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Why do dogs stick their tongue out? Possible Reasons

You must have observed a dog with tongue out. It’s called panting. Many pet parents around the world want to know about why do dogs stick their tongue out? In the article, we will briefly discuss the possible reasons for dogs panting.

Why do dogs stick their tongue out?

why do dogs stick their tongue out?

Panting in dogs has some good reasons behind taking place, as well as bad reasons. Below are the possible reasons why do dogs stick their tongue out and pant?

1.Genetic condition:

Some dogs constantly hang out the tongue. The most common reason for the dogs constantly panting is a genetic condition mostly found in puppies and flat-faced pups.

According to pet experts and vets, their tongue may be too large for the mouth or jawbone. This condition is generally called Hanging Tongue Syndrome.

In this condition, the dog’s tongue hangs out of their mouth, the reason behind this condition is their tongues may quite literally be too large for the oral cavity, or breeding may have led to an abnormal jaw bone that doesn’t properly support it.


puppy panting

When humans get warm, they sweat. When dogs get warm, they pant. Both of these responses cool down the body, which leads to evaporation.

When your dog tongue out and breathing heavily, it helps water evaporate from their tongue and upper respiratory tract, helping your dogs cool dow

3. Sign of Tiredness:

Humans often pant after heavy exercise or hard work. Dogs are also panting after a busy workday like hunting or training.

The sticking out of the tongue indicates that your pup is tired and wants some rest.

4. Severe dental disease or Mouth Injury:

Sometimes your pup might be suffering from any dental disease, which might lead your dog to the sticking its tongue out.

some times the lower teeth fall due to dental disease, then there is no support for the tongue, so it pops out and hangs out to either the side or out the front.

Also, if your pup has an internal mouth injury or oral cancer, then he may face the same problem

5. Sign of thirst:

According to pet experts, dehydration is one of the dogs’ main causes to stick their tongue out.

If you observe that your pup sticks their tongue out and Loss saliva, it means water shortage in his body, and he feels thirsty.

So The next time when you see your dog with tongue out, give him plenty of water. And keep them hydrated.

6. Effect of new medication:

Ask your vet first if you introduce any medication to your furry friend as self-medication might be dangerous for your pup.

Sometimes a new drug put some allergic reaction or effects on your dog, which could be the cause of their tongue sticking out.

So If your dog has recently been put on new medication and is experiencing this condition or any other new habits, consult with your vet.

7. Sign of relaxation:

Sometimes a tongue hanging out isn’t a sign of danger. Because sometimes, it’s a sign of pure relaxation.

Dogs also stick their tongue out when they feel relax or eat a delicious meal, or after playing.

What to do if your dog sticks their tongue out?

  • If your dog is suffering from Hanging Tongue Syndrome, then provide plenty of water and keep their tongue and gums cooler.
  • A sudden appearance of this syndrome combined with odd behavior, could be a sign of neurological problems. If this is happening with your dog, consult your vet ASAP to make sure nothing too serious is happening.
  • Discoloration of the tongue and gums can be a sign of infection and should be discussed with your vet immediately.
  • If your dog is panting a lot, try to keep them in a cool place and reduce physical activity for a little while. Make sure they have plenty of water.
  • If panting continues for a long time even after your dog appears to have cooled down, it may be time for a trip to the vet to be on the safe side.


why do dogs stick their tongue out? Panting in dogs has some good reasons behind taking place, as well as bad reasons. The possible reasons of this condition in dogs could be Genetic condition, evaporation, Sign of Tiredness, Severe dental disease or Mouth Injury, Sign of thirst, Effect of new medication, Sign of relaxation etc.