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How often do Dogs need Rabies vaccine shots? Age Chart

Vaccines keep a vital role in human’s and pets’ health. Vaccination prevents our dogs and us from many life-threatening and fatal diseases. Rabies is a viral disease that can affect different kinds of mammals. Research from the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that this deadly virus kills about 60,000 people worldwide every year. How often do dogs need Rabies shots?

Keeping your puppy updated from the essential dog’s vaccine such as Rabies shots are most important to ensure your faithful companion remains healthy and strong. Because rabies is a zoonotic viral disease, it can spread from animals to humans. 

Different countries and states have different sets of rules and veterinary guidelines for pet vaccination. Some countries do not allow you to carry your pet along with you until properly vaccinated with a certificate proof. 

How often do dogs need Rabies shots?

First Shot14 weeks of age
2nd Shot1 year of age
Re-VaccinationEvery 1 to 3 Years

Rabies shots for dogs depend on the type of vaccination and the country’s law. The safe age of the first dose of the rabies vaccine is 14 weeks or 4 months. Rabies usually have a 1 year or 3-year vaccine type. Veterinarians recommend The first 2 shots must be administered within 1 year of each other of any type of vaccine. Then the 3rd booster shot depends on the type of vaccines labeled for. Either 1 year or 3 years. 

Rabies shots are not recommended for Puppies aged under three months. Please remember before giving any vaccines to your dog, first confirm with your vet to avoid any complications. 

In Some states, rabies vaccines may only be administered by or under the supervision of a licensed and professional veterinarian.

What is the difference between a 1 year and 3 year rabies vaccine?

1 year and 3 years terms of rabies vaccine is generally used to indicate the duration of effectiveness of the rabies vaccine. The only difference in these shots is how it’s labeled. The 1 year labeled vaccine will be effective for one year, and you will need to administrate the booster dose after 12 months, while the 3-year label shots will be effective for 3 years. 

Signs of Rabies in Dogs:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Change in the behaviors
  • Excessive saliva excretion
  • Staggering
  • Ataxia
  • Weakness
  • Hard time walking, eating, or drinking.
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Seizures
  • Cerebral dysfunction

When should a dog first be vaccinated against rabies?

Dogs can be vaccinated against the first dose of the rabies vaccine at the puppy stage when 14 weeks old. Some veterinarians also suggest the 12 weeks age. If your pooch is over the age of 14 weeks and not vaccinated against rabies, you can vaccinate immediately and at any time.

Do dogs need rabies shots every year?

The administration of rabies shots to a dog every year depends on the type of vaccine and state law. Certain vaccines are labeled as effective for either 1 year or 3 years. In Some states laws, the rabies vaccine will be given to your pet every year, regardless of the effectiveness of vaccines labeled for one year or 3.

However, some states follow the manufacturers’ label guidelines of the vaccine. Make sure to follow your veterinarian and state laws and requirements. 

How long are dogs’ rabies shots good for?

The effectiveness of rabies shots depends on the vaccine labeled for. Either for 1 year or 3 years. However, different states and countries have different laws about the duration of the vaccine administration for pets. 

Rabies Shot Side Effects in Dogs:

With any type of vaccination, the immune system inside the body is activated, and in the response, some minor side effects and reactions may develop.

Below are some of the possible side effects of the Rabies vaccine in dogs.

  • Fever
  • Mild Pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Temporary weakness
  • Swelling in the injection area

According to the veterinarians, the majority of dogs do not exhibit any side effects of the rabies shots; however, in some pets, these side effects will remain for a short period of time for 1 to 2 days.

If you notice any severe side effects, make sure to contact your vet immediately. 

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How often do dogs need rabies shots in California?

In California law, this is required for every dog to have rabies vaccine shots at 3-4 months of age and must receive 3 rabies shots in the first 5 years. The first dose of dogs in California will be administered at 3-4 months of age, the second dose at 1 year and 4 months of age, and the third shot after  3 years later than the second dose.

After completing these doses, the pets must be vaccinated every three years for the life span.

In California, the only mandatory vaccine for dogs is the rabies vaccine. However, Servedogs recommend ensuring your pup receives other core vaccinations such as vaccines for parvovirus, adenovirus-2, leptospira, and distemper virus.

Before vaccinating your puppy against rabies, first, confirm the use of 1 year labeled or 3 years labeled shots with your vet. 


How often do dogs need rabies shots in Texas?

According to the Texas law of rabies vaccine shots for dogs, every dog and cat must be vaccinated against the rabies virus by 4 months. The vaccination schedule will be continued in Texas on the  1 year or 3-year basis, depending on the type and effectiveness of the vaccine labeled for.

Rabies for dogs in texas

how often do dogs need rabies shots in Colorado?

According to the Colorado law, this is a must for every dog’s owner to vaccinate their puppy against rabies virus at 16 weeks of age. The second dose of the rabies shot for dogs in Colorado will be given after 1 year and then after 3 years. 

Please make sure to administrate the shots under the supervision of a professional and certified vet.

rabies shots for dogs in Colorado

How often do dogs need rabies shots in Oregon?

In Oregon, this is a must for every puppy owner to vaccinate their pup with rabies shots at the age of 14 weeks. In Oregon law, the initial dose of the vaccine will be considered effective for 1 year, and then the pet will require booster rabies shot every 3 years.

Certain veterinarians may also suggest the second dose after one year of the initial. Please confirm further your Oregon state law from your veterinarian. 

rabies vaccination for dogs in oregon

how often do dogs need rabies shots in Florida?

In Florida, The initial shot of the rabies vaccine will be administrated at the age of 14 weeks to your dogs and then revaccinated at 12 months after the initial dose. Rabies vaccines is one of the core vaccine required by law in Florida. For the booster dose of the vaccine, you will follow the manufacturer label of the vaccination.

This means if your dog has been given the 1 year labeled vaccine, then you must give the vaccine after 1 year, and if you have administrated the 3 years labeled shots, then this will be effective for 3 years. 

Read more about the rabies laws of Florida.

puppy rabies vaccine in florida

How often do dogs need rabies shots in Utah?

In Utah law, This is a must for every dog owner to properly vaccinate their pet against the rabies virus. The first shot of the rabies vaccine for dogs in Utah should be given at the age of 16-19 weeks and then a booster dose at  1 year and 6 months and then every three years for the life span.

Here it is important to note that before vaccinating your dog, first confirm the vaccine’s effectiveness is labeled for either 1 year or three years. Your veterinarian will better guide you about the schedule of the shots according to Utah law. 

rabies shots for dogs in Utah

How often do dogs need rabies shots in Illinois?

In Illinois, rabies vaccines are essential by law for all dogs across the state. Every pet owner must inoculate their dog against the rabies virus at the age of 4 months and then a second shot after the one-year gape of the first rabies vaccine under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

Rabies vaccination law for dogs in illinois


How often do dogs need rabies shots in Ohio?

In Ohio,s dogs will be vaccinated against rabies at 14-16 weeks of age. Ohio does not have state-wide vaccination requirements by law; however, this is mandatory in some states such as Trumbull, Mahoning, Ashtabula, and Columbiana counties.

Besides these, every local government has the authority to impose the law in their area of rule. In Ohio, there are other laws to control rabies, such as you will need proof of rabies vaccination before bringing your pet cat or dog to the state.

 rabies vaccine for puppies in ohio

How often do dogs need rabies shots in New York state?

In New York state, this is required by law for every dog and cat owner to vaccinate their pet against the rabies virus at the age of 4 months for the first dose. The second shot will be given 1 year after the first dose. After this, every dog will need a booster shot based on 1 or 3 years. 

Some Rabies Vaccines manufacture vaccines for the one-year protection, while some are manufactured for the three-year protection. Confirm with your veterinarian before injecting the shots into your puppy.

rabies shots for dogs in new york

How often do dogs need rabies shots in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, this is illegal for any pet owner to have a dog or cat unvaccinated against rabies at the age of 6 months. This is a must for every dog or cat owner in Tennessee to give a rabies shot to their puppy before 6 months. The ideal age for rabies shots is 14-16 weeks.

rabies law for dogs in Tennessee