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How to ship Dogs and cats Overseas? A Brief Guide.

People love their pets, and it is no secret. Today people are taking a step toward making the world a better place to live for their pets by making things more comfortable. Having a dog and cat is nothing less than having a small child as you are responsible for taking care of them just like that.It is becoming the fact that most people who own a dog or a cat consider their pets as family members and are particularly concerned about taking care of their well-being and also want to ship along with them overseas if they have a plan to go overseas. They have a concern How to ship dogs and cats overseas?

How to ship Dogs and cats Overseas?

When you are working, there are high chances that you might have to make a move from one place to another. Moving is an exhausting task, but when you own a pet, it becomes even more complicated. Animals are not used to adapting to the changes and therefore start behaving very weird when senses the shift in the energy around.

When you are a newbie and going through the process for the first time, and want to know about How to ship dogs and cats overseas? there are certain things that you must take care of and here is a small guide that you can refer to make the procedure simpler for yourself:

Guide To Ship your dogs Overseas:

  1. When you start packing, make sure that you keep your dog in a separate room where the chaos is dialed down to the minimum, or may drop it to a friend’s or family. This would help you in handling the stuff in a better manner and keep your dog from anxiety.

2. Once you decide upon making a move, you must go through all the formalities that are required to cover while moving your dog along. There are individual states and countries which are very particular about their terms and conditions and demand a few documents while traveling.

3. Mostly a health certificate, stating that the dog or cat is in a perfect health condition issued by a verified vet, is required. Other than that, a vaccination certificate of Rabies is a necessary document. The dog must have taken the vaccination before 30 days of making the travel, and you must carry the documents for the same.

4. Since you are not the only one facing a problem in moving your dog or cat along, thousands of people face the same issue. Where there is a problem, a solution slides right into the way.

5. There are many companies around who are making their names in the market as Pet Shipping Services. You can hire a reliable service provider and take care of everything related to pet travel. They provide door-to-door services and handle all the formalities like medical certificate, vaccination certificate, permits, transportation formalities, etc. There are certain things that you must consider before hiring the Pet shipping services:

Guide to Hire Pet Shipping Service:

a. You must do a background check-up before finalizing the company. There are certain things that you must be very sure of before finalizing the deal. They must have a name in the market and experience in serving the customers from the early year. You must make sure that the company is reliable and not any hoax to fool you.

  • Since pet shipping has grown into a developing industry, there are certain fraudsters who claim to be a real brand and trick you into their trap.
  • You must read and communicate about the services provided, very properly. Many times, due to a communication gap, there are certain important things that remain un discussed and created a problem later.
  • To avoid any misleads, you must make a small list of the needs you want the company to take care of while handling the shipping procedure for your dog.
  • Make sure that you go through the reviews of the company before closing the deal. Reviews from the previous customer tell a lot about the companies’ services and the areas where they lack in efforts. If you find something serious in the review section, you must either talk to the service provider to make sure it doesn’t happen with you or may move on to another option.
  • You must also see if the company has gained an approval certificate from IATA. IATA is an organization that has regulated certain norms and conditions to ensure pet safety while pet shipping. The companies who work as per the guidelines provided are given an IATA approval certificate, which would help you build an understanding with the company.

6. If you do not want to go with the pet shipping services, you must decide on the transportation you are about to take instead. If the destination is at a small distance, then you can easily choose ‘by road’ as an option. If the distance is large, you are advised to take a flight. You may easily find the airlines which are pet friendly.

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