you want to give them nothing but comfort and peace. 

Let them have enough time to adjust to the new people and the new environment.

And always be there for them. 

Try not to leave them during these crucial moments.

#7: Your dog is aging

Your Dog Is Aging

Your dog prefers to sleep or lay in the corner because he’s aging.

A study states that older dogs (ages 11-14 years) sleep more even during day time. These periods of sleep are shorter yet more frequent. 

Sleeping during the day means more light, more chaos, more disturbance.

So your dog may be sleeping in a corner to avoid all of those factors. 

Another reason your dog sleeps in the corner is they forgot where they actually should be sleeping.

“Where’s my bed again?”

So don’t be surprised if you see them just lying anywhere around the house, including those little corners. 

There’s a condition in old canines known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD).

Imagine Alzheimer’s but for dogs, that’s what CCD is and it affects their sleeping pattern, too. 

“How do I know if my dog has CCD?”

Aside from changes in their sleep cycle,

Below are CCD’s most common symptoms:

  • Confusion.
  • Uneasiness.
  • Loss of desire to play.
  • Excessive grumpiness.
  • Inability to learn new tasks.
  • Lack of ability to groom themselves.

Note: If you’re afraid that your dog might be suffering in one, take them to the vet for proper diagnosis.

#8: Your dog wants to be with their toys

“You’ll find me where my toys are, mom”

Do you have a place where you keep your fur baby’s toys? Or do you randomly keep them in one corner to avoid crushing them?

Where you keep your pooch’s toys is probably where you’ll see them sleeping too and that’s in one of the corners of your house.

Your dog values their toys because they constantly chew, play, and bond with them. 

Whenever you’re busy or not around, the toys are their companion.

Their toys have a special place in their heart, so they’ll either take them to bed or sleep with them wherever they’re at. 

#9: Your dog is adjusting

“Where am I?”

“What is this place?”

If you recently moved to a different house, your pooch will also need to adjust to your new place.

You have to give them that time to get themselves used to their new surroundings.

They already have favorite spots in your old place.

Moving them to a new one means they’ll have to find new favorite spots again. 

So give them the time to explore, rest, and find their new happy and personal space.

While they haven’t found that area yet, they’ll settle on the corners of your new house first. 

And for the meantime, you just have to let them be.

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#10: Your dog thinks you like them there

Your dog sleeps or lays in the corner because you have unintentionally encouraged them to stay there by giving them treats or rewards.

Luring them with treats just to get them out from that tiny corner may have resulted in the opposite.

Rewarding them will make them think you’re okay with them staying in the corner.

So, whenever they want some of your yummy treats, you’ll see them lying in the corner.

With their puppy eyes activated and tail wagging energetically.

Stop and don’t be fooled.

#11: Your dog wants to sleep in its favorite position

Do you know your pooch’s favorite sleeping position?

One of the reasons your dog is sleeping in the corner is because it’s the best place for them to sleep in their preferred position. 

Plus, lesser disturbance. 

According to PetMD, dogs have five (5) common sleeping positions.

The Lion

when your dog settles their head forward on top of their paws.

The Side Sleeper

when your dog is lying on their side

The Donut

when your dog is curled up like a ball

The Superman

when your dog is stretched out facing the cold floor

The Cuddle Bug

when your dog cuddles you, his toys, or other dogs around them

When your dog sleeps in the corner, they are usually in a Donut position.

This curled up position makes them feel protected and less vulnerable.

If your pooch came from a shelter, you’ll notice them sleeping this way during the first few days or weeks at their new environment which is your house.

When they already feel at ease with the people around them, they will change to a more comfortable sleeping position even if it means being vulnerable sometimes.

#12: Your dog is on the lookout 

“For who?”

You may think there’s something wrong with your dog because they always lay in the corner. 

But they’re actually playing guard. 

Your dog prefers to stay in a place where they can see you easily and the corner is a good place for that. 

When they’re in the middle of the room, they won’t see you if you move behind them. 

If they’re in the corner, with their back pressed on the wall, they have a 90 or 180-degree view of the room (and you).

Do you think they’re sleeping? 


Pretending to sleep, maybe.

Try to move even just an inch and they’ll wake up in an instant. Gotcha! 

#13: Your dog likes the darkness 

According to the Sleep Foundation, canines need 8-13 hours of sleep every day.

Since the nights are shorter than that, they catch up on more sleep during the day. 

If your dog is used to sleeping in the dark, they’ll also look for a dark place in the house for their midday nap.

Dark corners are the best place to have a restful sleep, to mimic the dimness they can only have at night.

But if you notice them waking up in the middle of the night to move to the darkest area of your room, it could be because your room is not pitch dark. 

Maybe you’re using a night lamp or you left the bathroom light on?

Either way, your pooch won’t like that.

Is it normal if my dog sleeps or lays in the corner? Should I be worried?

For the most part, it’s normal if your dog sleeps or lays in the corner. You should be worried if laying down in the corner is accompanied by other sudden behavioral changes. 

Some of these changes you should look after are:

  • Coughing.
  • Losing weight.
  • Smelly breath.
  • Reduced appetite.

Whenever you see similar signs, visit your vet right away as your pooch may need immediate attention.