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Can you use Hydrogen Peroxide on dogs? [Safe Alternatives]

Almost every household must have hydrogen peroxide in their first aid box. Humans use hydrogen peroxide mainly for cleaning wounds, but can you use hydrogen peroxide on dogs? The answer to the question is not simple and short because different veterinarians have different opinions about using hydrogen peroxide for dogs.

Cleaning pet wounds and abrasions should be the priority for every pet owner. Cleaning and flushing the wounds immediately helps remove harmful debris and dirt that can hinder the healing process and helps find the severity of the injury.

However, cleaning in the wrong way and using the wrong cleaning agent such as hydrogen peroxide make the situation worse and put your puppy in pain and other complications.

This article is a comprehensive guide about the use of hydrogen peroxide on dogs. I will let you know when hydrogen peroxide is safe for dogs and when it is not safe. 

After reading the article till the end, it will clear your mind from the queries related to using hydrogen peroxide for the canine. You can use the table of content for quick navigation.

Can you use Hydrogen Peroxide on dogs

Can you use hydrogen peroxide on dogs?

No, the use of hydrogen peroxide on dogs’ wounds is not a safe and ideal option. Cleaning the canine wounds with hydrogen peroxide may kill the bacteria, but it will also damage some cells and tissues known as fibroblasts. Fibroblasts cells are responsible for the proper healing of injuries and wounds. Severe Damage to the Fibroblasts cells can cause severe infection and inflammation.

Please do not use hydrogen peroxide and other remedies or home staples such as alcohol, herbal oils, shampoo, soap, or other or other acidic cleaning products on your dog’s wounds and abrasions.

In addition, ingesting or oral use of such products and remedies may not be safe for your canine. 

Here note that some veterinarians still suggest diluted hydrogen peroxide for dog wounds and skin irritation, but we recommend the safe alternative. 

Safe Alternative of Hydrogen Peroxide for Dogs

Hydrogen peroxide is not safe for cleaning dog wounds. Instead, you can follow the below technique to clean your minor canine injuries.

How to clean a dog wound?

  • You can use the warm tap water to clean the puppy’s minor wounds. Take some warm, clean water and a clean cloth. Wet the cloth and gently clean your dog skin.
  • You can also use a saline solution for pets or make it yourself at home. Take two cups of warm water, add about one teaspoon of salt, and make a salt solution. Next, clean your pooch abrasions with a clean cloth and saline solution. 
  • Gently clean the Wounds and cuts on the paws,  feet, or lower legs with a clean cloth, and remove the debris from the surrounding.
  • You can also use the dog cleaning wipes to clean the wound’s surrounding area before applying for any oral medicine. And can also use Antiseptic Hydrogel Dogs Wound Care.
  • Use a dog cone to prevent your puppy from licking wounds. 
  • Please get in touch with your veterinarians for burns or severe  injuries. Such a situation needs proper medications such as antibiotics and other veterinary care. 

What happens when you put hydrogen peroxide on dog wounds?

Putting hydrogen peroxide on a dog’s skin and wounds reduces the canine skin’s natural healing ability and damages some tissues and cells commonly known as fibroblasts. In addition, continuously using Hydrogen Peroxide on pet abrasions and injuries increases the wound area and can also cause inflammations. 

hydrogen peroxide for dogs

 What is the best Antiseptic for dogs?

An antiseptic helps your canine heal the wounds quickly and prevent any bacterial infection or inflammation. We recommend this antiseptic for dogs.  

Can you use hydrogen peroxide on dogs ears?

No, don’t try to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your dog’s ears or for infections. The use of hydrogen peroxide for canines is not safe. Many known cleaning agents such as alcohol. Hydrogen peroxide and other caustic cleaning products can cause inflammation in the dog’s ear canal and increase the infection. 

Can I use hydrogen peroxide on my dog for itching?

Putting hydrogen peroxide on your dog’s skin to relieve itching is not recommended. It can damage skin tissues. Some pet experts suggest using diluted hydrogen peroxide on dogs, but it can harm more than benefit. In addition, applying topically or ingesting this healing agent from the body is toxic for dogs and can cause health issues. 

Can I use hydrogen peroxide on my dog for itching?

Does hydrogen peroxide hurt dogs skin?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide hurts your dog’s skin and badly damages the fibroblasts cells in the skin. Putting the hydrogen peroxide on your puppy’s skin or abrasion will put your faithful companion in pain and will reduce the natural healing process.

Is rubbing alcohol safe on dogs?

No, alcohol is toxic for dogs. Applying or rubbing the alcohol topically on your dog’s skin makes it flaky and ugly. In contrast, consuming it from the body causes vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, irregular breathing, disorientation, incoordination collapse, and seizures

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