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Why are my dogs eyes watery? 13 Causes-Treatment

You may have noticed watery eyes or excessive drainage from your dog’s eyes. Eye discharge is a common eye issue in both humans and dogs. According to veterinarians and pet experts, some causes of eyes discharge in puppies are considered normal and can be treated with minor treatment, while some will indicate serious health issues that need to be concerned.

For pet owners, sometimes, this becomes difficult to determine when to take their furry friend to the vet. The reasons behind watery dogs’ eyes are many. In some cases, you can help your canine, while in some cases, vet help will be required.

This article is a complete guide about a dog’s teary and watery eyes. We will also let you know about all the possible causes of excess drainage from puppy eyes. 

Why are my dogs eyes watery?

There are many causes of Excessive drainage from dogs’ eyes are many. According to veterinarians, watery dogs’ eyes can be caused by eye illnesses such as Conjunctivitis, infections, Dacryocystitis, Epiphora, eyelids abnormalities, Entropion, Glaucoma, Allergy to pollen, dust, mold, and other eyes illnesses. There are many reasons behind watery dogs’ eyes. In some situations, you can help your canine, while in some cases, vet help will be required.

Tears are important for eye health, but excess drainage is not safe. Tears have antimicrobial properties that clean and wash the eyes, keep the pup’s eyes lubricated and provide a smooth optical surface. 

Servedogs Disclaimer: This article contain some products recommendation that may help your pooch in the best way, before using any product, medicine or remedies the best ides is to use with the vet advice.

Causes of watery eyes in dogs:

Why are my dogs eyes watery

1. Allergies:

Besides other allergies, pets can suffer from eye allergies that lead them to severe itching, scratching of eyes, and teary red eyes. Other symptoms of eyes allergies in pups include clear watery discharge accompanied by inflammation of the eyes. Allergy in the eyes can be caused by pollen, dust, smoke, etc. 

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2. Foreign Bodies:

The presence of a foreign body in the eyes leads humans and pets to very uncomfortable and painful situations.

If you notice a sudden redness and excess water drainage from your pet eyes, gently look for any particles in your furry friend’s eyes and Gently remove them.

However, if you think that the removal of the material will be injured the eyes, take your vet’s help don’t try to remove it yourself. 

Learn more about how to remove a foreign body from your dog’s eye.

3. Eye Infections: 

Dogs can suffer from many types of eyes infections, such as bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. These infections cause severe irritation, pain, and other complication that leads to excessive tears, redness, and continuous rubbing eyes.

These infections can also be transmitted to other dogs and animals too. 

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4. Breeds Factors:

Some Breeds have excessive hair on the face. Proper grooming is more important for such pets. Untrimmed hairs grow continuously and often fall into the eyes and cause redness, excessive eye drainage, and boogers. 

5. Congenital abnormalities:

There are many congenital abnormalities in dogs. According to veterinarians, there are specific Congenital abnormalities of the puppy eyeball or its surrounding tissue that may cause many eyes diseases in your faithful companions. 

Some of the Congenital abnormalities that make your dog’s eyes watery, red, and appearance of eyes boogers are. 

6. Distichiasis:

Distichiasis refers to the growth of hairs in an unusual area on the eyelid. In this condition, the hairs grow out of the meibomian glands at the lid of the eyelid. 

The severity depends on the growth and direction of hairs. It may lead your canine to too many eyes conditions such as redness, illness, boggers, and severe itching. 

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7. Lacrimal duct obstruction:

The lacrimal duct consists of a series of narrow tubes that allow tear drainage from the eyes. Generally, the Lacrimal duct is part of the nasolacrimal system. When this nasolacrimal duct becomes blocked or obstructed, it leads to tears overflowing, and the dogs’ eyes appear watery. 

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8. Glaucoma:  

Glaucoma is referred to the increase of intraocular pressure (IOP) within the eyes. Dogs suffering from Glaucoma will experience complications in the eyes such as pain, watery discharge, cloudy appearance, swelling and bulging in the eyeballs, and even blindness. 

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9. Entropion:

Entropion is an ocular condition in which the eyelids of a dog roll inward. In Entropion, the eyelashes and other facial hairs around the eyes touch the cornea that leads to severe irritation, redness, and excess tears.

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10. Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS): 

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) also known as dry eye  is generally an ocular condition in dogs. Eyes of a dog suffering from Keratoconjunctivitis results most often from an inadequate quantity of tears or a deficient quality of tears, infections, pain, thick sticky discharge, and visual Problems.

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11. Corneal Ulcers: 

Corneal ulcers refer to deeper erosion of a few layers of the epithelium, known as corneal erosion or corneal abrasion. The eyes of A canine suffering from Corneal ulcers appear cloudy and watery.

The most common cause of Corneal ulcers in dogs is trauma, which may result from a dog rubbing its eye on the floor,  carpet, an injury with a sharp object or other objects, or a laceration.

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12. Injury: 

Injuries in the eyes need immediate and proper treatment. Leaving untreated can cause severe complications and even blindness.  Excessive tears could be a sign of internal or external injury. Other symptoms of eye trauma are twitching, squinting, scratching and rubbing, blinking repeatedly, and appearance of bloodshot, etc.

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13. Pain and Sadness:

Dogs have emotions and feel pain as we do. An underlying pain and injury, or other medical issues or sadness may result in tears in your dog’s eyes. 

What is a good eye wash for dogs?

Below we are listing some of the good eyes wash for your dog that will aid your furry friend in many ways. Please remember before using any product, take your vet’s advice. 

You may also like to use the recommended eyes wipes cleaner for dogs:

Treatment of Watery eyes in dogs:

Treatment of any health issues depends on the cause and severity of the illness, which will have already been discussed in detail. The causes of excessive tears in a puppy’s eyes are categorized into two types. Some are considered minor and can be treated with proper care at home, while some will need immediate treatment and a professional vet visit.

How do I get my dog’s eyes to stop watering?

Watery eyes in dogs may be the result of many reasons. Some can be treated by yourself, while some may need proper diagnosing and treatment by a professional vet. Below we are listing some of the tips that will help you to stop watering in your puppy eyes.

  • Make sure to trim the hairs around your pooch eyes.
  • Use the eyes cleaner wipes for dogs to clean the boogers, upper surface, and sides of the eyes gently.
  • If you observe any pollen dust or foreign body in your pet eye, gently remove or take a vet’s help.
  • Keep away your canine from perfumes, herbicides, or pesticides.
  • Don’t use human shampoo. Always use vet-recommended dog shampoo for your canine to prevent eyes irritation.
  • Use dog’s eyes cleaner to wash your pup’s eyes.
  • Feed your dog immune booster food.
  • If you notice redness, excessive eyes drainage, swelling, or any change in your physical appearance, contact your vet to diagnose the actual cause. 

When to Contact a vet if you notice excessive water in dog eyes?

If you notice any of the below-mentioned symptoms in your furry friend’s eyes, take them to your vet. 

  • Yellow or green eye discharge
  • The odor from the eye discharge
  • Redness, swelling, or change in the physical appearance
  • Twitching, Squinting, or boogers.
  • Excessive rubbing the eyes
  • Difficulty in Vision
  • Cloudy eyes

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Why does my dog look like he’s crying?

Sometimes seeing unusual water in a dog’s eyes makes the owner worry because it looks like their faithful companion is crying. If you observe, your pooch eyes are filled with tears; try to find out the cause. The appearance of the tears for a specific time is not needed to be a concern; however, if you observe the drainage continuously, you need to find out the reason and take your pooch to a vet to diagnose the actual cause and treatment.

Do dogs eyes water when they are in pain?

Dogs have emotions and feelings. You may observe water in your puppy’s eyes when they feel sad or in pain. Dogs are unable to speak and not able to convey their messages to us. They will develop certain behaviors; tears in your puppy eyes could be a sign of alarming situations, emotions, pain, or any eye disease.

How can I treat my dog’s eye infection without going to the vet?

Eye infections are categorized into two categories: the first is considered minor and can be treated without going to the vet, while the second needs proper medical attention by a professional vet. eyes infection can cause serious complications if left untreated.

If you observe yellow or green eye discharge, red or swelling, it’s likely an eye infection. Follow the below tips to prevent your canine eyes from Eyes infection.

  • Trim on a scheduled basis the fur around your dog’s eyes.
  • Use the eyes cleaner wipes for dogs to clean the boogers, upper surface, and sides of the eyes gently.
  • If any pollen dust or foreign body falls in your puppy’s eye, gently remove it or take a vet’s help.
  • Protect the eyes from perfumes, herbicides, or pesticides.
  • Always use vet-recommended dog shampoo for your canine. Don’t use human shampoo to prevent eye irritation.
  • Use a dog’s eyes cleaner to wash your puppy’s eyes.
sad puppy

When should I take my dog to the vet for eye discharge?

Dogs eyes discharge could be a sign of alarming situations. Causes of Teary eyes in dogs are categorized into two types. One will be minor and can be treated just by proper care, while the other needs proper medical attention by a professional vet.

If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms in your pet eyes, such as redness, excessive eyes drainage, twitching, squinting, swelling, or any change in physical appearance, contact your vet to diagnose the actual cause and timely treatment.

Is eye discharge normal in dogs?

Eyes discharge in dogs could be normal or abnormal. Occasionally drainage from the eyes will be normal and good for the eye’s health. Tears act as a natural cleaner of the eyes. Sometimes pollen, dust, hairs, etc., fall into the puppy’s eyes, and you observe tears in the eyes, which is normal. Gently remove the particles and clean your pooch eyes with dogs eyes cleaner wipes or by using eyes cleaner.

However, if you notice yellow or green eye discharge, red or swelling, these are the symptoms of infection or injury and will be considered abnormal. Such situations need proper and immediate veterinarian medical attention.

tears in dogs eyes

Can I use human eye wash for my dog?

No human eyewash is not recommended for dogs. Humans’ eyes wash may contain ingredients that may not be considered suitable for dogs. Using such eyewash may harm more than benefits. There are many dog eyes wash available that are specially formulated for dogs use.

Is saline solution safe for dog eyes?

Some pet experts believe that a Saline solution without any added ingredients may just be used for cleaning your dog’s eyes. However, servedogs don’t recommend this because some eyes condition needs proper care and treatment and such remedies might not help.

Please remember not to use any products to wash your dog’s eyes without your vet’s advice.

Can I flush my dogs eye with water?

Yes, you can flush your dog’s eyes with water with low and normal pressure. Flushing you puppy eyes with water on a regular basis will help to clean the eyes from dust, pollen, and other irritants. Do not try to wash with high pressure. It may cause damage.