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Why is corn bad for dogs? Benefits – Side effects

As summer approaches, Every pet owner wants the best for their dogs and want to share corn with the furry friend. There is so much misinformation about corn as a portion of dog food, you may be wondering, can dogs eat corn? And why is corn bad for dogs? before you decide corn as dog food, we want you to know the real facts.

Is Corn bad for dogs?

Corn is one of the most popular cereal grains globally, and according to vets pet experts, nutritionists and our research there is nothing unsafe or terrible in corn for dogs.

Many veterinary nutritionists agree that corn is not toxic if you feed it to your puppy. Corn contains an abundant amount of several vitamins and minerals, which add health benefits. Many manufacturers of dog food add corn because it is relatively inexpensive.

The only thing every pet owner should remember that always serve in moderation and avoid if your dog is allergic to the grain.

Why is corn bad for dogs?

Corn is safe for dogs when feeding in moderation; however, there are some facts about which the question arises. Why is corn bad for dogs? To better understand the answer to the question, every pet owner should read the facts below:

  1. The chronic risk of corn to allergic dogs is one of the main issues for feeding corn to dogs. Many dogs have chronic allergies to corn, which can cause severe itching, eye swelling, and hyperactivity.
  2. Many dogs food contain cheap corn. A pet body is not equipped to break down the walls of corn, hard grains, and vegetables. Feeding such food may cause health issues in your Furry friend.
  3. Corn grains are not easily digestible. Even Humans are not able to digest corn very well. So this grain might cause an upset stomach and intestinal blockage.
  4. Corn contains some amount of sugar and increases the food’s sugar content, which is toxic to diabetic dogs and can obese dogs.
  5. Some time in severe cases like intestinal blockage or stomach upset like diarrhea and vomiting can even cause death, especially to heavily allergic reactions.

Benefits of corn for dogs:

Corn contains some essential nutrients that add tons of benefits to puppy health, including:

  • Protein: Corn contains an abundant amount of proteins and amino acids, which are best for muscles, skin, and hair health.
  • Antioxidants: Due to the presence of antioxidants like vitamin E and beta- carotene boost the immune system.
  • Linoleic Acid: The omega-6 fatty acid found in the corn helps maintain healthy skin and immune system. Dogs can not be able to produce omega-6 fatty acids on there own.
  • Fiber: Corns helps to promote Gut health, motility, and avoid constipation due to its abundant amount of fiber.

Benefits of Corn in pet food:

Corn contains some essential nutrients that add tons of perks to puppy health, including. Protein, Antioxidants like vitamin E and beta- carotene, Linoleic Acid, omega-6 fatty acid Fiber which all are important for the better health of the pet.

Many dogs food manufacturer used corm in pet food due to its abundant amount of these nutrients and also less expensive. 

Serving ideas of corn to dogs:

  • The best way to serve corn to your puppy is, always chose the best quality corn and avoided cheap corn.
  • This is better to feed powder corn in your pup regular diet to prevent choking hazards and intestinal blockage.
  • Do not overfeed them with corn always serve in moderation.
  • Before buying a manufacturer, products must read the ingredients, as many products contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs.


Can corn make dogs sick?

Corn is safe and not toxic to dogs; however, moderation is most important. Corn contains healthy nutrients like proteins, antioxidants and fibres, which give health benefits to your pet.

But can corn make dogs sick? The answer to the question is it depends on the serving methods of corn to pups. Corns grains are hard and not easy to digest which some times cause stomach upset, and intestinal blockage which can make your dog sick.

Can dogs eat corn kernels?

Many vet and nutritionists consider corn safe for dogs. But can dogs eat corn kernels? Corn Kernal might be safe for your dog to eat. However, keep an eye when you have the plan to feed to puppies as they may choke on a kernel.

Some of the precautions also need. Do not let your dog eat the corn kernels off a cob because the cob can cause intestinal blockage. Slated Corn kernels are also not safe for your dogie because salt is toxic to dogs.

Is corn on the cob bad for dogs?

Eating Corn on the cob is likable among humans, and also pets demand it from their owner but do not share it with your furry friend. Because if they chocked the cob and ingested, then it can cause a severe intestinal blockage.

Feed the grain without the cob. If your dog swallowed the cob, then he can face the health issues like dehydration, repeated vomiting lethargy, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

Contact your nearby vet when notice these symptoms. These are alarming indicators that your dog might have ingested the cob.

Can dogs eat sweet corn?

Yes! Sweetcorn is rich in fiber, sugar and carbohydrates and safe for your dog on occasion. Always feed the sweet corn to your puppy in moderation and don’t overfeed them with the sweet corn.

Corn is a filler in dogs diet so You must ensure your dog has a balanced diet with the healthy nutrients. Before introducing any human food to your pet contact your vet for the advice.