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Cerenia dosage for Dogs by weight chart-Maropitant Citrate

Cerenia can be used for many dogs’ health issues but is commonly used for Motion sickness and acute vomiting. Car sickness is A common health issue that occurs in the majority of dogs. Because of this, dog owners often leave their puppies at home instead of bringing them along to travel. A study concluded that up to 23 percent of dogs experience car sickness while traveling. What is the Safe Cerenia dosage for dogs?

Many medicines are available for canine motion sickness and acute vomiting, but Cerenia (maropitant citrate) is  FDA  approved to relieve nausea and vomiting. It is also used as a mild pain control medication.

A veterinarian may prescribe maropitant citrate for many canine health issues, such as gastrointestinal and upset stomach problems. This medicine is not for human use

Safe Cerenia dosage for dogs by weight

Cerenia (maropitant citrate) is recommended for dogs 16 weeks and older. The dose of Cerenia depends on the health issue. Cerenia dosage For Acute Vomiting in canine is 2mg/kg once a day for 5 consecutive days. For motion sickness, the safe dose for dogs is 8mg/kg 2 hours before travel once daily for up to 2 consecutive days. Cerenia Injectable Solution for dogs is 1mg/kg once daily. Do not give the medicine immediately after the meal. Wait about 1 hour and then administer. 

The safe and ideal amount of any medicine depends on the dog’s weight, size, health condition, and severity of the illness. Please remember to always offer any medicine to your pup with your vet’s advice only.

maropitant citrate for dogs

 Cerenia dosage chart for dogs by weight:

Dogs Body WeightCerenia Dose for Acute VomitingCerenia dose for Motion Sickness
40-50kg 60-70mg200-300mg
50kg and above100mg300-400mg

The above chart is well researched but can only be used for educational purposes. We have mentioned the less dose for the safety precautions. The dose of any medicine varies from dog to dog. For the safe use of any medicine, always consult your veterinarian because your vet can better decide the safe amount of any drug after observing the physical condition of your pet. 

Cerenia tablets dosing chart

Usually, Cerenia tablets for dogs come in three doses 16mg Cerenia tablet, 24mg, 60mg, and 160mg. 

Below is the cerenia tablets dosing chart for dogs.

Dog Body weightCerenia tablet dose For Acute VomitingCerenia tablet dose For motion sickness
2kg and above½  tablet 16mg1 tablet 16mg
4 kg and above½  tablet 16mg2 tablets 16mg 
6 kg and above1  tablet 16mg1 ½ tablet 24mg
8kg and above1  tablet 16mg1 tablet 60mg
10kg and above1  tablet 16mg1 tablet 60mg
15kg and above1 tablet 24mg1 ½ tablet 60mg
20kg and above1 ½ tablet 24mg1 tablet 160mg
30kg and above1 tablet 60mg1 ½ tablet 160mg
40kg and above1 tablet 60mg1 ½ tablet 160mg
50kg and above1 ½ tablet 60mg2 tablets 160mg
60 kg and above2 tablet 60mg2 tablets 160mg

Cerenia Injection for dogs dosage:

Cerenia Injectables are mainly used for the treatment and prevention of acute vomiting in dogs. According to veterinarians and product manufacturers, the safe cerenia injectable dosage for dogs aged 2-4 months or older is 1 mg/kg (0.45 mg/lb) once daily for up to 5  consecutive days. For the treatment of vomiting in dogs older than 4 months due to Emetogenic Medications or Chemotherapeutic, the ideal dose of cerenia injection is subcutaneously at 1 mg/kg (0.45 mg/lb), 45-60 minutes prior to use of emetogenic or chemotherapeutic agents.

Cerenia Injection for dogs dosage

Maropitant citrate Precautions for dogs

Before giving the Cerenia maropitant citrate to your puppy, you must need to know about the below Precautions.

  • Nothing can replace your vet’s advice. Only offer the medicine with your veterinarian’s recommendation.
  • The medicine has not been evaluated for pregnant, lactating, and breeding pets. Confirm with the vet before offering.
  • Offer only with vet prescription If your pooch is on other medication, especially medications that are highly protein-bound such as NSAIDs, cardiac, etc.
  • In hepatic dysfunction dogs, use the medicine with caution and professional vet advice because maropitant citrate is metabolized by CYP3A enzymes.
  • Do not give the tablet tightly in food, as this can affect the absorption of the drug in the body.

Benefits of Cerenia for Dogs

  • Veterinary FDA-approved medication
  • It can help puppies in motion sickness
  • Used to treat acute vomiting in dogs
  • Help your dog in mild pain
  • Non-drowsy

Possible side effects of Maropitant Citrate in Dogs

Every medicine comes with some mild or severe side effects. The safe amount of maropitant citrate is safe, and most dogs can take Cerenia without any toxic reactions; however, it may develop some of the below side effects in some dogs.

If you observe any of the above symptoms after administering maropitant citrate to your pet, make sure to contact your veterinarian. 

Reference: you can read here all the details of the medicine in pdf form.


Can I give Cerenia with food to my dog?

Do not give the tablet tightly in food, as this can affect the absorption of the drug in the body. The best way to give the Cerenia to your dog is, to give 1 hour after a small diet for best results to relieve car sickness and acute vomiting.

Can Cerenia kill my dog?

The safe amount of Cerenia is safe, and most dogs can take Cerenia without any toxic reactions and will not kill your puppy. However, during the course of a US field study, the death ratio of the dogs while testing the medicine was 4.9%. Before offering any drug to your faithful companion, first, confirm the safe use with your vet.