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15 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Sleep With You Anymore + 5 Tips

Why Does My Dog Not Want To Sleep With Me All Of A Sudden

Oh, the absolute pleasure of resting after a long day…

And it gets better because Fido will be sleeping next to you.

Until they suddenly didn’t.

“Did I do something wrong?”

I got the answer to that and more.

Continue reading to know:

  • 3 concerning sleeping disorders that might be causing this.
  • 15 shocking reasons why your dog won’t sleep with you anymore.
  • 5 amazing tips to take note of when your dog’s suddenly not sleeping with you.
  • And many more…

Why does my dog not want to sleep with me all of a sudden?

Your dog doesn’t want to sleep with you all of a sudden due to a change of preference. It might be caused by comfort or things around your room. Sometimes, they’re not tired enough or not in the mood. Other times, it’s due to stress, sleeping disorders, encouragement, pain, or sickness.

15 reasons why your dog won’t sleep with you all of a sudden

#1: They don’t like the bed anymore

Dogs are picky creatures.

That’s why they have their preferences, too.

And this time, it’s because they no longer like your bed.

Sure, at first, they always slept with you…

But as soon as they discovered that one spot in the house…

It’s never the same for your Fido.

They now have a favorite area to sleep in. So, it’s bye-bye to your bed.

#2: They get better sleep somewhere else

This is something that helped your pupper decide.

Because apart from picking that spot they now love more than your bed…

That’s also where they get better sleep.

Plus, they might start to like going solo as they get a good night’s rest that way.

But don’t take it personally, alright? It’s not you or something you did…

Fido’s just enjoying the best place to get some snooze.

#3: They don’t like the changes in your room

What else got your pupper rejecting your bed and sleeping with you?

I’ll answer that for them:

They’re not a fan of the changes you made in your room.

Dogs rarely do well in the shift of their environment.

You have to know that canines are creatures of habit and consistency.

One change in their surroundings or schedule…

Uh-oh, it won’t look good for the both of you.

So, for example, you tried this new bedspread. Or you added some scent to your room.

Things like that make your dog say:

“Nope. I’m outta here, hooman.”

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#4: They’re not yet tired

Your Dog Does Not Want To Sleep With You All Of A Sudden Because They're Not Yet Tired

Having a dog is a responsibility. Not a privilege.

And one of your duties is to ensure that Fido gets enough stimulation.

That said, dogs need exercise daily. And how much of it will depend on their size.

Apart from that, you’ll also need to play with them. Doing so mentally stimulates your pupper.

Now, if they lack those in their daily routine…

You’re going to deal with an energetic pup. No matter what hour it is.

So, when it’s time to go to bed…

Fido’s not yet ready. 

They still have so much stamina to burn due to a lack of exercise and stimulation.

With that, they won’t sleep with you. 

And instead, they’ll find something else to do to drain their energy.

Warning: This counts as boredom in dogs. And according to research, that’s a welfare concern for animals. Because if they’re bored, they’ll show these other worrying signs:

  • Depression.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Socialization issues.
  • Practicing undesirable behaviors.
  • Reduced physical and mental health quality.

#5: They feel hot

Ever wonder why you don’t catch your dog sweating bullets?

Because they only have sweatpads on their nose and paw pads. Which are only small.

So, you won’t see Fido drip through their fur.

Now, sweating is one of our ways as humans to regulate our body temperatures.

And since a dog can’t do the same, what does their body turn to?

They’ll pant.

Then, Fido will also make use of convection. Which is the transfer of heat.

So when your pupper doesn’t sleep with you anymore…

It might be because they’re feeling too hot in your bed. 

That means their body temperature is beyond 102.5°F (39.2°C).

And with you beside them, it’ll only get warmer due to your body heat.

So they set out to find a cooler place to stay. Preferably somewhere with a colder surface where they can transfer their body heat.

Most of the time, they might move to the bathroom’s tiled floor. Or somewhere with better ventilation, like near the window or door gap where the air comes in.

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#6: Fido doesn’t want to tolerate cuddling anymore

Research reveals that dogs don’t want to be touched in the first place.

That’s because they use body language to communicate. And contact isn’t included in their dictionary.

However, they learned to tolerate it because of humans. 

Regardless, they’re reserved from the touch of people they don’t know. So they might react differently when you get near them, and a stranger tries to do the same.

Now that you know that dogs don’t really like to get in contact with you…

That explains their decision not to sleep with you anymore.

#7: Because of someone (or something) around

Now, I know most dog parents can tell if this is the reason.

Because if you have a friend staying over for a while…

Your pooch will refuse to sleep next to you. 

Unfortunately, they might not like your friend that much. Or, on a less personal note, Fido feels your place is too crowded.

So, they set out to sleep somewhere else.

Well, what if there’s no one else staying?

Then, it can be something in your room.

Don’t worry. I’m not trying to scare you.

Dogs just have really good hearing. 

That’s because their ears are more sensitive than ours. Particularly to high-pitched noises.

That said, there might be something that you can’t hear, and Fido can. And it’s bothering them so much. So they walk away from you.

#8: They’re not in the mood

They’re complex creatures, aren’t they?

I wonder, too, about when we can fully understand dogs.

Because, sometimes, their reason for not sleeping with you anymore is simply this:

They’re not feeling like doing so.

“Not today, hooman. Rain check?”

That’s something Fido will say if they can speak to you about this.

#9: Stress

You might be familiar with how being stressed feels.

With that, you’ll understand why Fido is restless because of it.

And since they can’t sleep because of stress…

Your pupper will leave your bed and handle it themself.

If you’ll observe them, they might even move from one place to another. It’s because they can’t find a place and position they’re comfortable in.

According to VCA Hospitals, here are other signs of stress in dogs:

  • Pacing.
  • Shaking.
  • Whining.
  • Cowering.
  • Random panting.
  • Trying to escape.

#10: Your bed’s too small

Fido didn’t want to sleep with you anymore because they like some space.

And whether you indeed stir at night or not…

This can still be the reason.

Aside from that, it doesn’t matter whether your dog is large or small.

Sure, if your pupper is a Golden Retriever, they’ll take more space than a Chihuahua’s.

But even a pooch as small as the latter can feel like your bed is too congested.

It won’t matter because it’s their preference. Or an individual quirk.

For dogs like that, they just want as much space as they can take. And they’ll rather not compete with you on it.

#11: There’s something more interesting somewhere else

Oh, how easy it is to distract a dog.

With their curiosity and energy, they’re interested in just about everything. 

And they feel that drive so much, they’ll leave you alone in bed. 

Because there’s this thing that they can sense somewhere. Which is driving your pup crazy.

As I mentioned, dogs have great hearing ability.

According to AKC, Fido can hear even the faintest sounds. Particularly between -5 to -15 decibels, the measure of how loud the sound is.

“What could they be hearing?”

There’s a lot of possibility to that. Some examples are:

  • Wandering insects.
  • Rodents outside your house.
  • The noise that the refrigerator makes.
  • A car is pulling up a few houses down.
  • Some person is walking down the street. 

#12: Unintentional encouragement

This is what might’ve happened:

Even though Fido usually sleeps with you…

They still got their own bed.

And when you saw them lying there, you gave them a pat on the head. Which is something that dog parents do sometimes just because.

Now, that isn’t the only time.

The next moment they’re resting in their bed…

You called them a good boy. Not for being there, but because they’re behaving.

But for Fido, it means you’re happy when they’re in their bunk.

And that’s how you might’ve unintentionally encouraged your pup to no longer sleep with you.

#13: They’re getting old

Vets tell us that dogs age faster than humans.

So in your dog’s 7th year, they’re officially middle-aged. 

And once they turn 10, VCA Hospitals announce that Fido’s considered a senior dog.

Now, aging comes with lots of changes in your canine. 

They’re more prone to health issues. And they’re a lot weaker.

With that, your old pooch might not have the choice. 

Their joints are hurting so much they can’t climb into your bed anymore.

And if it’s set low…

Then Fido just simply needs better sleep. Because with age comes the need for more and deeper rest. 

Unfortunately, they can longer get that with you.

So, they sleep somewhere else.

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#14: Sleeping disorders

They don’t sleep with you anymore because they can’t do it in the first place.

Something’s keeping them up.

Particularly a worrying sleep disorder. And research reveals some that dogs can experience:

  • Narcolepsy.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • REM sleep behavior disorder.

Now, wakefulness is a common clinical sign of those conditions. 

Then, when Fido’s facing the day…

They’ll have trouble functioning due to a lack of sleep.

#15: Pain and sickness

Pain And Sickness

If not a sleeping disorder, it can be due to a different type of medical condition.

Your dog won’t sleep with you anymore because they’re not feeling well.

May it be through the pain because of an injury…

Or it can be due to an underlying medical condition. 

Those can lead to insomnia. Which keeps your pupper up at night.

And like the sleeping disorders I mentioned…

Other health issues can affect your doggo’s daily life quality. Not just their sleep or yours.

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What should I do if my dog won’t sleep with me anymore? 5 tips

#1: Let them be

As I mentioned, your pup will stop sleeping with you because they prefer not to anymore.

And for that, here’s what I can say:

It’s the way it is.

That’s how Fido likes it, so let them be.

But only if you guarantee that they’re happy and healthy. Meaning they’re not showing further behavior changes. Or any signs of illness.

#2: Make them comfortable

If you want to really convince Fido back to sleeping with you…

You’ll need to adjust a little for them.

For example, your pupper has a problem with your bed.

And if you’ve been thinking of buying a new mattress…

Maybe now’s the time for that.

Also, ensure that your room isn’t too cold or too hot. Adjust it depending on the current weather.

If it’s been sunny the whole day, try turning the AC ON at night. 

Lastly, you can shut down screens or block out windows to minimize distractions.

#3: Exercise them enough

If you don’t want your pupper to be up all night and active…

Ensure that you exercise them enough. Doing so will bring back Fido to your sheets.

Moreover, it’ll be healthy to meet their exercise requirements.

Now, PDSA reveals that how much activity a dog needs will depend on their breed. That’s because they have different energy levels.

For example, Pomeranians need no more than 1 hour per day. Their energy level is only moderate.

But for a pooch with high stamina, 1 to 2 hours would do. An example of that doggo is a Saint Bernard.

As for puppers who have very high energy levels, give them more than 2 hours. And that’s for dogs like Siberian Huskies.

Apart from exercise, your pup needs mental stimulation, too.

This is usually reserved for the activities they’ll do inside the house. Which comes in the form of play.

For this, I highly suggest using an interactive toy. It can keep Fido busy, and their mind will be healthy.

#4: Re-encourage them to sleep with you

You need to inspire Fido to be back on your bed.

Which you can do through encouragement.

Every time they set foot on your bed, reward them. Do so by praising them, or if it’s immediately available, hand them a treat.

Repeat it a couple of times, and your pup will start thinking that your bunk is the place to be.

#5: Consult the vet

Since some of the reasons are underlying medical conditions…

It’s best that you turn to a vet for help.

Especially if Fido is showing signs of illness like:

  • Lethargy.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Coughing.
  • Wheezing.
  • House accidents.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Changes in urination frequency.
  • Refusal to do activities they usually love.