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Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs (Always) Sneeze In The Morning

Why Does My Dog Sneeze In The Morning

You didn’t change your alarm at all…

But you’ve been waking up to a different sound.

And unfortunately, you can’t hit the snooze button…

‘Cause it’s Fido sneezing.

It makes you ask:

“Why do they sneeze every morning?”

Continue reading to discover:

  • The top 10 reasons why dogs (always) sneeze in the morning.
  • A canine always sneezing in the morning: whether you should be worried about it.
  • 5 urgent measures you should do when your pooch always sneezes in the morning.
  • And that’s just the beginning….

Why does my dog sneeze in the morning?

Your dog sneezes in the morning because of allergies due to pollens and dust. Or, they could be exposed to airborne irritants like scented candles. Sneezing can also be a sign of dental problems, nasal infections, or tumors. Other times, it’s a display of playfulness or excitement.

Top 10 reasons why dogs (always) sneeze in the morning

#1: Due to pollen

Your dog is sneezing in the morning because of seasonal environmental allergies.

That said, one of the most common allergens that trigger it is pollens.

Those are tiny cells that plants release to fertilize others of the same species. 

But once they find their way into your dog’s eyes, nose, or lungs…

They’ll trigger an allergic reaction. Which causes your pupper to sneeze. 

Now, pollen count increases depending on the season. That could span from spring, summer, and fall. However, in some places, it can still thrive during winter.

Then, there are places where the allergen is more prevalent.

And the AAFA reveals the top 5 pollen-allergy capitals of the US in 2022:

  1. Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  2. Wichita, Kansas.
  3. McAllen, Texas.
  4. Richmond, Virginia.
  5. San Antonio, Texas.

So, when you live in those areas…

Then, it’s pollen season…

Your dog would always sneeze in the morning. Especially since the pollen count is high during daybreak.

And when you take them out on a morning walk…

Fido could inhale the pollen by sniffing through the area. Or the plant cell will stick to their fur.

“But we’re just inside the house. How did pollen get to my dog?”

Aside from pollinators, like bees…

Water and wind can carry pollen, too. 

That’s why open windows can bring it inside your house.

Or it gets trapped in your clothes and hair the last time you were out.

Now that the pollen has made its way to your dog…

Fido won’t just be sneezing. 

According to PetMD, your pup will also show these other signs of an allergy:

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#2: Dusty sleeping area

Another common allergen is dust.

Although, that doesn’t just appear depending on the season. 

Unfortunately, dust will always be present. And it’s simply microparticles that the wind carries every time it breezes. 

Now, the usual kind in your home is called house dust

If you’re wondering about what it’s made of, they’re shredded off from the following:

  • Hair.
  • Bacteria.
  • Soil particles.
  • Clothing fibers.
  • Dead skin cells.

That said, the dust in your house will depend on your lifestyle.

For example, you walk around your room wearing shoes you used outside. Doing so causes dirt to spread. Then tiny particles shed off from it to become dust. 

That said, you might produce too many of those particles in your home. Or you’re not regularly getting rid of them through cleaning.

And when that’s the case, your dog could be affected.

Among others, your pooch will start to sneeze in the morning. 

Which is due to the dust that’s gathered up in their sleeping area. Whether it be their bed, the floor, or the month-old curtain they slept next to. 

But if the whole house is dusty…

Fido would be sneezing all day long.

#3: Airborne irritants

Scented candles remain to be a trend. 

That’s because mood and scent have a connection. So, they promote relaxation. And WebMD says that can help you sleep better.

But they don’t have the same effects on your pooch…

While the studies between dogs and usage of scented candles are limited…

What’s sure is the resistance of Fido’s nose to their smell.

You see, the odor might be too irritating for your dog’s nose.

And once you light the candles up at night and drift to dreamland…

Your pupper might not start feeling itchy immediately…

But Fido will sneeze in the morning.

That said, scented candles are a type of airborne irritant. Some other examples of that are:

  • Smoke.
  • Perfume.
  • Hairspray.
  • Aerosol sprays.

Moreover, if you recently cleaned your floors…

There might still be a chemical smell around your place. And that could irritate Fido’s nose as well. Especially if they like sleeping on the ground.

All of those work like allergens, which can trigger a sneeze. 

In worse cases, they also cause itching or breathing difficulty in your pooch.

#4: They’re playing around

Well, here’s your confirmation that your pooch is a morning dog.

They’re sneezing on daybreak because they want to play with you.

Yep. There’s such a thing as play sneezes in dogs.

And when around fellow canines…

They usually sneeze to defuse tension. 

Some even call it a comedic effect among canines. 

With it, the dogs understand that no one intends to attack any other pupper.

So, their hachoos can be translated into:

“I came to have fun, not to fight.”

As for you and Fido…

There might’ve been a time when your doggo woke you up in the morning.

And as someone who isn’t ready to get up yet…

You feel irritated with Fido.

Now, they sneeze when they wake you up. 

That’s because they’re trying to say they’re not being a bad dog. They just want to play.

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#5: Excitement

Your Dog Sneezes In The Morning Because Of Excitement

Apart from playfulness…

Dogs sneeze when they get excited.

And I can think of a few reasons for their giddiness in the morning.

First, what time do you walk your pooch?

Most dog parents do it early in the day. 

Now, if the schedule is postponed for a few minutes…

You might catch your dog sneezing. 

They just can’t wait to be out there and finally take a walk.

“That’s true. Hooman, what’s taking so loooong?” says your doggo.

Moreover, canines get excited over a person’s presence.

They can tell the time you’re about to get up.

With that, they’re so eager to start the day with you…

They begin sneezing because they can’t hide their excitement. 

#6: Nasal fungal infection

Ever heard of an opportunistic pathogen?

They’re microorganisms that are usually harmless. 

But if they cling to hosts with a weakened immune system (ex. Having asthma)…

The pathogens can cause serious illnesses.

Now, an example of that is Aspergillus fungus. 

And that causes nasal fungal infections in dogs. Which makes them sneeze in the morning.

According to VCA Hospitals, your pooch can usually get it from sniffing through:

  • Compost.
  • Piles of dead leaves.
  • Decaying vegetation.

However, they can catch the infection as long as they inhale a mold spore of the fungus.

When that happens, they won’t just be sneezing every morning…

They’ll also have difficulty breathing due to the accumulated mucous balls in their nose. Plus, those are invasive, so they cause pain to your pup.

Moreover, you’ll also catch nasal discharge dripping from one of Fido’s nostrils. And it’s going to smell bad.  

Lastly, nosebleeds also occur in some cases.

#7: Dental problems

Sometimes, your dog sneezes in the morning due to concerns with their teeth.

And I know what you might be thinking:

“Why are teeth involved in this issue with my dog’s nose?”

To understand, some of us have teeth with long roots. 

That’s why pain due to dental problems can extend throughout the face.

So, for your dog…

The roots of their teeth are long enough to affect their nasal passages. 

And when they feel a toothache, they’re also hurt in the nose. 

With that, they might sneeze as a reaction to the pain. Or they might be intentionally doing it to decrease the ache. 

Now, research says dental problems are common health issues for dogs. To be exact, 1 out of 8 dogs have them.

But the majority of dental diseases are untreated. Which is due to the lack of recognition by dog parents.

So, to not let that happen…

Here’s a usual dental issue in dogs and everything you need to know about it:

Tooth decay

This is also called periodontal disease

It involves the dog’s periodontium. These are tissues that both surround and support the teeth

This becomes inflamed and infected.

VCA Hospital says excessive tartar in the dog’s teeth is the starting point. Then, it leads to gingivitis…

Until it becomes an infection and the tooth decays.

Lastly, the clinical signs of this health condition are:

  • Discolored teeth.
  • Loose tooth or two.
  • Bleeding and inflamed gums.

#8: Nasal mites

Unfortunately, Fido’s has tiny creepy crawlers in their nose. And those parasites have been making them sneeze.

They’re called canine nasal mites. Or, more scientifically, Pneumonyssoides caninum.

According to MSDVM, your dog got it from another pup. 

But the transmission is only among canines. So, your nose is safe from these crawlers.

However, for Fido, these parasites don’t just make them sneeze every morning…

They’ll also experience other concerning symptoms like:

  • Coughing.
  • Bleeding nose.
  • Nasal discharge.
  • Labored and noisy breathing.
  • Scratching their nose or face.
  • Reverse sneezing (rapidly inhaling air).

#9: Foreign objects up their nose

Research says that olfaction seems to be the main one among the 5 senses of dogs. 

That’s because a canine’s sense of smell is extraordinary.

How much am I talking?

VCA Hospitals reveal dogs have 100 million sensory receptors in their nose. This makes them 10,000 better than humans when smelling certain scents.

That said, your pooch can’t help themself but sniff here and there.

And while they were sticking their nose anywhere they could…

They might’ve inhaled something, which got stuck inside their nasal passages. 

Usually, it can be any of the following:

  • Food.
  • Blades of grass.
  • Sharp grass seeds.
  • Small parts of a leaf.

So, Fido has been sneezing in an attempt to remove the foreign object. Or their nose is irritated and they’re trying to relieve it. 

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#10: Fake sneezing

Your dog can be a bit of a drama queen.


Well, they’ve been fake sneezing in the morning to get your attention.

Similar to my example earlier…

You might be walking your dog every morning. And if it’s delayed by even just a little…

Your pup will sneeze to make you come to them. Which leads you to realize it’s indeed time to walk them.

“How can I know they’re only faking it?”

AKC says dogs who are only seeking your attention will:

  • Look at you while they do it.
  • Get closer to you when they sneeze to make sure you see them.

Moreover, once you tend to them and they stop sneezing…

Then, that’s a confirmation that they were only faking it.

People also ask:

Should I be worried when my dog sneezes in the morning? What should I do?

You shouldn’t be worried when your dog sneezes in the morning. But that’s only if it isn’t accompanied by anything else. So, you must take action when Fido also shows other signs of concern.

As I said in the previous sections, your dog might only be sneezing due to:

  • Excitement.
  • Playfulness.
  • Attention-seeking.

Those reasons will only make your dog sneeze – nothing else.

But if there’s something up in Fido’s nose or they have a health issue…

They’ll experience these concerning symptoms alongside sneezing:

  • Nose bleed.
  • Nasal discharge.
  • Difficult breathing.
  • Pawing their nose.
  • Scratching their face.
  • Rubbing their face on the ground.
  • Pain (shown through whining or crying).

Apart from that…

Here are also common signs that your dog is ill, which can help you figure this all out:

  • Fever.
  • Lethargy.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Decreased energy and activity.

That said, here are 5 things you should do when your dog is always sneezing:

#1: Be familiar with their allergens or their triggers

When you know what causes them to sneeze…

You can work on avoiding them as much as you can.

And to sum up all the allergens that I’ve mentioned, they are:

  • Dust.
  • Pollen.
  • Smoke.
  • Perfume.
  • Hairspray.
  • Aerosol sprays.

#2: Closely supervise them when they’re outside

Following the first tip…

A common allergen in dogs is pollen.

So, when you’re walking them outside…

You must watch them closely.

For example:

If they start sneezing after they sniffed flowers during your morning walk…

Then, next time, stop Fido from smelling those plants.

#3: Avoid dust gathering in your home

It might be time to clean. 

Because it’s not just Fido’s sleeping area that should have no dust…

It’ll be beneficial for you as well.

A clean home can improve your mood and productivity.

Moreover, it ensures that dust won’t gather around. Otherwise, your pupper won’t stop sneezing every morning.

#4: Opt for non-toxic cleaners

As I briefly mentioned, the fumes from your floor cleaners make Fido go hachoo.

With that, it’s time to use non-toxic cleaners

They’re as safe as homemade cleaners but stronger. 

Regardless, you’ll find no chemicals in cleaners like that. Which saves Fido from fumes and even skin irritation.

#5: Check their nose for any foreign objects

After every walk with your dog or before they go to sleep…

Make it a habit to check Fido’s nose.

If there’s anything stuck in it, it’ll be easy to see, especially if it’s not too deep inside. A handy flashlight can help you with the process too.

And if you find something, you can try getting it with a tweezer. 

But ensure that you do it carefully. Moreover, you must not push the object any farther.

Also, here’s a helpful video on how to properly proceed with this:

However, for this, what I solely recommend is: 

BONUS: Consult a veterinarian

Since some of the reasons why your dog is sneezing in the morning can be a medical issue…

Then, taking Fido to the vet will be the best way to proceed.