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7 Weird Reasons Why Dogs Are So Nice (Hint: It’s Not Food)

Why Are Dogs Nice

Someone came to visit.

At first, they were afraid of your pooch.

But Fido befriended them right away.

“Aww. Your dog is so nice!” 

And you thought: 

It’s really not that surprising.

But it still made you think:

“Yeah, it’s weird how they’re nice to everyone.” 

So what’s their secret?

Continue reading to find out: 

  • How dogs and humans became friends.
  • Top 13 nicest dogs in the world (#13 is so popular).
  • 7 weird reasons why dogs are so nice (#3 and #7 will shock you).
  • And many, many more…

7 reasons why dogs are so nice

#1: You reward their kindness

“Who’s a good doggo? You are!” 

Sounds familiar, right? 

It’s you who often say this to your pooch after they do something nice. 

Like when they show you affection or such.

Sometimes, you’d even give Fido a treat for small things.

A good example would be…

When they listen if you tell them “no” or “stop”.  

With this, your pooch could think: 

“Oh, they reward me when I’m a good dog. I’ll keep it up!” 

Now, there’s actually a term for this behavior…

Experts call it: 

Operant conditioning. 

This is what many dog trainers use as well. 

To put it in simple words…

It’s all about positive reinforcement. 

So when your pooch does something nice…

You should praise or reward them for it. 

This way, Fido will remember that it’s a good thing.

“Wait. So they’ll only listen to me because of treats?” 

It seems like it. But that’s actually false. 

What I mean is…

Researchers have proven the truth: 

Most dogs prefer to get praised by their fur parents. They’d rather choose that over a treat. 

That’s why Fido’s more than happy to please you…

All because you acknowledge their kindness.

#2: Dogs bond with anyone

In the past…

Dogs used to live in packs. After all, they came from wolves. 

And what do these canines do? 

They work as a team to survive. 

With this, your pooch enjoys bonding with you.

After all, they’re used to that kind of companionship.

“So my dog’s only using me for survival?” 

That’s not true.

You see, dogs would befriend anyone. Not just humans. 

And according to this report

Dr. Clive Wynne (a dog expert) says, “Dogs are love.”

Now, what does he mean by that? 

The doctor further explains…

Whoever your pooch grows up with, they’ll learn to love them. 

For example: 

Raise a dog with a cat. And they’ll accept that kitten. 

Or even if a pooch grows up with other animals. 

Like pigs, cows, goats, horses, or even birds.

That’s how much they love companionship.

Since they’re so social… 

Dogs are accepting of anyone. 

Simply put: They won’t judge you. No matter who you are.

Even if you have no food to give…

They’ll still be nice to you.

In fact, let me tell you a quick story. Now, this is based on many real-life stories.

And personally, I’ve witnessed it myself.

It’s about a homeless man and his loyal pooch. 

You see, this person has no food, water, or even a nice bed. 

Though people would stop by to give them some help…

His pooch still chooses to stay by his side.

The dog doesn’t go after other people… 

And they stick together through thick and thin. 

So not only are dogs so nice…

But they’re also very loyal too. 

Even if you have no food to give them.

#3: Fido feels safe around you 

Dogs Are So Nice Because They Feel Safe Around You

Fun fact: Research reveals that dogs can recognize a liar.

So if a dog’s nice to you or someone…

They might feel safe around you or that person. 

Try to think about it:

Have you ever met a pooch who’s so sweet to you?

Even though you’re just a new person in their life? 

Yeah, that Fido knows you’re a good hooman. 

You see, many experts believe that dogs are great at reading people. 

That’s why they know who to trust and who to avoid. 

Aside from this, another study reveals: 

Dogs remember how other people treat you

This confirms that Fido pays attention to your friends. 

Let’s say you argued with your neighbor once…

And now, Fido’s no longer nice to them. 

At the same time… 

Your friend came over to check how you’re doing. 

After this, your pooch became much nicer to them. 

So if a dog’s good to you… 

It simply means they feel safe around you.

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#4: They recognize bad people 

Following #3… 

There’s an explanation behind Fido’s ability. 

So let me share with you their secret.

You see, your dog might have a super-pawer. 

And if you don’t believe me…

I’ll let science speak the truth:

Dogs can smell your feelings. And it’s thanks to their powerful noses

“How does my dog do that?” 

Well, your body emits chemicals. These are signals from your hormones. And they’re called pheromones. 

Now, this is something dogs can smell.

So if someone has bad intentions…

Your furry friend would sense that. All because of the hooman’s scent. 

And that’s why they might bark at certain people.

Aside from this…

Fido can tell when you’re sad too

Have you ever noticed how dogs sniff you more than usual…

Especially when you’re about to cry? 

A study reveals something about that: 

Apparently, dogs react uniquely to tears.

When they notice their crying hoomans…

Fido gives them some comfort.

“Oh hooman, are you alright?” 

Then they’ll start licking you until you feel better.

Isn’t that really nice and sweet of them?

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#5: Dogs enjoy affection

In some cases…

Your dog simply loves affection. 

And they’re happy to give it back, too. 

So what’s the best way for them to get some belly rubs? 

That’s right…

Just by being a good pooch. And the cuddles will come their way. 

And this shows you 1 thing:

The reason behind their nice personality isn’t that deep. 

So it’s clear that it’s not always about food. 

In fact, Fido would even bark at you to demand attention. 

For example…

You were cuddling with your pooch in bed. 

But then you had to get up to do some chores.

Suddenly, your furry friend started barking at you.

“Hooman, I want more cuddles!” 

That’s something they’d want to tell you. 

Especially when they’re a clingy pooch.

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#6: They’re genetically nice 

Fun fact: Being nice is in your dog’s DNA. 

Specifically, those genes are: 

And how does this make your pooch nice? 

Research explains: 

Those DNAs are linked to a rare condition. It’s called Williams-Beuren Syndrome (WBS).

Doctors say it’s a genetic disorder in humans. And WBS makes them more: 

  • Social.
  • Kinder.
  • Extroverted.
  • Prone to distraction.
  • Curious about others.

With this, experts concluded:

As dogs got closer to humans, their DNA mutated too. 

And they got the same genes from humans with WBS.

“But why would my dog do that?”

This isn’t something they can control.

What scientists believe is…

Domestication played a part in this. 

To be loved more by hoomans…

Fidos knew they needed to be nicer than usual. 

And you know what this reminds me of? 

Dr. Darwin’s line: “Survival of the fittest.” 

You’ll find that in his book called: The Origin of Species, 5th edition.

So if you base this whole idea on Dr. Darwin’s theory…

It’s clear that dogs evolved to become the “fittest.” 

At least, in the eyes of humans.

Wanna know how people tamed dogs in the first place? 

There’s a famous theory about it… 

And this video tackles that: 

#7: Some dogs are kinder than others

Like I said in #6… 

Dogs are nice because it’s in their genes. 

But what if I tell you that some breeds are nicer than others? 

And I’m referring to Fidos like: 

These 13 dogs are the most famous of all. 

But of course…

This doesn’t mean other dogs aren’t nice. These breeds just happen to stand out more. 

And there’s a reason for that.

After all, these Fidos often:

  • Act more sensitive.
  • Become therapy or service dogs.
  • Have more experience with humans.

Now, that’s why some furry friends are nicer than others. 

But what if you mix these breeds together? 

Then you might get a more well-behaved Fido. 

Are dogs just nice because we give them food?

Dogs aren’t nice just because you give them food. 

If you go back to reason #1, there’s 1 research that proves this. 

To give you a recap, here’s what it says: 

Dogs prefer your praises over treats. 

How did they confirm this? 

Scientists did a few tests. 

And the Fidos were free to choose between two options.

First, go to their hoomans. Or take the path that leads to a free treat. 

Guess what happened next…

Out of 15 dogs, only 2 went after the treat. 

The rest preferred going to their fur parents… 

And they were rewarded with praises. Or even belly rubs.


Most dogs would still choose you over treats. 

To your pooch…

Your love is more worth it compared to food.