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What causes dogs to sneeze? 10 Causes of Dogs Sneezing

What causes dogs to sneeze? There are loads of reasons for dog sneezing. Dog sneezing is a common occurrence like humans. Sneezing is common in humans and animals.

Some are just normal, and some indicate some problem, but the cause and reasons are not the same. pet owners often want to know what causes dogs to sneeze?

What causes dogs to sneeze?

Some dogs sneezing is harmless, while some indicate any minor or severe health issue. Dogs respiratory system is the same as humans. Many things that make us sneeze might also develop sneeze in dogs.

Below are some of the possible reasons of sneezing in dogs.  we will also let you know about the difference between harmless and sneeze that need medical attention.

10 Causes of Dogs Sneezing:

1. Playful Sneezing

Why do dogs sneeze when playing? As a pet owner, you may notice that your dog sneeze while playing with you or other dogs. This type of sneezing is due to excitement and entertainment.

This type of sneezing is also a way of communication for dogs. Such sneezing is nothing to be concerned about, and you don’t need to worry.

2. Dust Allergy

Environmental dust is the leading cause of sneezing in humans and pets. Dust allergies can cause sneezing. Generally, the dust stuck in the pup’s nasal passage and sneeze is a natural reaction to clear the nasal passage.

Usually in such situation the dogs start sneezing. Other dust allergy symptoms include stuffy or runny nose or itchy and red eyes.

3. Pollution

Air pollutant is among the cause of the sneezing in dogs. Airborne pollutants such as cigarette smoke, dust, perfume, deodorant lead to behavior.

4. Foreign Object

Sometimes dog sneezing is due to a foreign body that is stuck in its nasal passage. In many cases, foreign objects like grass, dust, seeds, hairs etc, lodged in the canine respiratory tract and made your pup sneeze.

The pup sneeze to dislodge that foreign body from the nasal passage.

5. Respiratory tract Infection

Fungal or bacterial infection of the Respiratory tract leads to prolonged sneezing behavior. Aspergillosis is a fungal infection caused by inhaling a unique type species of mold usually found in the dust.

Aspergillosis fungal nasal infection symptoms in dogs are dog sneezing and runny nose , swollen nose, and fluid discharge from the nostrils.

Respiratory tract infection could be diagnosed with vet help. Contact your vet if the behaviour prolonged.

6. Presence of Nasal Mites

Sneezing in dogs with other symbols such as nasal discharge, irregular breathing, nose bleeds, head shaking, and nose scratching indicates Nasal Mites.

Nasal mites are tiny, about 1mm in size bugs that live in the dog’s nasal passage. The nasal mites can transfer from dogs to dogs.

Nasal mites are seen with naked eyes. If you notice the mites, contact your vet for treatment.

7. Nasal Tumors

This cause of sneezing in dogs is rare. Only a few and Mainly Older dogs and long-nosed breeds such as dachshunds, collies and Great Danes are mainly affected by nasal tumors.

Common symptoms of nasal tumours In dogs include sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, and facial swelling.

8. Kennel Cough

Kennel cough in dogs is highly infectious. According to vets, Kennel cough can also develop sneezing behavior in puppies. Kennel Cough required immediate medical attention. Delaying could lead your canine to severe health issues.  

9. Food Allergy

Food Allergy in canine can develop specific impacts on your furry friend. Ceratin food allergies can lead a dog to  rashes, sneezing, coughing, itching and licking.

10. Breed Factor

Certain dog breeds such as brachycephalic (Boston terrier, English bulldog etc.) come with respiratory problems due to their facial condition. Such dogs type often sneeze without any reasons. This type of sneezing is considering the breed factor.

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What should I do if my dog keeps sneezing?

Some sneezing is harmless, and you don’t need to worry about that. But some uncontrollable sneezing indicates any underlying issue a pet suffering from.
In normal sneezing, your pet sneeze may be due to dust or pollen allergy or just a playful sneeze for excitement. However, if you notice
dog sneezing uncontrollably and worse, contact your vet to find out the actual cause. If a dog sneezing continuously, bellow are the possible reasons:

  • Nasal Mites
  • Respiratory Tract infection
  • Presence of foreign object the respiratory tract
  • Nasal Tumors.
  • Kennel Cough.
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Is it bad if my dog sneezes a lot?

Yes, continuous sneezing of dogs is bad for your canine. If your canine sneeze just a few time, it’s fine. You don’t need to panic; however, if the behavior continues, this is a bad sign.

Because uncontrollable sneezes indicate that your pup is suffering from some health issues, contact your nearby vet to diagnose the behavior’s actual cause and make sure a timely proper treatment.