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Why do dogs bury their Food? – 8 Reasons

Many pet owners around the globe wondering about the strange behavior of their furry friend of burying food and want to know about Why Do Dogs Bury their Food? If you are among those so don’t worry, it’s normal behavior, and there is no problem.

Dogs are funny creatures, sometimes we see them doing something strange and unusual. When your dog buries food, this behavior is gifted to them from the Predecessors, and Your loved one is following what her ancestors used to do.

This behavior was to preserve the food for mortal days. However, modern breeds do not track this behavior.

​8 Reasons why do dogs bury food?

  1. Some expert and researcher say that the burying of food in dogs come from the predecessors. Ancient dogs survived on whatever they could hunt and catch. If they managed to get more than they could eat in a sitting and reserve the extra to make sure it would be there when they need it back.
  2. This behavior is also most common in wolves, and experts consider wolves as a predecessor of dogs. Wolves have behavior to preserve the food for themselves.
  3. The behavior of burying food in dogs mostly found in those pets who experienced a life where food was up for grab, then they will go straight to the garden, and it will automatically hide it to save their food from grabbers. 
  4. Overfeeding of food is another reason for this behavior in your puppy. If there is plenty of food and they overfeed with the food, the only option will have to bury it so that they can feed on it later, or your pet wants to decompose the extra food.
  5. When dogs get bored, and you can’t play with them because of some personal errands, these animals will bury your precious stuff to win your attention.
  6. Possessiveness is another factor of this strange behavior of your furry friend. Possessiveness is a normal phenomenon that can be observed in human beings and pets also. Your puppy might have possessive about the food and burying it for future use. 
  7. If you are feeding the same taste and the same food regularly, your dog may be feeding off with the food and curry it because burying means serving them another taste.
  8. Some experts say that they hide the food to protect from spoil. Because The temperature in the ground is more refreshing than it is in the air, so burying food helped it stay fresh longer.


What does it mean when a dog tries to bury its food?

The answer to the question What does it mean when a dog tries to bury its food? Needs some explanation. The pet experts consider some factors about this strange behavior of dogs.

  • This is instinctive behavior related to saving food at other times.
  • Some expert and researcher say that the burying of food in dogs come from the Predecessors.
  • Overfeeding of food is another reason for this behavior in your puppy.

How do I stop my dog from burying food?

Suppose your dog is adopted burying food habit on routinely. Then to stop your dog from these strange behaviors, you should start proper training. You may need to adjust your feeding schedule and to start behavior training of your furry friend if your furry friend is at the puppy stage, then preventing this habit as easy because training at an early age is a crucial factor the behavior development.

Do dogs remember where they bury things?

Dogs have a strong sense of smell, and this dog’s keen sense of smell helps him locate his stash, this will amaze you that our puppies always seem to remember the spot exactly where they buried their bones, foods, and toys. Unless they are bones are buried so deeply. Do dogs remember where they hide things? The short answer to the question is Yes.

Why do dogs bury their toys?

Most dog owners have experienced this strange behavior of burying toys of their furry friends. The main reason for this behavior according to pet and vet expert is its come from the Predecessors.  Dogs may bury things to be playful. This can also be attention-seeking behaviors to get their owner’s attention.