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7 Best Dog Grooming Hacks of All Time – Dogs Grooming

Besides topping up dog food supplies, setting aside time for play and cuddles, and regular visits to the vet, you have one more important responsibility as a pet parent below we are mentioning 7 Best Dog Grooming Hacks.

Dogs Grooming:

Although there are plenty of reliable pet grooming services out there, there will always be instances when you need to take matters into your own hands.

It is during these moments that you’ll realize how lucky you are to learn these 7 best dogs grooming hacks of all time.

1. Brush before Bathing

cute grooming dog

This is probably the simplest trick in the dog grooming book pet parents tend to forget. Still, the additional step of brushing your dog’s fur before bathing him actually saves a lot of time and effort in detangling your pup’s coat.

This is because detangling with a brush is effortless when the hair is still dry – the same thing goes for your furry baby’s coat. Plus, a well-brushed fur tends to be easier to wash and lets you pinpoint matted hair that needs cutting before your pet hits the tub.

2. Corn-starch as Emergency DIY Dry Shampoo

Like how you tame the greasiness of your hair with dry shampoo, your pup would also benefit from one. Even better if you use something that is readily available in your home – like corn-starch, for instance. Find best dog food supplies.

Corn-starch is a handy ingredient to have in your pantry, but did you know that you can use it for your pup as well?

Corn-starch is considered a miracle worker for your pet’s fur. You can use it to stop yourself from giving your pet too many baths while still keeping his coat clean and healthy.

But there’s more to it than that. It also helps whiten your puppy’s fur.

While it mostly works with dogs with light-coloured fur, corn-starch also works wonders for brightening any white markings or spots on your furry pal. Simply sprinkle it over those areas and brush it out for instant brightening results.

But that’s not the last of the miraculous benefits of corn-starch. This nifty cooking ingredient also works great as a pre-bath fur detangler.

Before you go ahead with the first hack listed here, sprinkle this miracle powder on your pooch’s fur, paying close attention to areas with knots, mats, and tangles.

3. Watch Out for Fleas, Tangles and Matts

Prevention is always better than treatment, and that also goes for tangles and mats on your puppy’s fur. These things can make your dog’s coat look like a mop head, not to mention it can cause the poor thing so much distress.

If you see your long-haired dog already scratching on one spot, take it as a sign to inspect his coat, especially in the area behind the ears. If it’s not fleas, you may be dealing with mats.

4. Invest in a Non-Slip Bath Mat and Other Useful Tools

Besides the usual pet grooming supplies like shampoos and brushes, you should also consider investing in a non-slip bath mat for your tub.

If your pet tends to fear bath time, it may be because he is struggling to keep his footing whenever he’s in the tub. To prevent slippage that may also cause your dog to panic when he’s in the bathtub, use a non-slip mat.

Besides being so useful for humans, these things are also quite affordable and easy to apply. They also work for other situations, like bathing your toddler for instance.

Besides a non-slip bath mat, you’ll also want to consider other “optional” tools that can make bathing your dog so much easier include:

  • A bathing tether with a suction cup (perfect for reluctant bath recipients)
  • A handheld spray nozzle to attach to your shower
  • Hair traps to place on the bathroom drain to prevent clogs

Here’s another bonus tip: Begin the bath with a gentle warm water spray (be careful not to make it too hot). This will ease your furry baby into the activity and help him relax during the entire experience.

For dogs who aren’t fond of water, you can also offer sweet rewards for showing good behaviour in every step of the process.

5. Supplement Fur Health

Giving your dog food supplements doesn’t mean you should take some from your own stash and put it in his dog bowl. Humans and dogs don’t have the same biological makeup, so you have to check with the vet first before offering your canine pal some multivitamins.

During your talk, you can ask about what supplements that not only improve his overall well-being but also give him the nutrients needed for a healthier coat.

Some would recommend the use of affordable flaxseed oil and fish oil for this purpose as they are great sources of fatty acids and are relatively easy to find. You can also use salmon oil if you have some as this is also known to leave your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.

6. Soothe Dry Paw Pads and Noses with Coconut Oil

Some dogs suffer from dry and scaly noses and paw pads that make them feel uncomfortable in a bath. To help your pup, you can apply coconut oil onto the affected areas. Benefits of Coconut oil for dogs are count less.

Coconut oil works great in soothing and healing dryness. The best part is, it’s probably already available in your kitchen.

Besides dealing with dryness, coconut oil also has plenty of benefits for dogs. It contains healthy fatty acids that can help keep your pooch healthy. Just remember not to go overboard when adding this to your pet’s food as too much can lead to diarrhea.

7. Don’t Skimp on the Wipes

Wet wipes are handy items that should always be within reach – in your purse or doggie cleaning kit. These provide a quick-and-easy solution to dirty or muddy paws without harming your furry baby’s soft paws.

Dirty booties and ears also benefit from an occasional wet wipe swipe. Just remember to use products specifically made for dogs to ensure that your pet is safe from the ingredients it contains. You can also substitute with natural baby wipes.


Like people, dogs become wary when they feel icky and dirty. Besides, their hygiene greatly affects their overall health, too, so make sure you groom your pooch regularly. Follow the above Best Dog Grooming Hacks to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Make the process easier for yourself and your pup with these best grooming hacks of all time.