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Yikes, My Dog Likes Period Blood! 9 Interesting Reasons

Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood

As many reasons as you can find

It’s uncomfortable when your dog sniffs your private area. 

And it gets even more awkward when a woman’s on her period.

What’s going on? 

Your dog isn’t a vampire or anything… 

So why do they like blood? 

Continue reading to learn:

  • If it’s safe for dogs to lick period blood or not.
  • What to do when Fido keeps doing this behavior.
  • 9 interesting reasons why your dog likes period blood (#1 is awesome).
  • And so much more…

Why do dogs like period blood?

Dogs like period blood due to its strong smell. That’s because canines have sensitive noses. Moreover, dogs are carnivores. Thus, they’re naturally drawn to the scent of blood. However, male canines are more interested in it, unlike females. Some dogs also like blood due to boredom or curiosity.

9 reasons why dogs like (the smell of) period blood

#1: Dogs have 300 million scent receptors 

Your furry pal has a superpower

And it’s all thanks to their powerful noses. 

You see, vets state that: 

Dogs have 300 million scent receptors. Meanwhile, you and I only have around 400. 

With that huge gap, it’s no surprise that dogs love to sniff things around.

In fact, pups even know when a storm’s coming. That’s because they can smell the changes in the air

Now, imagine what else these fur babies could pick up.

I mean, with their sensitive noses…

Things that smell bad to you might be a nice aroma for Fido.

Like period blood, for example.

However, some dogs can’t sniff things very well

And I’m talking about breeds like: 

  • Boxers.
  • Shih Tzus.
  • Chow Chows.
  • Boston Terriers.
  • English Bulldogs.

Now, these pups might not be interested in (period) blood.

But how about those dogs with the strongest senses? 

Well, you should meet these Fidos: 

And from this list… 

There’s also a breed named Bloodhound. 

Now, as the name implies: 

These Fidos are good at tracking bloody scents.

#2: They can smell your pheromones 

During a woman’s period, her hormones shift a lot. 

Now, since your furry pal has strong noses… 

Dogs can smell those chemicals too. 

And I’m talking about pheromones. Which are signals released by the body. 

But what exactly does Fido get from this? 

Well, when your dog sniffs the blood… 

They could pick up details about the female, like: 

  • Where she’s been.
  • What she ate earlier.
  • Who she hung out with.
  • Which things she’s been touching.

In a sense, it’s like Fido could smell the past. 

And since your furry pal likes their hoomans a lot…

They always want to know more about their fur parents. 

That’s why dogs are attracted to the scent of blood. 

But how can your pup do this? 

Well, experts reveal that: 

Dogs have a unique body part called Jacobson’s organ. And it acts like a 2nd nose for your furry pal. 

In fact, science also adds: 

40% of a pup’s brain works for the Jacobson’s organ. 

Thanks to that… 

Dogs can smell things that most humans won’t notice at all. 

#3: Your dog can pick up your emotions

Dogs Like The Smell Of Period Blood Because They Can Pick Up Your Emotions

As I said in reason #2: 

Fido can smell your pheromones. 

But you know what’s more interesting? 

Your dog can sniff your emotions too. And that’s because your scent changes based on how you feel. 

Now, what do some women go through during their periods? 

Well, many ladies tend to have mood swings. 

With that, dogs might smell a variety of emotions. 

So, in a sense… 

Fido’s not drawn to the scent of blood. Instead, pups are more curious about the feelings that come with periods. 

Moreover, research also states that: 

Dogs have an ability known as emotional contagion

Which means your pup can read your facial expressions. 

And they do that by observing your:

  • Tone of voice.
  • Body language.
  • The way you smell at that time. 

To simplify this… 

Let’s say, 1 lady has a sweet scent when she’s crying.

And this typically occurs during her period. 

Now, clever dogs will remember all these things. 

With that, they understand how humans feel. 

In that case, Fidos might nudge their fur parent with their nose. And this might seem like the pup’s trying to sniff the blood. 

But in reality…

It could be the dog’s way of comforting their sad fur mommy.

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#4: Dogs are curious animals

Scientists say that: 

Pups are as smart as 2-year-old kids. 

With this, your dog has the same innocence as a toddler. 

How’s this related to the topic, you ask? 

Well, just like children… 

Fidos are naturally curious animals. Especially if you count your dog’s past in the wild.

Before domestication…

These pups were hunters. And Fidos track their prey through scent. 

Thanks to that, dogs enjoy investigating. Thus, any type of aroma can get these furry pals excited. 

And that includes the scent of period blood. 

Now, your pup can do all this due to their great sense of smell.

Plus, just picture yourself in Fido’s paws. 

When you can sense so many things around you… 

Wouldn’t you get excited or curious too? 

With this, you can say: 

Dogs are kind of nosy, aren’t they?

#5: They’re aware of fertility 

As I said in reason #2: 

A woman’s body goes through many changes during her period. And that’s due to her shifting hormones.

Thanks to that, your furry friend can also tell when a lady’s fertile.

Now, this could make dogs act crazy sometimes. After all, they might be thinking: 

“Is hooman about to have a baby?” 

And that might make the pup so hyper. Sometimes, they’ll be extra clingy when a woman’s pregnant too. 

That’s because it’s a dog’s nature to protect females.

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#6: Male dogs tend to like blood more

As you read above:

Dogs know when a woman’s fertile. 

And that’s also why male dogs tend to like blood even more.

You see, when female Fidos are in heat… 

They bleed, too, just like a woman on her period. 

During that season, the male doggos get excited as well. 

And that’s why you might catch Fido humping everything. Including your arm, or even your cat.

Now, this might make you wonder: 

“Can dogs get sexually attracted to humans?” 

The answer is no. And that’s because of Fido’s instincts as well. 

For one, you don’t smell like a dog. Nor do you even look like 1, right? 

With that, pups don’t get ‘turned on’ by humans. 

But, period blood does make Fidos curious. 

After all, the scent of bleeding from dogs could also be the same as a human’s menstruation.

And that might trick Fido into thinking: 

“Woah, I smell blood. 

There must be a single lady doggo nearby!” 

Now, that could make male dogs excited

However, this might be an issue for some fur parents.

For example, Fido will start sniffing your private area. Now, that can be embarrassing in front of other people.

So, here are vital tips on how to calm a sexually excited dog

  • Buy interactive toys.
  • Spaying or neutering.
  • Ask the vet for therapy tips.
  • Spend more time with Fido.
  • Give them longer exercises.
  • Train your dog with self-control tricks.
  • Keep male pups away from the females.

Note: If none of these tips work, it’s best to talk to an expert.

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#7: Most dogs are scavengers

Remember what I said in reason #4? 

Dogs were hunters. 

But aside from that, they’re carnivores too. 

That’s why scientists revealed: 

Dogs have 1 rule of the paw. And it’s all about eating anything. As long as it smells just like meat. 

Now, when it comes to period blood… 

Many pups might think there’s a meal nearby. 

That’s because Fidos also survived by: 

Scavenging for food. 

That means dogs don’t mind eating dead meat. Especially when out in the wild.

In fact, just look at your furry pal’s canine cousins. 

You see, experts state that: 

Wolves take whatever they can get

So, if hunger strikes and there’s nothing to eat… 

These wild Fidos would even search for dead meat. 

And to do that, wolves track down anything that bleeds. 

After all, to these canines: 

Where there is blood, there’s also food.

Thus, if your dog keeps sniffing a lady on her period…

Just try giving the pooch some toys or snacks. 

That should keep them distracted too.

#8: They got rewarded for it 

They Got Rewarded For It

When Fido keeps sniffing period blood… 

I did say you could give the dog something to play with. 

Though, that could also be an issue sometimes. 

How so?

Your pup might think you’re rewarding them. 

For example, let’s say you caught Fido licking some blood. Then, you gave them a chew toy for distraction. 

And as you hoped, it worked on your pup.

But in your dog’s mind… 

They might lick blood again, just to make you give Fido new toys. 

Now, don’t think badly of your pooch. 

As I said in reason #4: 

These pups have the innocence of a child. Thus, they don’t know when they’re doing something wrong.

That aside…

Some dogs are trained to smell blood 

Remember, Bloodhounds? I mentioned them in reason #1.

You see, these Fidos usually worked with the police. 

And they help search for missing people or criminals…

Now, these dogs do that by following the scent of blood. 

But of course, training a pooch isn’t simple. 

So, to make these hounds work better… 

Humans reward them with treats. 

Moreover, as I said in reason #5: 

Dogs can sniff diseases too. And 1 example is your blood sugar level. 

Thanks to that, these pups are trained to be service animals. 

And just like scent hounds… 

Support dogs also get rewarded for their good job. Thus, it encourages the pooch to work even harder. 

So, in case you adopted a worker canine: 

Just keep these factors above in mind. 

After all, Fido could’ve been trained to sniff blood. 

Thus, they can’t help but be interested in its scent. 

Now, if you want to fix your pup’s sniffing habits… 

You can learn some useful tips here: 

#9: Your dog’s just bored 

Many Fidos are full of energy. 

Thanks to that, they always want to do something. 

And they can’t stay calm when they’re bored. 

So, what do dogs do to have fun? 

Well, sometimes, they ask for your attention. 

And like I said in reason #8: 

Some Fidos can learn that sniffing blood makes you notice them. 

Thus, they’ll do it again and again. 

Or, sometimes, your pup could feel lonely as well. 

And to make you spend more time with them… 

These Fidos will sniff blood on purpose. 

You know, just like a child wanting attention from their parents. 

Now, this might look cute or sweet to you… 

But you shouldn’t ignore a bored dog

That’s because it can lead to issues like:

  • Stress.
  • Overeating.
  • Aggression.
  • Depression.
  • Destructive behavior.

With all these problems… 

You should keep Fido entertained. 

So, I prepared these easy tips for you: 

  • Let your pup exercise.
  • Try some brain games.
  • Keep playtimes long enough. 
  • Buy interactive toys for them.
  • Spend more time with your dog.

Note: If none of these tricks work, you should consult the vet. Or, you could also reach out to a professional trainer.

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People also ask:

Is it bad for dogs to lick period blood?

It’s not bad for dogs to lick period blood, but only if it’s their own. 

That’s because it’s normal for pups to do this. As it’s their way of cleaning their private areas. 

And it’s no longer good for a dog to lick period blood when:

  • It’s another dog’s blood. 
  • The canine licks too much.
  • Fido’s licking a human’s period blood. 

I mean, other pups might be ill. 

So, if your dog licks their blood, Fido could get sick too.

Also, too much licking can be bad as well. That’s because, it could be a sign that something’s wrong with your pooch. 

Now, if your dog licks a human’s period blood… 

Fido might get sick too. Especially if the female person’s also ill.

So, for your pup’s safety: 

Avoid letting them lick someone else’s blood. Regardless if it’s from a different dog or a female human.