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Can dogs digest rawhide? Side effects and safe Alternatives

Rawhide chews are among the most famous dog chews. You probably heard from someone that rawhide is bad for dogs. So as this true? Is Rawhide bad for dogs? Can dogs digest rawhide?

What is rawhide?

How Is Rawhide Made? Rawhide treats for dogs are made from the inner layer of cow or horse hides. In manufacturing, these hides are going through a process.

During the process, the hides are cleaned and cut or ground and then coated with toxic chemical combinations like sodium sulfide liming, which helps remove the hair and fat that are still attached to the hide.

A special chemical carcinogen is then used to separate the two layers of a cow’s skin, the outer layer is used to make leather, and the inner layer is used to make rawhide.

These rawhides are then pressed into chewable dog treats of different shapes and sizes for dogs’ different sizes.

Some rawhide treats manufacturing made the treats from beef, chicken, or liver flavorings.

Can dogs digest rawhide?

dogs digest rawhide

Pet owners often want to know about can dogs digest rawhide? The digestibility of rawhide may vary from dog to dog, the duration of chewing and the manufacturing process.

Some hides manufacturers make the rawhides chews from more digestible ingredients and easily digestible, while some make it hard to digest.

Can dogs digest rawhide chews? In general, the rawhides are not easy to digest, and dogs suffering from gastrointestinal issues and upset stomachs can face high obstruction risks.

So before buying the treats for your furry friend, first see the ingredients and chose the easily digestible rawhides.

How long does it take a dog to digest rawhide?

The rawhide takes about 2 to 5  days to be digested or can last for months in his stomach, depending on the dogs’ stomach health.

The average duration of rawhide to be digested is more than the other foods. The approximate time of the meal to be digested is about six hours.

However, this duration is 50 percent more for the rawhide.

Benefits of Rawhide for dogs

  • Chewing is an instinct for dogs that provide your dog stimulations and help to relieve anxiety.
  • It keeps the dog’s teeth clean, strong, and keeps the breath fresher.
  • Rawhide can be best for your puppy to protect your shoes and other objects from being bitten.

Side effects of rawhide for dogs

  • Rawhide can cause choking hazards.
  • These chewing treats can pose a choking and blockage risk.
  • It can contain toxic ingredients, which can lead to health issues.
  • It can lead to stomach upset and digestive irritation.
  • Rawhide can lead your puppy to diarrhea.
  • Can cause intestinal blockage and leads to death.

Safe serving ideas of rawhide for dogs:

How to help dogs digest rawhide? If your dogs love to eat the rawhide and you decide to give the chews to your furry friend.

Follow these safe serving ideas to avoid any complications and minimize the risk and to chose safe chews for dogs.

  1. Always ask your vet before offering the treat to your pup to know about the safe amount for your dog.
  2. Wash your hands properly before and after giving the chews to your dogs.
  3. Cut the chews into small pieces to avoided choking hazards.
  4. Manually remove the chewed up rawhide before the dog to avoid esophageal or intestinal obstruction,

Signs and symptoms of rawhide toxicity in dogs:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Pain and Gagging
  • Dog panting after eating rawhide
  • Lack of Energy
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Avoid Eating
  • Regurgitation
  • Repeated swallowing

Contact your veterinarians immediately if you notice any of the above symptoms and.

How to choose the best Rawhide for dogs?

Choosing the right chews and safe chews for dogs is an important task for every pet owner to avoid complications.

Before buying the rawhide for your dogs, always choose the best and safe rawhide chews for your puppy.

First, see the ingredients of the treat and chose if there are no toxic ingredients in the food. Chose the product of the easily digestible ingredients.

Safe rawhide alternatives for dogs:

As rawhide can put your doggie in some trouble, pet owners often look for safe rawhide alternatives. Below we have listed the safe rawhide alternatives for dogs.

1. Kong Chew toys:

Kong toys are one of the most famous and useable dog toys. The kong toy is made of reusable rubber and filled with some sorts of dogs treat.

2. Sweet potato chews:

Dogs love to eat sweet potatoes. The sweet potato chews help your puppy in dental care.

3. DIY treats:

The DIY treats are made by freezing healthy dog foods such as peanut butter, fruits, and vegetables.

4. V-dog Breath Bones:

These chews are made of sweet potatoes and such ingredients that improve digestion and dental health.

5. Yak chews & Rice chews:

These chews are mainly used for dental care in dogs.


Why is rawhide bad for dogs?

Are Rawhide Chews Bad for Dogs? Yes, the side effects are many as compared to the benefits. Rawhide is bad for dogs when serving in the wrong way, and if your dog ingests the treat.

Rawhides pose a choking hazard to dogs and can lead to the esophagus and intestinal blockage. Also, it has a high risk of contamination and can lead your puppy to severe health issues.

At what age can puppies have rawhide?

According to pet experts and vets, the risk and side effects of rawhides are more for puppies as compared to adult dogs.

The treat can put canine of any age at risk. Puppies do not have a developed digestive system and having poor swallowing ability, so the risk of choking hazards, esophagus, and the intestinal blockage are high.

Do Dogs Like Rawhide Bones?

Yes, dogs like Rawhide bones. But as a pet owner, you should be careful about any dog treat for a safe experience.

The Rawhide bones basically consist of the inner part of the hide of bovine livestock and available in almost every pet store.

Rawhide bones are used for teething in puppies. For old dogs, this is used for dental care, fresh breath, and to relieve anxiety.

Does Rawhide break down in a dog’s stomach?

Rawhide is not an easily digestible treat for dogs. Th treat does not easily break down in a dog’s stomach. The Rawhide almost takes 2 to 4 days to go out from the stomach. Sometimes it can lead your pup to intestinal blockage and other stomach issues.

What do I do if my dog swallowed a rawhide?

Swallowing a rawhide can lead your pup to trouble.  When a dog swallowed the rawhide strip, then the risk of stucking the rawhide in the esophagus and in other digestive tract is very high.

So feeding the rawhide and let your dog swallow it is a very bad idea. Always make small slices of the treat to avoid complications.

Are rawhide bones digestible?

Can dogs digest rawhide chews?  No rawhide bones are not digestible. It is best to find a safe alternative for your dog.

However, if your dogs insist on eating the treat, then break the large pieces into small slices because large chews can cause choking hazards and intestinal blockage.