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Can dogs eat wheat thins? Side effects – Benefits – Serving Ideas

Nearly every family in the USA has bought and eaten wheat thins at least one time. Wheat thins are a family staple snack that may be consumed with many meals as it is merely a whole grain cracker. Can dogs eat wheat thins?

If you have owned a puppy, you have probably wondered if you can share wheat thins with your pooch.

Can dogs eat wheat thins? 

Yes, dogs can eat 1-2 crackers of wheat thins and are not toxic to dogs when serving in less amount as an occasional treat.

However, if it becomes an everyday treat, then it is toxic for your dog and can bring a negative impact on the health of your pooch over time.

It might jeopardize the health of your dog in the long term.

Many pet experts and vets are not recommended the wheat thins that you feed to your puppy because of the ingredients like high salt, high fat, and high sugar that are toxic to dogs.

Safe amount of wheat thins for dogs:

Can dogs eat wheat thins?  Dogs can eat 1-2 crackers of wheat thins as occasionally treat because the thins contain a large amount of sodium.

The ideal daily consumption amount of sodium in dogs is 100 per 30 pounds (13.61 kg).

So If you have the plan to give this food to your furry friend, then you must be careful. Don’t feed them too much.

Serve them 1-2 crackers in the regular pet diet. However, the best idea is that feed a healthy alternative to your furry friend instead of wheat thins like Oatmeal.

Common Original  wheat thin ingredients 

Generally, Wheat thins are made of whole grain, wheat flour, sugar, soybean oil, and salt. However, different products of different manufacturing companies have additional ingredients like refiner’s syrup, malt syrup, and vegetable color, and much more. 

Common wheat thin ingredients:

  • Serving Size around 16 pieces
  • Carbohydrates 22g
  • Sugars 4g
  • Dietary fiber 3g
  • Fat 5g
  • Saturated 1g
  • Monounsaturated 1g
  • Protein 2g
  • Potassium 90 mg
  • Sodium 230 mg

Side effects of wheat thins:

  • If a dog eats a significant amount of wheat thins, they are susceptible to getting dehydrated, becoming obese, and having overall poor health. 
  • The wheat thins almost adds non-health benefits to your furry friend. However, it can have a negative impact on your pooch health because one serving size of this thins contains toxic enough amount about 230 mg of sodium. And the ideal daily amount for dogs is 100 mg per 30 pounds.
  • Due to the rich amount of carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and sodium, It can increase the weight of your furry friend and will become obese.
  • Wheat allergy is the most common allergy in pets. If your puppy is suffering from wheat allergies, then it may lead to skin problems and other allergic reactions.
  • Feeding human foods on a regular base to your pooch makes a habit of the food and some time develop a behavior of refusing their healthy pet diet.

What to do If Your Dog Consumed a Lot of Wheat Thins? 

Consuming the thins in large amounts is toxic for puppies. If your doggie consumed wheat thins in large amount, try to stay calm but keep an eye for a few hours.

If you notice any adverse reaction, strange behavior, or health issues like stomach upset, then allow his stomach to rest about 8-12 by not giving him food.

After this time, feed your furry friend with a soft, lite, and bland healthy diet. 


Can dogs eat wheat crackers?

You should keep in mind that wheat crackers are not the healthiest choice for your dog. However, Yes, you can give wheat crackers to your puppy, assuming that they do not have a wheat or grain allergy. 

If your furry friend is allergic to the grain, then less amount of wheat crackers can cause health issues to your pooch.

Feeding large amount of Wheat crackers are toxic to dogs, and The main reason is that wheat crackers contain a large number of salt contents which is toxic to puppies.

Remember, the recommended consumption of sodium for a 30 pound (13.61 kg) dog is 100 mg, and the wheat cracker contains much more than that.

Can dogs eat mini-wheats?

The answer overall is yes, Most cereal isn’t toxic to dogs, and dogs can eat some mini wheat as an occasional treat, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Mini wheat should also never consider replacing the regular healthy diet. 

Lots of Mini wheat are loaded with sugars and such artificial ingredients that are toxic for dogs.

So if you have a plan to give Mini wheat an occasional treat to your pooch, the most important thing you should remember is to read the list of ingredients of the product and make sure they are dogs friendly or not.

Some Mini wheat Cereals contains toxic ingredients like chocolate, xylitol, etc. which are dangerous for dogs health

Can dogs eat wheat breads?

Generally, Plain white and wheat bread are safe for dogs to eat when serving in moderation. If your dog has an allergy to wheat, plain white or wheat bread probably won’t hurt her.

However, if your pooch is allergic to the grains, then you should be careful.

Wheat bread is safe with moderation; however, Not all bread is as harmless. Some bread contains such ingredients that are toxic to pups like Garlic, nuts and seeds, macadamia nuts, Xylitol, certain brands of peanut butter, etc.

So if you have a plan to give wheat bread to your dog, then avoid such ingredients.

Is wheat harmful to dogs?

According to pet experts and vets, Grains are not a healthy choice for your dog. However, wheat is safe for dogs that have not allergic to wheat.

The wheat elegy develops over time. Not sudden, a dog may develop after prolonged exposure.

Can crackers kill dogs?

Crackers are not the healthiest choice for your dog. However, Yes, you can give crackers to your puppy, assuming that they do not have a grain allergy.  

If your furry friend is allergic to the grain, then the fewer amount of crackers can cause health issues to your dog.

Feeding crackers in large amounts on a regular basis may lead to severe health issues, and Yes, some time leads to death.