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How to Choose the Perfect Urn to Honor Your Dog

Dog urns are decisions that most families try to make quickly, but if you don’t put much thought into it, you won’t get a good one. Dog urns are memorials to your pet. Just like any other memorial, it should show off the best parts of the pet’s personality while at the same time being something that represents their memory. What reminds you of your dog? Is it a particular location such as a park or a building? How to Choose the Perfect Urn to Honor Your Dog?

Maybe it’s a corner of your yard or your home? When you’re looking at getting a dog urn, deciding on those things help you choose the material you want your dog urn to be in. However, there are so many other things to consider when selecting dog urns.

Consulting an expert on the topic will give you some insight into what you should be looking for in dog urns. But why would you want to cremate your pet in the first place?

How to Choose the Perfect Urn for dogs

Cremation – A Dignified Ending

Most people choose to bury their pets because they think it’s the best way to deal with their death. There are some benefits to burying a pet, but there are severe drawbacks as well. Burying a pet requires getting a plot where you can house their grave. Over time, you’ll need to maintain it, sot the grave doesn’t become overgrown. Some pet owners opt for intricate and expensive headstones to mark the passing of their dogs as well.

Because of these memorial headstones, many pet owners opt for burial instead of cremation. They believe that the monuments are the only way to remember their pet. However, with a suitable dog urn, cremation might be a viable option for you.

Pet cremation doesn’t have a lot of the cost and labor requirements that burial does. The cost of cremation is also far more manageable than burial. The chance for memorializing your pet comes in many forms as well. Some people prefer to collect the ashes of their companion in a sealed urn that reflects the pets’ personality.

That way, they could remember their faithful canine every time they enter the room where the urn is. Others have a different idea of keeping the ashes and prefer to scatter some and hold onto the others.

Scattering ashes is a sacred act. It allows you to visit all the places your dog loved in life to share their ashes there. It’s like leaving a part of them in the world when they’re gone. You don’t need to scatter all the ashes either. Instead, you can keep some in the urn as a constant companion that your dog was in life.

More fringe ways of dealing with ashes include baking them into a glass or putting them into jewelry. While they’re not common, they have that sense of longevity and make your pet a permanent part of the household. Even so, you won’t use all of the ashes, and you’ll need a place to store the rest. That’s why the choice of an urn for dogs requires a lot of thought.

The Practicalities of Pet Urns

Pet urns aren’t just somewhere to keep your pet’s ashes. They’re a longstanding memorial to your pet’s memory. That’s why figuring out which dog urn you want is so important. There are several practical things you need to consider when selecting your pet urn, such as:


Some people prefer a plain, metal urn for their dogs, and while that’s fine if that’s their style, it isn’t the only type of urn available. For years, many cultures around the world involved themselves in creating urns for memorializing their dead. Those urns weren’t just for people either. Archeological findings have shown that some ancient kings were buried with urns containing the cremated ashes of their pets as well.

Those urns were usually made out of stone or marble, with intricate design work and etching. Today’s modern methods have perfected these design techniques, giving you a slew of options to choose from. These are very permanent fixtures, and they give your pet’s ashes a home that will stand the test of time. If you’re more environmentally conscious, wooden urns might be the best option for you. There are even urns that double as planters, giving your home a permanent addition in the form of a plant while preserving your pet’s memories.


It can be disconcerting when looking at the different sizes of urns available. Dogs come in all sizes, and so urns to hold dogs come in all sorts of sizes. You probably won’t want a massive jar to hold the remains of your toy poodle, for example. But it would be impossible to fit the ashes of a Great Dane into the same size of dog urn as a French bulldog. You don’t need to overthink the sizing of your pet urn, either.

A general rule-of-thumb that many people use is estimating one cubic foot of urn-space per pound of dog. Thus, a large dog would have a much larger volume in the urn than a smaller one. If you intend to keep a smaller volume of ashes (after scattering, for example), you can adjust the urn size to suit. Scattering urns offer easy access to the ashes without breaking open the entire urn in the process. Always chose Perfect Urn to Honor Your Dog

Home Style

Most owners like to keep their pet urns on a mantle or in an easily visible area like a trophy cabinet. Because of this practicality, pet owners prefer to have dog urns that fit their interior decor style. The colors, textures, and shapes should match the ones already in the home.

Even the form of the dog urn would be of concern here. Some houses look better with rounded urns, but this isn’t always the case; some pet urns have square edges that fit better in more modern settings. Knowing which design fits your decor is up to you. It would help if you took the time to explore all the options before deciding.

Pet Personality

Was your dog a playful one? Were they shy? How about energetic? The designs layout on the urn should reflect your pet’s personality and allow you to remember them whenever you walk into the room. Thanks to the variety in pet urns, you can easily find one that reminds you of your dog.

The idea of choosing an urn is about remembering your dog. Dog urns offer you a presence in your home that will always keep your furry companion close to your heart. That’s why the urn should reflect their personality as closely as possible – so you can feel their presence with you when you look at it.

Don’t Rush the Decision

Dog urns come in so many varieties that you might be spoiled for choice. However, it’s important not to dwell on the sadness of losing the pet when choosing the urn.

Losing a pet is a hard thing to come to terms with. Choosing an urn isn’t a decision you should rush through because you feel like you need to. Take your time. Consider the options you have and what best represents your pet.

The best thing you can do for their memory is chosen an urn that genuinely represents who they were when they were here on earth, beside you. Take the time you need – it’s essential in deciding which of the dog urns would suit your pet best.