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11 Weird Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps Under The Bed + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Bed


You look for your pooch everywhere in the house. Every corner and every nook.

Oh! There they are. 

Sleeping soundly under your bed for the nth time this week. 

Keep reading to find out:

  • Where should your dog sleep?
  • 11 weird reasons why your dog sleeps under the bed.
  • 5 tips on how to stop your pooch from sleeping under your bed.
  • And much much more…

Why does my dog sleep under the bed?

Your dog sleeps under the bed for reasons such as their natural instinct, being comfortable, feeling body pain, having fear or phobia, not wanting to be bothered, having preferences, hiding something, guarding you, wanting to be close to you, or having the wrong kind of bed.

Should I let my dog sleep under my bed?

You should let your dog sleep in the place where they’re most comfortable. Most dogs prefer sleeping in their crates or on their owner’s bed. However, if it’s their preference to sleep under your bed, ensure that they’re comfortable and free from dust by cleaning their sleeping space regularly. 

11 weird reasons why your dog sleeps under the bed

#1: They want to be close to you

To teach your pooch how to become more confident, you let them sleep in their crate. Or in another room.

But every night, you always catch them sneaking into yours to sleep under the bed.

You hear their slow movements as they try to not make any noise.

Since you find it super cute and funny, you just let them get away with it. 

A reason why your dog sleeps under your bed is that they want to be closer to you. 

They’re not allowed to sleep in the same bed as you. 

So the next best thing is to sleep under your bed. 

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#2: Natural instinct

One night, you get awakened by something bumping on your bed.

Thump! Thump!

Then you see your dog’s tail wagging below.

“What are you doing there doggo?”, you ask.

It seems that they’re trying to squeeze their body in the tight space below you. 

Instead of sleeping with you in your wide and comfy bed, your pooch prefers to sleep under it – where it’s warm, dark, and narrow.

Why’s that? 

Let’s take it back to your dog’s roots: the mighty wolves.

Aside from sleeping in the open, female wolves also like to spend their days in burrows when they’re pregnant. 

They prefer this because dark and tight spaces give them some sense of comfort. 

The burrow’s enclosed space makes wolves less exposed to threats and attacks as they rest.

And at the same time, it provides the female wolves with an unobstructed view of their surroundings. 

Now, back to your pooch.

If your dog enjoys sleeping under your bed, it’s because they still have some traces of their wolf’s ancestry in them. 

Their natural instinct prompts them to sleep under your bed because it kinda resembles a burrow. And they feel more comfortable there. 

#3: It’s cooler/warmer under your bed

Dog Sleeps Under The Bed Because It's Cooler Or Warmer

Your dog sleeps under the bed because they prefer the temperature below.

Okay, let’s talk about Science. 

Oh, wait! 

Don’t scroll past. 

Don’t worry. I’ll explain this part in a much simpler way. 😉

Studies show that hot air rises, while cold air stays below. 

So during summer, your floor is much cooler compared to your bed (especially if you have tile flooring). That’s why your dog prefers sleeping under your bed.

“But what about winter? Isn’t it too cold for my dog to sleep there?”

Good question!

Actually, this also depends on your bed. 

If the gap between your floor and bed is low, then the temperature under it could be warmer as compared to the other parts of your room.

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#4: The texture of your carpet

Your dog prefers to sleep under the bed because they find your carpet irresistible.

When it’s just steamed, the carpet’s warm and soft texture makes it comfy to sleep in during winter nights. 

#5: Body aches and pain

Cuddling your dog while sleeping is one of the best things in life.

Nothing can compare to a warm, soft, and furry friend to snuggle with, am I right? 

But all this changed one day when your pooch decided they don’t want to sleep beside you anymore.

Now they prefer sleeping under your bed. 


The sudden change in your dog’s sleeping behavior could be caused by sickness or body pain.

Their body is sore or possibly hurt. So cuddling or any form of physical contact with you could be painful for them.

Aside from that, a study shows that dogs hide when they’re unwell. They may sleep under the bed because they’re hiding from something. 

“Why would they hide?”

Your dog thinks they’re weak and vulnerable when they’re sick. So their instinct tells them to hide as a defense from potential threats.

And where’s the best place to do that? A place that’s dark and narrow where it’ll be hard for them to locate? 


It’s under your bed. 

#6: Fear and anxiety

Dogs love being the center of attention. They’re social animals after all!

But why’s your dog sleeping under the bed when your family and relatives are having a Thanksgiving dinner?


It seems that your pooch isn’t the socialized type.

Do they get anxious about other people and dogs? 

If so, then your pooch sleeps under the bed because they’re scared of your visitors. They’re possibly stressed as well because of the loud chatter and laughter. 

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#7: Phobia

“Wait, isn’t this the same as fear?”

Not quite. 

Phobia is a much stronger emotion. It’s an unreasonable fear for a certain person, object, or situation.

If your dog has a phobia, not only will they sleep or hide under your bed, they’ll show other signs like:

  • Heavy panting.
  • Shaking or trembling.
  • Drooling and salivating.
  • Uncontrolled urinating and soiling.

“So what are the common phobias of dogs?”

Most dogs have an extreme fear of loud sounds from fireworks or thunderstorms. 

Dogs could also have a phobia of abuse. 

If your pooch is scared, they will look for someplace safe to rest. Away from the person that’s threatening them.

So if they’re being mistreated by a member of their family, they might sleep under the bed of the person they trust to feel more secure. 

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#8: They don’t want to be bothered

You’re a heavy sleeper who always tosses and turns in bed. 

There are also some nights you snore as you sleep. Especially when you’ve had an exhausting day.


Because of this, your pooch can’t sleep well. 

Look at how they give a big huff and get off the bed to sleep underneath it instead.

They like it there better because it’s quieter. And they don’t get disturbed by your constant movements. 

#9: It’s their private space

Dogs love having their own sleeping place. 

It may be a corner in the house, a dog bed, their crate, a certain chair, or in your dog’s case – under your bed.

If their sleeping preference isn’t causing any harm, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Your dog should sleep anywhere they feel the most comfortable. 

#10: They’re hiding something

“I’m going crazy!”

You’re wondering why out of your 20 pairs of socks, only 3 of them are left. 

What’s worse is they don’t even match!

Then one day, while you’re cleaning, you found a hidden stack under your bed. There you found socks, torn-out napkins, and pieces of paper. 

“What’s all this mess?”, you asked your dog.

“Omgosh. You caught me, hooman. 

You found my treasures.”

As it turns out, your pooch has been hiding different kinds of stuff under your bed.

They’re a hoarder-doggo. 

They collect things and hide them in places where they think you won’t find them.

“So that’s why my sill dog is always sleeping under the bed!”

Yes. They’re sleeping there to protect their secret stash. 

#11: Being protective

Your baby is the apple of your dog’s eyes.

They don’t leave the baby’s side. Even when you two are sleeping, your dog wants to stay as close as possible. 

So they sleep under the bed.

This new sleeping habit started because your dog is being protective of the family. Not just you, but your baby as well.

Your dog thinks it’s easier for them to guard you when they’re close.

And aside from that, they may also feel that they’re safer when you’re around. 

This behavior is common in pack animals such as your dog. They huddle together when they sleep so they can protect each other when a potential threat comes. 

But be careful, though. 

If your pooch is overly protective of your baby, they may become aggressive when a stranger comes near them.

According to VCA Hospitals, these are the signs of possessive-aggressive dogs:

  • Erected ears.
  • Attempting to bite.
  • Growling and snarling.
  • Hair at the back standing up.

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Bonus: Wrong kind of bed

You just bought the cutest, most expensive bed for your sweet pooch. 

They deserve it after all for being sweet and so behaved. 

As soon as you get home, you coax them into laying on it. They did, so you’re confident they’d sleep on it from now on.

But alas!

You wake up to your pooch sleeping soundly under your bed. Sigh…

Why won’t they sleep in their new dog bed?

It might be that their new space doesn’t sit right with their body. Or they’re the wrong size for your pooch. 

Another factor is their dog bed doesn’t smell right. It probably smells like a factory or a mall. 

Therefore they can’t get comfy with it just yet.

5 tips on how to stop your dog from sleeping under the bed

#1: Give them their own private space

Dogs sleep in other places when they don’t have their sleeping space.

So to stop your dog from sleeping under the bed, give them their own crate. One where they can freely go in and out whenever they want some private time.

Make your dog feel like a hotel. 

A special space where they can sleep and just relax.

It may be hard for your dog to adjust at first. But you can encourage them into sleeping in it by making it appealing.

To make the ambiance in their crate darker, cover half of it with a heavy blanket. (Make sure that you don’t cover the whole thing so your pooch can still breathe while inside.)

The crate has to be the right size as well. 

You want your pooch comfortable, not confined. Their crate must allow them to stretch their bodies and lay down comfortably. 

And for the last touch…

Leave them with their favorite toys and chewing toys inside. There’s nothing like a good set of treats to make the best impression for your pooch. 

#2: Teach them the ‘Go to bed’ command

Instead of sleeping under your bed, you want your dog to sleep in their own dog bed.

In this case, teaching them the ‘Go to bed’ command will work wonders.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Put your dog on a leash and lure them to their bed with dog treats. Say the word ‘Go to bed’.

Step 2: Once they put their paws in the bed, say ‘Good’ and give them the treat.

Step 3: Next is to ask your dog to lay down on the bed by luring their treat downwards until they lay in their dog bed directly.

Step 4: Once they lay down, say ‘Good’ and give them another treat.

Step 5: Repeat this exercise until your dog has associated their dog bed as the ‘Go to bed’ word command.

#3: Allow your dog to sleep on/beside your bed

One reason why your pooch sleeps under your bed is because they want to get close to you.

But for whatever reason, you want them to stop this behavior.

What you can do in this situation is encourage them to sleep with you instead. By allowing your sweet pooch to sleep beside you, they’ll stop from sleeping under your bed.

Like these pooches here. Look how they’re sleeping soundly beside their dog parents.

Another way is to put their dog bed beside yours. 

They’re still in the same room, they’re close to you, and they’re not sleeping under the bed.

That’s 3 hits right there!

#4: Ask for a professional’s help

In cases where your dog is showing signs that they’re sick or in pain, it’s best to ask for a vet’s advice.

Now, if they’re showing obsessive and destructive behaviors such as:

  • Hoarding.
  • Being over possessive.
  • Showing aggressiveness.

Ask for a dog trainer or behaviorist’s help. 

#5: Rub your scent on their dog bed

If your pooch is having second thoughts about their new bed, you can do this simple trick to entice them to sleep on it.

It may sound gross. But believe it or not, this is the key to getting your pooch to sleep on their own bed.

Get your old and unwashed t-shirt. The stinkier it is, the better. 

Here comes the fun part. 

Rub that shirt all over their dog bed. Go on, get all your scent in there. 

If you can, wrap it around the bed as well. Kind of like a bedsheet.

Because it has your scent, your dog will have a sense of security and familiarity with their new dog bed. 

Bonus: Clean the bottom of your bed

So what should you do in case your dog just really enjoys sleeping under the bed?

Clean it regularly. 

This prevents clouds of dust and fur from accumulating and causing allergies. 🙂