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11 Reasons Why Your Dog Only Humps You (#3 Is Charming)

Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me

It was awkward at first…

But then you realize that your dog only humps you.

“Does that make me special?

Or is there something wrong with me or my pooch?”

No worries. 

I got all the answers you need and more.

Keep reading to find out:

  • 15 high-energy canines that tend to hump more.
  • 11 simple reasons why your dog only humps you.
  • How you might’ve encouraged your canine to hump you for attention.
  • And much, much, more…

Why does my dog only hump me?

Your dog only humps you because they feel most comfortable doing it to you. They could be excited, seeking attention, or feeling playful. Plus, humping is a natural habit in dogs. It’s seen during sexual arousal and masturbation. Sometimes, it’s also due to boredom, lack of exercise, or itchiness.

11 reasons why your dog only humps you

#1: Your presence excites them the most

Dogs are naturally excitable creatures.

They’d go crazy for walks, treats, and playtime.

But nothing excites them more than your presence.

For example:

You were out for the whole day… 

And when you got home, your pooch was waiting for you at the door. 

Fido greets you by jumping at you and whining.

When you finally settle on your couch…

Your pooch begins humping your legs.

Well, you have to excuse them…

They’re just happy you’re finally home, and they can’t hide their excitement.

Additional fact: This is especially true if your dog is an active breed. So, see if your pooch is in this AKC list of high-energy canines:

  • Beagle.
  • Poodle.
  • Dalmatian.
  • Irish Setter.
  • Border Collie.
  • Russell Terrier.
  • Siberian Husky.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Miniature Pinscher.
  • Labrador Retriever.
  • Shetland Sheepdog.
  • Australian Shepherd.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
  • German Shepherd Dog.
  • English Springer Spaniel.

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#2: Attention-seeking

Your Dog Only Humps You Because They're Seeking Attention

As highly social beings, your pooch is needy when it comes to attention.

So whenever Fido wants you to focus on them…

They imply, what vets call, an attention-seeking strategy. Examples of that are:

As for your pooch, their master plan is to hump you.

And when it comes to only seeking your attention…

That means you’ve been neglecting Fido for too long.

So, they want you to notice them again.

Other times, your encouragement reinforced the humping behavior.

“How did I encourage my dog to hump me?”

Rewards are an incredible motivation for dogs.

And your attention is considered one.

So when your pup humped you…

If you reacted, that means their attention-seeking plan was a success.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter how you respond to them.

Your pooch would take it as a reward even if you yell or push them away.

That’s how you reinforced their humping behavior on you. 

#3: You’re the least likely to get mad at them

This reason also involves encouragement.

But this time, it’s intentional and positive.

Because when your pooch humps you…

Instead of being mad at them, you give them attention by:

  • Laughing at them.
  • Patting their head.
  • Grabbing them and sitting them next to you or your lap.

Aside from those positive reactions…

Sometimes, even ignoring them is encouragement.

Since you don’t react negatively toward the behavior…

Your pooch will choose to hump you over everyone else.

#4: Poor socialization

According to research, puppy socialization is key to a well-adjusted adult dog.

And with the lack of interaction, your pooch will constantly crave contact. 

Which they’ll fulfill in weird ways. 

As for your pooch, they choose to hump you. 

While they do it, they also think they’re being normal.

Now, acting strange might be a tolerable awkward thing…

But don’t sweep this issue under the rug…

Because poor socialization is a welfare concern in dogs

Since, as a puppy, they weren’t exposed to as many experiences as possible…

PetMD says your fur baby will grow with general fearfulness.

That’s why poorly socialized dogs can be more reactive and aggressive. 

With that, they’ll be harder to train and handle.

So humping won’t be the only problem…

It’ll also be challenging for you to take your pooch to the clinic. 

Since Fido is always nervous, a vet visit is stressful for everyone involved.

Or you can’t have them meet your new friends. 

Because they might spook your jumpy pooch and get bitten. 

#5: They want to play with you

Imagine this:

Your dog was playing with their toy near the couch where you decided to sit.

Then, you turn the TV on and pick your favorite show.

And when you’re about to fully enter the chill zone…

Your pooch began humping your foot.

Well, that’s your pupper’s way of telling you to skip the show. 

Instead, they want you to play with them.

Now, this behavior is typical among puppies. Since that’s the age when they feel most active.

Note: Playfulness is different from attention-seeking. The latter might be due to neglect or encouragement. The former is more usual since it’s normal canine behavior. 

#6: Boredom


Unfortunately, your dog is bored…

So, they try to fill in their time by having their own fun.

Which includes humping you.

And according to AKC, here are other signs of boredom in dogs: 

Now, this might get some of you asking:

“How did my dog get bored?”

And I got 2 answers for that:

#1: Lack of exercise

Each canine has a different amount of regular exercise needed.

And if you don’t meet their minimum exercise requirement…

Not only will they become a bored dog that humps for fun…

PetMD says they’ll turn to a more problematic pup.

Because your pooch would do things like:

And since this also means they’re less active…

Your pup might gain weight which can lead to health issues like obesity.

Plus, they’ll develop stiff muscles. Which lessens their endurance for activities and makes them lazy.

#2: Lack of mental stimulation

Physical exercise isn’t enough to get your pooch occupied…

You must mentally enrich them too. 

Some examples of mentally stimulating activities are these games:

  • Puzzles.
  • Treat hunt.
  • Tug-of-war.

So, if you don’t play those and the like with your canine…

Your pup’s mind would be dull, and they’ll feel bored.

#7: They’re relieving discomfort

This time, your pooch is humping you because they’re in pain. 

Particularly around their genitals.

Here are some conditions that affect that area and lead to humping:

  • Skin allergies.
  • Prostate issues.
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI).
  • Balanoposthitis (male), vaginitis (female).

And since you’re the one who they can always turn to…

They choose to hump you every time they feel pain.

Aside from that, they might also show these signs of illness:

  • Blood in their pee.
  • Straining to urinate.
  • Drinking more water.
  • Scaly skin around their rear.
  • Discharge from their genitals.
  • Peeing inside the house again.
  • Constantly licking their genitals.
  • Increased frequency in urination.

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#8: Sexual arousal

This might be the main reason humping has such an awkward reputation in dogs.

Most people think the behavior is all sexual.

But as you’ve learned so far, it’s not.

And when humping is indeed sexual in nature…

Know that your pooch isn’t aroused by you.

Rather, they were worked up by something else. 

However, they can’t pursue it.

But since you’re near them, they hump you instead. 

Now, both male and female canines exhibit mounting behaviors. 

And here’s how they got aroused in the first place:

Sexual arousal in female dogs

Intact females undergo a heat period called the estrus cycle.

According to VCA Hospitals, it occurs twice per year. Usually, they’re 6 months apart.

And when that cycle arrives, blood will flow from her vagina at first. 

But when she’s done bleeding, she’s ready to mate.

At that point, she’ll be aroused most of the time. 

Sexual arousal in male dogs

Their libido is fueled by their sexual hormone called testosterone.

Which is present as early as a few days after their birth. 

So, mounting behaviors can be seen even in the puppyhood of male dogs.

But in adulthood, testosterone is only present in intact canines.

Now, here’s when that hormone gets activated:

When a female pooch is in heat, she releases specific pheromones from her body. 

Which brings a distinct smell…

And once a male pooch picks up that scent…

He gets aroused, which drives him to pursue the female canine.

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#9: It feels good

What comes after arousal is the pursuit to fulfill it.

So, here comes your pooch who humps you to masturbate. 

However, sexual arousal isn’t the only reason for dog masturbation.

Sometimes pups do it simply because they want to feel good.

That’s also why even spayed or neutered canines seek its pleasure.

“How are you sure they’re not sexually motivated?”

Vets reveal that the altering procedure removes all sex-related hormones in dogs.

But it doesn’t dim down the pleasure points in the canine’s brain.

So, they still look for satisfaction from masturbation.

#10: Compulsive behavior

Research says a dog’s compulsive behaviors are equivalent to a human’s OCD.

And researchers describe these practices as:

  • Intrusive.
  • Repetitive.
  • Having no function or purpose.

The most common one is tail chasing. 

Which is typically tagged as hilarious, like in this video:

As for your pooch, their compulsive behavior is humping you.

Now, as funny as it is for some when a dog gets caught up in behaviors like this…

Their compulsion can get in the way of their daily functions. 

Which affects the quality of their life.

And it can disrupt your day as well.

Especially since compulsive behaviors get worse…

Because over time, they’ll be harder to stop. 

Moreover, they’ll appear more frequently.

“How do dogs develop compulsive behaviors?”

According to PetMD, anxiety is the leading cause.

Your dog hopes to comfort themself by finding a behavior that’ll distract them.

Until it becomes an automatic response when they get anxious.

And since the behavior is now associated with a relieving feeling…

Your pooch can become addicted to doing it.

So even if they don’t feel anxious…

They begin displaying the compulsive behavior for satisfaction.

#11: A weird habit that they have

Although our knowledge about dogs has progressed over the years…

We still don’t know everything about them yet.

And that includes your canine’s exact motivation for wanting to hump you.

All I can say is they simply like to do it…

So, it became a habit for them.

“What’s the difference between this and compulsive behavior?”

If it were only a weird habit, your pooch would know when to stop.

Now, as you’ve learned, compulsive behaviors get in the way of normal functions. 

So, it’s harder to put an end to it compared to a habit.